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My Husband Waiting For Me To End The Relationship?

Good morning Madame Eya and wives connection readers. I have been married to my husband for 13 years and most of it has been a great relationship. Last year in November,  I caught my husband chatting/flirting with a couple of women online. I confronted him about it, we talked through it and decided we weren't going to throw away our long enduring marriage. We promised each other honesty and transparency in our relationship. We promised to stand by each other through thick and thin, rain and sunshine. 

Although deep down inside I lost trust in my husband and was unhappy about it, I continued to work through it all. 6 months later I find my husband is chatting with women again and deleting messages so I couldn't see what was being discussed. I told him that I don't have a major issue with him chatting with female friends that he knows but I am not happy with him looking for people to chat with and then deleting conversations. 

My husband looked sober and told me the reason he …

I Did As He Wanted, Now He Contacts Me Again?

Hello Aunty Eya and fellow blog readers, I need you all now please. Nine months ago I made the biggest mistake of my life! I was in love with a married man who said he loved me too. The relationship lasted 3 years before we had a big quarrel I very selfishly told his wife about our relationship! I was such a fool and I've felt guilty ever since. They were both very very  angry but she eventually forgave him and took him back. 
He contacted me and said he never wanted to see, smell or hear from me again and that I meant nothing to him! I was totally heart broken and hurt, depressed for a while but I did as he asked and backed off.
 I made no contact with him, I left well alone! Then about 3 weeks ago, I started receiving emails from an unknown email address and they said they were a friend of my ex and that he had asked them to contact me to

How Do You Save With Fifteen Thousand Naira Monthly Income?

This was meant for me but I couldn't answer so I'm posting here, who can help break down fifteen thousand naira for a 30day month and leave something for savings? Please help us. Is it possible to save on a monthly salary of #15,000?


Should People Take Off Shoes At Your Doorstep?

Shoes are seen at doorsteps, beside footmats almost everywhere one visits. Some shiny, dirty, unpolished, with tiny dog poop, with some careless driver's cough phlegm or mucus, with some mud, stepped on some roadside leftovers... Inside the living room some people are seen still wearing their well buckled shoes while in some cases, children and domestic staff like drivers and gatemen plus househelp are barefooted.

In Canada for example, people must wear their shoes at all times whether they are guests visiting or in their homes.

I have a few experiences where I leave my shoes outside only to be made a little uncomfortable by dust or sand on the floor or carpet.

Whether it be
slippers, bata sandals or any type of shoe, I am one person that doesn't like to take off my shoes unless

Your Clothes Do Not Befit My Wife ...Should I Try Hubby's Idea?

Hello Everyone Aunty Eya pls post this for me anonymously. I need your advice & those of other wives. Thanks
I have been married for 12 years with  children and  I don tire o!!! please help and advice me on how household finances are run because I do not know how as unfortunately this was also my mother’s condition as she alone carried the family during my childhood. The issue is tearing my family apart!! God I want deliverance o!! Please!! I am a salary earner and my hubby is a businessman but his business is seasonal. once there is a need I fill it thinking we are one. Now he is used to it and whether he has or not I am stuck with the bills. Now I don't have any savings & all my money is spent on the family but my hubby still shouts that I do not do enough & that he doesn't know how I spend my money. As I am I no get gold, I no even get better clothes. Even he said this year that he doesn't like some of my clothes that they do not befit his wife!! Yet!! Do I no…

How Do You Wear It Better?

This is from my Facebook photos and I know some of us have seen it. I didn't share his dedication pics here in December because connection at the village was poor and uploading pics took too long. So, my sister says combining white with yellow is not great. She thinks that because we were dedicating a baby boy, white and blue would have been perfect. I disagree and for me, any colour or dress is perfect if it looks good on you.
I am not particular with colours, I go with what I find that's why sometimes I arrive late because I never pick out a dress ahead of time. I don't know if there is anyone else like that. I wait until it's time to go, then then begin to look for what to wear and sometimes I even walk out, get to the door, realise that what I'm wearing doesn't look ironed, or has a question mark, then I rush back in, look around and pick what is available. This is not the best but I guess that's how he created me because while I continue to repeat and…

Quick Bitter Leaf Sauce With Rice

I made some bitterleaf sauce on Monday. I didn't remember to start taking pictures on time.
Actually, for the past 2 weeks, I've been battling with loss of appetite( although I just treated myself of mild malaria). I suddenly lost all my cravings and desires for food. Hahaa naa. I need to eat to survive. Food gives us stamina. I even lost my cravings for snacks ( I must confess I'm a bit of a sweet tooth). Nothing was going in my mouth. Not even water.

I was on my own. (sighs deep),That's what you get when you live alone.
So when my mum called last weekend to check on me, I complained to her. She instructed me to make some peppery bitter leaf sauce, saying it's a huge cure to