Brain Teasers

Answers to last week brainteasers.
'Twas fun reading the attempts at last week brainteasers. Your comments made me laugh out loud.

Haa, before we go into this week brainteasers, here's the answer to lastweeks.  
Chinny T already made my job easier by getting all the answers save for no 2.
So, im just going to answer no 2. Abi?
The answer to lastweek no 2 question is 
Ans : Mount Everest: it just wasn't discovered yet.
Oya, clap for me naa.

Ok, onto this week.
3 very cheap questions.

1) A man visited a town and walked into a restaurant, the waiter looked at him and says "Good day Admiral".
Why did the waiter call the the man an Admiral?

2) Three fat ladies stood under an umbrella but none of them got wet. How is that possible?

3) Which word is the odd one out:
First ,Second, Third ,Forth, Fifth ,Sixth ,Seventh , and Eighth.


  1. 2. It wasn't raining........3. Forth......... still thinking about 1 *wide grin* Am i right or right?

  2. Eya, we don clap for you taya o.. Chai!..had to crack my brain oo! Lol
    1. ds one hard
    2. You made no mention of "rain'
    3. I'll go for "second". But if seyifunmi is part of the riddle, I'll go for "seyifunmi"..hehehe

  3. Good job Bella Oma. That's was pretty smart.
    Chinny T come on, you can do it... you've cracked harder nuts naa... lols.
    Nope, Seyifunmi isn't there jor...lols.

    Answers will be posted nextweek (winks)... in the meantime, let's see who will get question1...

    #arms folded.

  4. Anonymous5/10/2015

    1. The man walked into Navytown
    2. It wasn't raining
    3. Forth



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