Pregnancy Weight, Romantic Husband Plus More

1. Hi aunty Eya. Hope yoџ and your family are doing great?. Please i'†ђ3 like to be anonymous.
I've been married for just 2years n my marriage isn't what ℓ̊ want it to be. My husby isn't romantic and is soo nonchalant about it. I try buh he is not encouraging me. I buy him gifts on both val day and his birthday buh he does reciprocate. even ordinary txt he won't send. I've talked to him about it and he was like those things don't matter, buh those littlr little things matter to me. We are young buh am certain our parents share more love than us. Please what can i do to gain his full attention, to make him appreciate me, to be romantic? Pls help!

2. Dear aunty Eya, pls I will be very glad if you can post this anonymously on the blog. I gave birth last month through CS so I wasn't allowed to do most of the therapy a new mum does to get back in shape but I am really anxious to get my shape back especially my tummy. What should I do pls? Is it ok to go on a diet since exercise is out for at least 3-6 months. Thanks so much.
Verere @

3. My marriage is one year, and I have been trying to conceive from onset. But nothing yet. Pls I need average priced, good fertility hospital in Lagos that I can go. And name of any doctor there that will attend and listen to me. Pls help post this on your blog.

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5. my name is Richard am a 31yr old individual that reside in Lagos and is presently working in a reknown hospitality firm in Lagos and as well pursuing my Masters degree program .I need a lady from the ages of 20-28 yrs for a true relationship that could lead to marriage. I believe that through your  connection i can get an honest ,christian lady for friendship. I can be reached on 07061026096,08154686527
thank you.



  1. Poster 1...I laughed after reading your post cos my hubby too is the same. I used to feel bad initially but after sometime i decided to chanel my energy toward his other strength. Right now, i don't even get angry if he doesn't buy me a birthday gift and i don't go out of my way to buy for him. I'm of the opinion that you shouldn't make this an issue in ur home. There are more important things in marriage my dear. Not all men are romantic & u need to accept them for who they are. Btw wasn't he liket that before you guys got married?

    Poster 2: i"ll advice you don't go on a diet until ur baby is over 6months at least cos ur baby need all the nutrients he/she can get from bossom milk at that tender age and dieting won't help. Please whatever you intend doing - exercise or diet, allow ur baby hit the 6month old mark.

    1. Anonymous12/11/2014

      Poster 3 try dis clinic. Ahmadiyya hospital 39,payne crescent.apapa lagos. Tell them u want too see d white doctor. is a Muslim hospital. U will like it they are very gud. I tried getting pregnant 4 almost 2years my mum recommend d clinic 4 me n now with prayers n treatment. I am I proud mother of a son

    2. Anonymous12/11/2014

      I had CS and started exercise after 6 weeks. Doctor gave me d permission

  2. Anonymous12/03/2014

    Shld av called Richard but am 2yrs older dan him. Well,God wil giv me my husband at the right tym. Yanju

  3. Anonymous12/03/2014

    Poster one, na d same hubby we marry. Evn if u like kill urslf for am, e no go change. I learnt to bone and not put my mind der. Imagine evn if I make new hair, hubby wil neva notice. Der ws even a day I bot him flower, guess what his response was" na flower I go chop". I don bone am o and I'm happy d way I am now. So pls chanel ur energy to oda things pls, if u hv a child focus on her if u hv a biz focus on it.

  4. Poster 1, I agree most men are not romantic. I'm still trying to cross that bridge after 12years. Its just 2yrs so please dont give up. Sometimes take him out for a meal or an activity he enjoys. If he wont text u then you send him a romantic text 2-3times a week and watch his reaction or response.

  5. Poster 2. Please do not go on a diet yet. Eat when you are hungry until you are full. Anything you consider as junk plz cut them out as they are not good for your baby as well. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well as protein and carbs. After 6months and when your baby start to take solids then you can go on a diet.

  6. Anonymous12/04/2014

    Eya don turn match maker o,
    Yanju,y nt try & call as u may lyk each oda as God works in mysterious ways.

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  9. Most men are not romantic or too busy to remember things. It is a kind of general issue with them. Learn how to cope with it or try not to let the thought weigh you down.

    As for matchmaking, who knows any good thing can happen. Best of luck to everyone.

  10. Poster 1
    Please get busy and try to overlook that aspect. Don't pay him any attention. Don't buy gifts as he doesn't appreciate it and don't make him feel or know you're affected in anyway by his unromantic ability.

    Poster 2
    What's more important to you? Your body or your baby's health?
    If you as much as try dieting with CS and breastfeeding, you go just stand up one day and next eye you open will be the hospital. You people should set your priorities right biko.
    Besides, healthy eating (not starving) and breastfeeding helps you loose weight sharp sharp.
    I shared my testimony here how I lost 30kg in 5 months without exercise just exclusive breastfeeding and I don't take sugar nor diary products. Eat lots of vegetable.
    In fact Google and read and gain knowledge on this issue.

  11. sheamapo12/09/2014

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  12. Anonymous12/21/2014

    Poster 3- Go to peculiar hospital,62 coker road,orile iganmu,lagos. After going from one hospital to another for that same problem,a friend told me to go there. Its worth it,I must confess. Now I'm a mother of 2. Pls contact me if u need more info:

  13. Hi Poster 1 - I am a lady and my hubby told me I am unromantic!!! He says I do not notice his new haircut don't buy him gifts etc!! I was shell shocked but realised after many arguments that he is right!! Some of us are like that - I understand your hubby he loves you as I love my hubby but does not really see the biggie in these things. Please He has anoda love language - yours is gifts & time but his is different. My love language is acts of service . If I see my hubby go out of his way to do something for me or make my life easier then I feel really loved more than when I get a gift! But my hubby's love language is my time, attention & gifts. Acts of service I do for him seldom get noticed. He would rather we gist and play games on weekends than I cooked him fantastic meals or cleaned the house. Sorry for the long post but take heart! try and understand his love language


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