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My Fashion Style Is Creativity Over Cost

Budget-friendly-fashion-blogging is my style. When I need inspiration for outfits especially while getting ready for an upcoming event, many times, what I find on fashion blogs is designer wears. There's nothing wrong with designer shoe, designer bags, wrist watches, hair, and powerful designer clothes. I enjoy reading the posts but can't bring myself to pulling those outfits, that purchasing power/muscle is yet to come o. If I have the means, why not?  If I earn millions of naira or dollars or even pound sterling,  then nothing will stop me creating a Nigerian fashion blog with all the latest designer items. I'd be the happiest mom fashion blogger if I could daily update this blog with outfits from Nigeria' a best, but the cost.
Creativity is what I think is going to sustain this blog. I'll for now take creativity over cost. I like my readers to get inspiration and be able to bear the cost. My outfit posts may not come in daily as I work from home for now and do no…

The Perfect Eyebrow Tip I Learnt Today

This is my eyebrow now, compared to before I started this fashion blog. We are getting there. 
My Eyebrow pencil job has really improved in the last few days compared to how funny I used to line these brows. I just learnt a very important tip that every fashion loving busy woman needs to know. In this chat with Lizzy Obaze, remember her colorfulnutritious recipeson wives connection?  she kindly gives me some tips on how to keep rocking those perfect eyebrows without stress. I'm sharing the chat here with her permission. Read it below:
Aunty Eya. Just read the post on the fashion blog about your little teal blue dress.

Your eyebrows have really gotten better. You have fixed the shape and that alone gives the face a completely different look.
Your shape is to die for and your skin is glowing.  Don't hide your shape under loose fitting clothes all the time. Sometimes go for fitted and classy.

Eya Replies: Hahaha, My Lovely sister Lizzy,  it's you guys now, no matter how hard I try…

My Sunday Dress: African Print, Teal Blue little Dress With Italian Gold Shoe

How Do I look in this dress? better than the old pics I guess? Making plans to get a better camera for this fashion blog. Happy Sunday and have fun!

I Hate My Son Part 2

[17:35, 27/06/2015] ‪ Pls, kindly post this ma. This is an amazing part of what happened after I sent my post to you.
[17:35, 27/06/2015] ‪: Thank you ma.
[17:36, 27/06/2015] ‬: I dnt love my son.

I want to thank everyone who genuinely commented on my first post. Thank you so much.
I appreciate your advices and counsels. I appreciate your empathy. I appreciate your sympathy. I felt your heart in the responses. I also appreciate the 2annoymouses who rose up for me against the first anonymous. Thank you.
When I read the first anonymous post, I lol. I dnt hate whoever it was. I dnt even dislike him(im using him in generic form here). I pitied him. He doesn't understand what it feels like to have something biting you and eating you up.

Especially when that something is something you dnt

Dressing Up, Time For Business

Fashion blogging has a way of making one dig deep into closets and boxes and bags and even boutiques. Who would have thunk that I'll ever wear this floral print skirt by Petite? A skirt I so condemned, added to items I wanted to give away and then retrieved it again. This came along with my affordable Walmart dresses last year, dresses that I felt made me fat.
 Today is the first time I wear this skirt and it feels comfortable. I went about feeling confident and not feeling bloated in any way, maybe because I lost weight and according to my girl, "there's still a lot to lose' however for me, the owner of this body, I think I've lost enough and only needs to drop a few calories and then, just work on toning up my muscles and firming these arms and others. 
It's a miracle that I can wear this long sleeve shirt again, I found it while digging last night courtesy of disappointing Nigerian tailors. There was a time I couldn't wear this black long sleeved shirt b…

Should I Return To This Marriage For The Sake Of My Children Or Fight For Them Later?

Hello, Aunty Eya, 
I am an ardent reader of your blog and I appreciate how you have touched people's life.
I am a young lady 23 years of age, I am a mother of two, my first child is 4 while the younger one is 2. I got married at 17 and had my first child at the age of 18. My marriage was fun until after I had my first child my husband and I started having one quarrel to another, he will always accuse me of infidelity, he prevented me from going back to school and even getting a job or something to do, I lived as a full house wife l never had one thousand Naira to my name, I didn't even have a bank account but I wasn't bothered by all that I was ready to live with him that way I was ready to give up all my dreams and ambitions just to be a good wife and a mother. 

We had a lot of up's and down before I had my second child. months after having my youngest child the abuse turned physical he brutalize me at every provocation the assault became worst to the extent that we were…

We Dress For The Movies

The last two girls are done with their exams and want mommy to take them to the movies for studying hard. We search Online and find interesting movies for kids and adults. They can't go to watch adult movies and I don't want to go bore myself with kids movies cos that's what always happens. I can't as a person remember when last I went to the cinema and came back feeling like "that movie was great" No, it doesn't happen that way, I sit down there with them looking at the big screen while they continue to exclaim and hold their breath and giggle. This time we agree that I'll go watch my movie while they watch theirs alone.
We get to the galleria, I remember how dark it can get before the movie starts, I remember there are more than one doors in there, I thought about all the bad things we see in home video, and I just sacrifice, and then, we go watch theirs together. Did I enjoy it? maybe a little. Did they have fun?They won't stop talking about &q…

Dressed For Fun With My Combination Of African Fabric With Western Fashion

Nothing serious here, the mood is just fun. I am not going too far away and not feeling denim or skirt so, I tie this Senegalese wrapper with a black short sleeve shirt. The wrapper has a tailored blouse that I would have loved to wear if I was going to church or even an important event. I am not in a dressy mood so I just wear whatever I feel. The Senegalese is sewn like a long skirt but  has a rope to tie round the waist. Would a pink top have been better? I don't think so. A pink top would have made no big difference, it would have shown no creativity on my side. With a pink or blue top, I'll still look like "too easily put together"  Ok, this black sandal again? Yes o. It's so comfortable for me carrying a baby around. The heels are just right at this time and it is the only black sandal here with these block heels. I can't take the risk of falling face down with my baby because of guy and fashion blogging. Let's re-rock for now eh? when he is a bit …

I Hate My Son Now, How Do I Change It Please?

[04:15, 23/06/2015] : Anty Eya.
[04:15, 23/06/2015] ‪: Goodmorning ma.
[04:16, 23/06/2015] ‬: I guess it's easier to reach you here than mail.
[04:16, 23/06/2015] ‬: Bikko read and post this asap. It's urgent and important.
[04:16, 23/06/2015]‬: HELP, I DNT LOVE MY SON.

I'm not going to bore you with the very long story, help is what I need and help is what I'm asking. But for clarity sake, permit me give you a brief summary of the entire story as it is.
I'm a single mum,my son is 9 years old and im 19years older than him. I'm a very dutiful mother. Right from pregnancy till now, the irresponsible man I got pregnant for hasn't contributed up to 10,000N in this boys life. He is the only regret I have in my entire life, I wish he wasn't the father of my son.

I have loved this child right from pregnancy, when I held him in my hands as a baby for the first time, I loved him more, as a toddler, I still loved him silly. He was my entire world, I lived for hi…

Fertility Issues, Tubal Flushing Help

I have been getting so many of these mails lately and it feels so bad replying that I don't have the Doctor's contact  anymore. We once posted about fertility issues and a sister sent me her Doctor's contact to send only to the poster, that's a long time ago and I don't have it anymore, that's why I'm posting this mail. If you see this and can help this poster and others with the contact of that Doctor that did a successful job on you, the contact you sent me was deleted afterwards, please leave a comment to help other women too. Thank you.

Below is one of the mails:

Dressed In My Afrik Western Outfit

These text messages have been coming since 2014, The Central Bank  Of Nigeria has directed that bank account details be verified before June 30, 2015. Why I haven't done this before today, I don't know. Procrastination kept me saying "there is still time" This morning, I got a reminder and had to find my way to the nearest branch as directed.

Dressing to go verify account details shouldn't be that sophiscated na. I automatically switched into my modern afrik mode and jumped into this blue denim and the lovely African print top. This top actually embarrassed me but thankfully it happened in the car. Looking at me now, you won't know the zipper is busted but, that's exactly what happened. When you do not wear an oufit for long, it gets tired of waiting in the closet and quietly waits for the day you'll wear before protesting. I got home safely, leaned my back towards the car and asked that some shots be taken. This top has a tailored skirt that I don…

Family Still Rejects My Husband After Four Kids, How Do I Handle This?

This is a WhatsApp conversation I promised to publish today. What would make a mother still reject her son in law and dear daughter after ten years of marriage? Can a woman's tender care cease towards the child she bears? Ok, her daughter got married to her former labourer, what about the grand children? Did they do any wrong? When are these kids going to bond with and begin to love grandma?  Is it after she is old and gone? We have just this life, a few years and your role is complete and kinda deleted from this screen. Why accept to spend it in bitterness and hate? Why spend these few years in misery with every tick of the clock, we all move closer our graves , why not do our best to spend these years in happiness and peace.  If you have a hundred years to spend on this earth, you allow yourself to spend all the"now" in anger and bitterness, you spend the few years you have seen in unforgiveness, on which planet are you then going to experience happiness.

Look,  let m…

Dressed For Grocery Shopping This Weekend

I'm sneaking out because the girls want to come along, and, right now,  not in that mood for a contract. This contract happens with some talk and not today abeg. Before I realised that we could come into an agreement before getting to the shop, it was more fun for my girls than me. They always looked forward to accompanying mom while I looked forward to sneaking to the shop and returning with an apology. Why? Once inside, they know mommy won't scream in public and will try her best to be civil, so, what follows? Kids picking their choice items and dropping in the cart or pointing at items at very crowded areas to make it hard for civil mom to ignore, and, while a little raising of the voice can control others, I have one, every body says she is the only one that looks like me sha o.

This my baby girl doesn't feel embarrased crying in public. she's only seven, knows very well how to manipulate with tantrums, and how to embarass to herown advantage. If she goes shopping w…

Fashionably Pregnant Styles


My Foreign Top With African Ankara Skirt

Some days have passed without updates. don't worry, no problem, For now, I can't promise us  daily posting on this my Naija fashion style but I'll be consistent. This black top is a mango top I bought during their summer sales, 70% off original cost, so, it was actually very cheap and I bought them in different colours to wear until next summer sales, lol. Do not forget I'm a teacher and  can comfortably wear this to work but with a shorter belt. Well, my ankara skirt and this top flow very well together and don't say I didn't warn you o. Remember my first post on this blog? where I confessed I don't have a wardrobe to die for but will do fashion blogging to help me sit up and do better. Ok, I also warned about re-rocking o, that's until those new outfits arrive sha.

You have done well Eya, It's not easy to look this great at 40 jor, however, forty doesn't mean old, you are still young, sit up.

Sister Eya, if you know that sincerely you want…

Eggplant Chicken Sauce For The Weekend

Delicious garden egg chicken sauce.
This quantity eggplant (garden egg) chicken sauce served 10 with some left over. So happy I remembered to take pics again. This looks like is something we have cooked before. I almost didn't take pics but had to because it has an ingredient that wasn't added to the shredded chicken sauce. Or our Nigerian Chicken Sauce, Tastes great, very different, delicious and nutritious. Even kids loved this. This egg plant sauce can be serevd with boiled rice, plantain, yam macaroni etc.
With the help of a food processor, cooking was done and served within 30 minutes. Vegetables done

Leave Toke Makinwa Alone, A Man That'll Cheat...

A few people on Social media are blaming Toke for her husband's irresponsible action, this particular Twitter user below has just made me defensive for her who is going through so much at this time. A woman scorned. 

Toke Makinwa has gone through a lot, seen a lot in her young life, don't forget how she lost both parents in a fire at an early age. Do you care to know how she got to where she is? This married woman is a celebrity and that's how busy they are for heaven's sake. Was she supposed to abandon her career after marriage or what? He saw that busy schedule before wifing her. 

Yes, maybe she needed to have spent more time at home, maybe she gave too much time to her job, but come, does anyone know why a married woman continues to be that busy after marriage? what if that was her escape from toxicity? what if keeping busy made her happy? Look, you see marriage? it's not always what it seems. Don't be deceived by social media.  Posting positivity there could …