Ankara styles Updated

 This Ankara fabric alone has three pieces, two different jackets and a knee length skirt. When I decide to rock my other top with a denim, a beg don't see it as re rocking. Let that count as a different outfit. 
Hi, welcome again to my Nigeria fashion. So,  some of my ankara outfits are right here with me and I'm so happy to update. If only I learnt how to sew, things
would have been different. Just buy the fabric, get home, cut and sew in a matter of days. But come on, can one person do everything in life? No one can do all. We need each other to survive so,  dear tailors, mind yourself. I wanted this skirt exactly on my knees o, from these pic looks like it's below the knees. Slow network just acting up now. When it gets better, I'll upload more of this outfit pics: The ones with my neck bent to the south o, the ones with my keg crossed like I don't care,  the ones with me learning to smile at the camera. But sha,  must one smile at the camera? I don't see anything wrong with just looking straight and normal for shoots o. My people like to beg me to smile at the camera all the time. Na by force?I don't know how to do it and not even interested in learning sef. How can a mama like me be shining teeth every time because I want to post outfit photos to my fashion blog. See me o, am I some teenager in love at first sight or what na. I keep telling these amateur photo takers that smiling is not necessary but they won't let me be. Maybe I need to do a research to know if the real fashion bloggers shine teeth for pishures. How can anyone think that inability to smile can scare blog readers? Nor be lie. Who say visitors want to count teeth. When we read blogs, we just want to have fun while learning one or two things.
 Ankara or African prints to me depends on the tailoring. Any texture can look great if the tailor is meticulous with the finishing. 

smart  ankara
Do have a fabulous week.


  1. Debbie7/14/2015

    So beautiful.
    it suits you so well.
    To smile or not to smile....just do as you please per time. Either way we will still love you

    1. Debbie will not keee me wif lafta today. Thanks for this unconditional love dearie.


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