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Sometimes, when I hear or read about marital violence, I shudder and cringe in fear. Most times, it gives me unsettling thought about marriage, so much I even fancy remaining single. And the unpretty thing about this malady, is its global tentacles. It's just Everywhere.
I'm reacting to a post I read last night on Lindas blog, on a woman who was beaten blueblack black by her husband,   till she couldn't  see anything but red. She was so badly beaten that one of her eyes is practically lost.
( full gist on her blog).
The picture was gory. Haba, that was just to extreme. What could she have done? I saw a picture of her before the beating. She's been married for four years, and three plus half out of those four years, she's been used as a training bag for her supposed husband punches.

There's so much said on " choose wisely" , "make
sure you are compatible" ,"shine your eyes","make sure he loves you", "check for all th…

Yam Porridge With Vegetables By Arene

Yam porridge with vegetables. 
I made use of: 
Pumpkin leaves
Scent leaves
Groundnut oil
Palm oil
Ingredients can be modified based in your taste.


The tomatoes, pepper, onion, offal, pumpkin and scent leaves are cut into small pieces and set aside. 
The yam is cut and washed, placed in a pot and brought to boil. I usually add little salt to my yam.

In another pot, I add


This is a Do it yourself (DIY) for those of us who use table top gas cookers. Although, I intend to change mine very soon to a glass top table cooker. They are easier to clean, besides I'm just fed up with this current one.I bought this table top in January, and I'm not pleased with it . I just don't like seeing black stains on my pots,afterall, this is a gas cooker, not stove and kerosene..
when I first bought it, it was all yellow flames, and for the first 2weeks, my pots were toture to my sight.Then,I remembered my dad had the same problem with his gas cooker and we called in a specialist, thank God I observed the guy while he worked, so when I couldn't stand this yellow flames anymore, I set to work on it myself. The result was enormous, and, so before I discard this particular cooker completely, let me take you through the step
by step adjustment settings. Yes, it's very easy and it's coming free too. Lol.

Below are the pictures of

How Often Should We Change Towels?

I read somewhere yesterday that our towels need daily washing because every time we wipe our bodies, dead skin cells remain stuck on there and that's unhygienic and gross. I know it's good if one can wash towels daily but, is that really necessary? Especially when you have kids. Do you wash yours and kids everyday or continue to change and pile up for weekends? When Saturday finally arrives, how many times will you load towels alone? Washing towels daily is unachievable for large families please o. I cannot even change every other day. Some things are good, but not possible in some situations. Even for families with tons of domestic helps, will they only concentrate on washing towels and not attend to other needs?

Well, if you have seven towels per individual, maybe that will be easy until washing day. For me o, I cannot have more than two towels. Two because, when I wash and it's not dry, like during the rains, I have an extra to fall back on, if not, one towel is very o…

About The Cookware That Bakes And Cooks Even Afang Soup Without Oil

Before now, I thought that we Nigerians never really bothered much about healthy choices when it comes to enjoying food but with the number of mails I'm getting at and WhatsApp, that has changed.

When I published that post, it was to publish another with a soup or stew recipe the very next however God holds the times, and I am also looking forward to when I'll be able to do a full recipe post. ...Very soon.
The reason I disabled comments on there is because of the comments about the cost of the cookware which is actually not really true. It's not about the cost because this is a wonder cookware,  after purchase, even before completion of the payment, you can make much more than what is