I Did As He Wanted, Now He Contacts Me Again?

Hello Aunty Eya and fellow blog readers, I need you all now please.
Nine months ago I made the biggest mistake of my life! I was in love with a married man who said he loved me too. The relationship lasted 3 years before we had a big quarrel I very selfishly told his wife about our relationship! I was such a fool and I've felt guilty ever since. They were both very very  angry but she eventually forgave him and took him back. 

He contacted me and said he never wanted to see, smell or hear from me again and that I meant nothing to him! I was totally heart broken and hurt, depressed for a while but I did as he asked and backed off.

 I made no contact with him, I left well alone! Then about 3 weeks ago, I started receiving emails from an unknown email address and they said they were a friend of my ex and that he had asked them to contact me to
check tha I was ok? We got into a conversation and I relayed how sorry I was for my actions. Jut yesterday I received an email from the same account coming from my ex.. He basically said he can never forgive me but wants to check if I'm okay? that he's not interested in my apology and that if he sees me again, he will just walk past me like I'm not there? like I don't exist!

 I am so confused? I did as he asked and walked away and made no contact then he's gone out of his way to contact me to basically tell me the same thing again? Why? I just started to get my life back on track and now he's set me back a few hundred steps- is this what I deserve for my actions? I did reply to him but I've not had a response back.. I don't know what to think, I feel like a sitting duck with no way forward just marking time! Please help. What should I do now?


  1. Anonymous4/21/2015

    Its obvious you have not moved on! In my opinion, you still have feelings for your Ex deep inside of you and this feelings seems to have arose as you were contacted. Here is my advise, you were wrong in the first place to date a another woman'ss husband and so you have to forget him and move on with your life. It is not the end of the road for you. Get involved in the things you love or passionate doing and before you know it, you will find your true husband!!

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  4. If possible, block him from being able to contact you and move on with your life dear.


  5. I think GOD is about to give you your own bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh but devil is trying to make you loose the opportunity by your ex distractions. Please focus on your next level that man is your past and belongs to the past. It is your time don't loose it.

  6. Please do not give room for emails or chats. Block him from your email and if any unknown person with an unknown email contacts you regarding this issue, just block them off.
    Having contact with him will only reduce or bkock your chances of meeting that man God has selected for you.

  7. I'd like you to pause for a moment and ponder on this...'he is a married man'. There is no option going back to him or even thinking of him. The earlier you dust off his memory from your head and move on, the better for you. Please delete his contacts and stop replying any mails from him. 'MOVE ON!'

  8. Change your email address.

  9. delete him asap. If he tries again, tell him you'll forward his mail to his wife.

  10. When your Ex comes writing or calling you, pls let it go to voicemail, he has nothing new to say dear. What rubbish sef? He had his full and you obliged his requso why is he acting like he really wants to check on you?

    Please wait for a healthy relationship, it would come. Say No to another woman's man.

    1. **request so **

      If I may add, get over him already.

  11. Eya giv us latest news abeg

  12. Anonymous4/28/2015

    i think dats his wife checking to confirm if both of u are still togeda...d man has moved on. better move on.

  13. Anonymous4/29/2015

    Hello poster I agree with the anonymous above. I think it must be the wife pretending to be the married ex. IGNORE! IGNORE! IGNORE! This will only bring you stress and heart ache. Block that email address!!! He is checking on you for what? Is he your father or doctor???That is the response. Tell him to mind his own business and leave you the *f* alone. Sometimes men like doing that. Its only harsh words that will cause them to retreat. They want to know if he still has some power over you. Do you not see the power game being played? He is playing with youTake the power back. Respond with some strong and well worded warnings and injunctions. I bet you he will not dare contact you again. Don't let it go. Throw him fire so he knows he has no power over you. Ive been through this.

  14. Anonymous5/26/2015

    move on my dear


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