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Single Nigerian Lady In Search Of A Yoruba Guy

Good day madam , I am an ardent reader of your blog, Almighty God will bless you for the wonderful job you are doing on your blog. please I need your help to find a serious guy, I am very sincere. 

I am a single lady of 26years, still searching and I want a God fearing and caring guy who will take me for who I am, and treat me nice, i leave in lagos, I will like to meet up with a Yoruba guy for a serious relationship,  i

Married, Not Happy

Aunty Eya I don't know where to start, I plea anonymity and will appreciate your word of advice via a reply.i met hubby in the university,we were friends for some years before we decided on dating,now we've been married for a little over a year,he married me a virgin.well we don't live in the country and I don't have friends here so basically all my attention is directed at hubby,the thing is that since I got pregnant he gets to complain too frequently about our sex life and my looks and Aunty I must say am trying,hand job and blow job I try to make available since my bump makes penetrative sex uncomfortable,few days ago he said he wanted to go in and I allowed him,the experience left me feeling rapedand I had Sharp back pain but with

How Do I Reduce Love For My Cheating Husband?

Hi mam Eya and wc readers,pls my dear people,my head want's to busrt like a bomb cos of what my husband is doing to me,I know he is a reader of this blog but I hv to speak to let him see what others hv to say, my husband was and is the only man that I ever knew,he was my first boyfriend and my first love. 

when I say I love this man eeeh I mean I love him with all my heart,body and soul,I don't even allow men to talk to me when ever I walk on the way cos I promised my self that he will be the only man I know but eeeh I'M regreating giving my heart to him cos I guess he is seeing another girl,as we women will alwalyS peep,I peeped in his phone I immiediatle receive a message,I opened it and it was a single lady asking him how his day went then I check the older messages and boom I saw a message sent to the maga by my beloved hubby calling the morron his love and the girl asking him to call him and he said okay and called her,at night my dear husband will go to one corner and…

Not Just One Of His Friends, I Want Balance In My Life This Year, Please Help!

Should I Move On Or Work On Our Friendship? Good day Aunty Eya,
Happy Sunday and hope your family is fine. Please I crave anonymity in this epistle that I am about to write. I have known a young man for about two -three years now and at first when we met, he was blowing hot and cold so I moved on from the friendship with him, tagging him as not serious. Early last year, after I had deleted his contact and moved on, he contacted me and that was when I was involved in an accident.
 All through my stay at home and my rounds at the hospital, he calls and checks up on me, many of my friends didn't do that so, I valued his friendship more. I returned to work and we still continued our friendship till sometime in September he asked that we start a relationship. I agreed and we took it steady but my problem however was, this young man is very detached. He calls everyday at that time and we speak alot but we hardly saw eachother even though we lived in the same state, and when we pay each…

Help! This Relationship Is Choking

Good evening everyone. Compliment of the season. I need advice from married and matured people please.
I'm 20 something year old and have been with this guy for 6 years ( in fact, it's the only relationship I have in). We have been engaged for 2 years, getting ready to get married by first week May 2015. The problem is that I'm frustrated and depressed about the whole thing. Why?
This guy is 32 years but he behaves like a child. Early in the relationship and till now, he made me chase away all my friends.

 I stayed without friends but just him. I couldn't go anywhere apart from school, work and church. Even at that, he will call me until my phone dies, he will question every move I make and why I don't pick his call even if it's 1 miss call. He doesn't trust me too, when I'm answering a call around him, his attitude changes and he won't talk to me until I give him all the attention and follow him around. If I'm chatting or replying sms, he will be …