In My Little Coffee Dress With Brown Sandal For Fun Outing

Dressed in this cute little dress I feel so young, like 20.  It's a sunny day and the kids are home for holiday, what else can we do to reduce their boredom and create fun memories? we go out. I love to wear denim and top for outings to really feel comfortable but not today. I'm in a little dress mood and this coffee color dress is just right. Again, losing baby weight is what has made this dress fit today. I feel good in my skin. A few weeks back, I could fit into this dress and nothing would have made me try it today, all thanks to my loyal, trust worthy tailors. I slid into it and was like ok, if no one can zip this then I'll drop it. Before I said jack, my girl who is eager to go out has already zipped and we are good to go. The brown sandal is to me a prefect match. I forgot to take a side view of the heels.

 If I were one big name like Jennifer Lopez, maybe I would have shown off my cleavage or rather if I was in the United States, my cleavage would have been an asset. Why did I say this? My girl saw me wearing the bra top like a camisol to cover the open chest and she was like What? Mommy, why are you wearing that? Jennifer Lopez is even older than you and she doesn't cover her chest like that, lol.  But I'm not.

 Outing was fun even with the two girls arguing the whole time in the car. They do that a lot and I always remind them that their elder sisters never argued or fought because the younger is always very obedient to her big sis even clearing her plates after eating but these two? The younger is the one that would always like to send her elder sis on errands but won't shift when her attention is needed. I told her today to try and ignore this my last girl. God willing she leaves for boarding in September and let's see how she won't miss her big sis.  Wharra hell girls? if one rolls down the car window, the other would wind it back up. If one touches mommy's gadgets, that is the exact time that the other wants it. Going out was fun but returning back home was less fun with me being the car chief judge.
 Is it necessary to talk about accessories? no, I don't think so. The neck piece? we have seen it here. The sekonda brown leather wrist watch is not what I should talk about because it's so blurry that if I say it's a ROLEX watch, everyone will believe. Today, the camera did good turning some parts of my body red but I won't relent until the new arrives. The strap on this pair of sandal is actually black at the back and maybe it's a good thing I forgot to take a sideview so that when next I do, this will look like a different pair of sandal, hahaha. 

 Check your momma fashion blogger out in her cute little dress and fun high heel sandals

 Loving me in this lovely dress, the wonders of fashion blogging. Which Eya would have spent time making up and wearing nice stuff to go out. I would quickly have jumped in my denim ( I have them in all colors o) with a simple top and rushed out. I am more like a lady now, taking time to make myself look pretty because the camera is waiting.

 Me and my prince charming car key holder. No one kn ows what he sees in car keys. He won't let anyone have that key and will not drop it. He knows when we are home and even at that it takes some wisdom and diplomacy to get car keys from him. We walk side by side because mommy's shoulder is aching from carrying as he dislikes walking by himself. So many people walked pass because chairman has to use his legs.

I forgot to put all the pics as one before uploading. Just bear with the long scrolling.
Have fun!


  1. Anonymous7/02/2015

    Nice combo.

  2. Anonymous7/02/2015

    Lil man hello.. Nice dress aunty Eya


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