My Casual Look Running Weekend Errands

 Dressed for errands on a hot weekend
 This is a weekend look for my shopping and  few errands last weekend. The beige mango shirt is long sleeve but not hot at all. Told you I have them in various colors because summer sales were on, price slash was about 70% off, who wouldn't pack to last a whole year?Looking forward to 2015 sales so I can stock for 2016 with less.

The black three quart short was picked at  boutique here in buja and  urm... typing right now, lazy mode activated, can't even stand up to go look at the label. Black Aldo sandals and nothing much.
Enjoy viewing my very bright, clear, AWESOME pictures, mwah!      
 Going out for some errands
 Tired after running errands for everyone. I need a tall glass of water to chill. 


  1. Wow. This is beautiful. The top is fine and compliments your skin colour. I just want the top already. Can I have the store's name or site where you purchased the top from?

    1. Thanks MB, I got it at Mango collections, silverbird galleria.

    2. Mango Clothing, first floor facing the galleria entrance if you live in Abuja.

  2. You feel good about yourself, that's a great one


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