We Have A Nigerian Fashion Blog, Not Kidding

Driving to our new blog.
I remember with smiles my only fashion post here where you guys gave me so many good tips. I thought about continuing with more Nigerian outfit and correction posts here but decided against that. Don't want any fashion style to overtake our yummy recipes on this blog, so, I drove further in and parked the fashion posts at the Nigerian fashion blogs which birthed this week.

I wanted to do a few posts there before letting you lovely lots in. It's still on the first page, not much yet and I'm still not photogenic as I'd have loved. My first daughter is so photogenic, the last time she came for holidays I couldn't help but suggest she looks into pursuing a career around TV and in front of cameras, that's something like modelling, just saying o. So, I seriously wish I have a little of that photogenic skin, would have loved to wow you, make you drool at a forty year old fashion blogger. 

No, don't think that way, I can very well do it, you know " Everything is possible to those who believe" Forget about that my gele that made me look 60. I have stepped up my game and refuse to carry last. 

I honestly thought that after my fashion post here, you too will send in some of your lovely
pics but for where? e be like say some of us still dey vex with me about the slow updates. Even Seyifunmi Rickets sef started her exams and everything just like tilted again, but no wahala, slow and steady, we'll still get there by God's special grace. 
Wives connection will continue to move o alongside the fashionable at forty blog.

What? It's midnight already? I can't talk much now, later, see you there o. Please, when you see something, help me say something so that we all can continue to learn. I'd like to know that you checked the new blog out, so please, leave your signature there by way of saying something :)
 If the powder on my face is too much and your eye won't stop looking there, just say it there and then to relieve your chest. If that heel is too high for forty, say it like you feel dear.

Ok, so in this my journey of trying to be fashionable at forty, even if you are below forty, feel free to join, moms and moms to be, feel free to join. I actually never thought I'd ever blog about fashion, who dash monkey banana? but, searching for Nigerian fashion blogs when I need some help, I only see blogs by teenagers and ladies in their twenties. We can still try our best at forty and it's even easier for me now because no one will expect too much shakara from a mama.

Check it out and let's know what you think or how you think it can better. Please lovelies, pretty ladies who never carry last and our handsome, fashion loving Gents who like admiring their beautiful wives,  please, help spread the word, share the fashion blog on your social networks o, BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook and even Offline sef. Help your learner fashionista, let others know about that Nigerian fashion blog by a forty year old mom.
Let's meet there!


  1. Anonymous6/11/2015

    Even the give which can be a lot better than the 2 couple will undoubtedly be named the pushing arms.

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  2. Eya u really look nice and ur gown is lovely too .pls don't tell me u drove with those heels oo, hmm me can't try oo

    1. Thank you Olive, hahaha,taking off shoesTo drive can be stressful,especially sandals I just drive in them cos that's much easier.

  3. Omg! Great Post. Love your collection and choice....

  4. You look nice Eya!

  5. Anonymous6/13/2015

    Put that one in this blog. U don't have time for two

    1. Ok thanks. Well, let's see how it goes.


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