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Cooking Nigerian Meals Without Oil, Water; My Healthy Lifestyle

Just finished baking this lovely cake in this pot on the cooker
My initial plan was... not to post on this until I've published a recipe cooked with my new cookware but time is flying past and we have been cooking but haven't taken any pics yet. What has come over me? I can't believe that me, Eya, I can cook and finish eating before remembering that pics were not taken.

Iam making this post, hoping that it will become my reminder to take pics when using the cookware. They are so many. After cooking with them and practically getting to know the health benefits, I thought about joining the team so that when I post, my blog readers who are interested can contact me and get theirs through my able dealer or myself if I can bear the financial demand too, but, honestly my dear readers a lot is happening right now and you guys won't understand. I wish a day can take like say 30 hours instead.

I wanted to respond

Domestic Services For Couples Staying Abroad ;)

Hi aunty hope you and the kids are ok.pls help me you see am in school
am in my 3rd year my mum is my straight but she is very sick right now
am a very intelligent girl am 21 from Delta am about dropping from
school because no money to further my education have talked with some
uncles of mine but none is willing to help me am at home Right now
while student are in school.

 there is this man am

I Want To Give The Baby Up For Adoption

Good evening Aunty Eya. May God bless you for the good works you've been doing through your blog. I've suffered a lot in life, and just when I felt my suffering was coming to an end, all hopes crashed.

 I would have gotten married last year, but it didn't go as planned. Contrary to what people might think, I didn't try to

Break Over, Ready For Marriage, No play boys Please

Hello Aunty Eya,
First I'd start by saying I'm one of those who never ever thought I would do this, but here I am I guess.  I've had a few unsuccessful relationships in the past and for a long time, (2 years) to be precise I decided to put a sock on relationships for a number of reasons. First, I felt there were far more important priorities at the time; getting a job,righting my wrongs with God, taking care of a few responsibilities. Secondly, from the feedback I got from my past relationships, I realised there was need for some self development, and it just didn't seem appropriate to jump into relationships while trying to be a better person. Anyway fast forward to last year when I thought I'd get back to dating. I've met lots of men and I end up getting disappointed after few dates. They either want to get in between ur legs, are married or in very serious relationships or they just have no idea what they want. 
And so I thought I'd take a

Pictures: Thanks For Your Encouragement, Baby Is Here Now

I posted my story to your blog about a year Ago about doctors saying I have hormonal imbalance and advising me to get married so I can start fertility drugs before it gets too late.
Well, i've been itching to email you since but I didn't want to jinx myself so decided to wait it out a bit lol, i'm beyond excited and grateful to God that my fears have been laid to rest, I got married to my  boyfriend of 8yrs and I now have a baby girl without taking fertility drugs.
He proposed to me last year march (mothering sunday) before I left for law school in ‎April I found