Undergraduate House Maid In Ibadan

Good afternoon ma, please I am Grace by name, A 300level student of the University of Ibadan studying Communication and language Arts. Plese I am ready to be a maid for any one who will be ready to sponsor my education till I graduate and who will cater for my upkeep. Pls ma...I can be trusted....I just need to survive and complete my Education. My number is 

Eya:   Many Nigerian families do
not like non literate househelps cos of communication problems so, here is an oppoprtunity, plus the stress-free-extra-lessons your kids will get if you have young children. Ibadan peeps are you there?


  1. Are you for real>?

  2. Anonymous11/11/2014

    Won't you rather collect your pay, save it and pay for your Education so that no one gives you false hope.

    1. Anonymous11/11/2014

      I doubt if house girl salary can cover d cost of tertiary education in Nigeria. What she needs is a sponsor really

  3. Anonymous11/12/2014

    So what is the definition of sponsor that you talk about?? So its wrong to work to support yourself? She must find a "sponsor" or lets be plain and say a PIMP to pay for her education? My dear Grace..thats the spirit..thats the American way right there..you work your way through school. God will multiply all your efforts !!!! Pay no one any mind. You will find a perfect job that will reward you more than you think or imagine in Jesus' name. If I lived in Ibadan I would hire you immediately. Grace,God will provide exactly what you need and your dignity and honour will remain intact. Grace, God will favour you grace and you will not stoop down and destroy your integrity for a so called "sponsor" AMEN.

    1. Lol. U obviously don't knw the meaning of sponsor @ Anonymous 6:31am

    2. Lol. U obviously don't knw the meaning of sponsor @ Anonymous 6:31am

  4. I like your spirit. I am a believer in not asking for handouts all the time. You need some money, ask what you can do to earn it from me.
    Please state what your fees and upkeep come to. Also how much longer do you have in school as per how many semesters. May God open a door for you.

  5. Anonymous11/13/2014

    Dat sponsor will definitely not be a woman living with her husband. Just saying

  6. Hahaha,Grace AKA "MAYA",sorry but I needed to laugh cos u made me laugh,my dear u can get that favour only in oyibo country or inside telemundo and Korean movies like "Be careful with my heart" and is only ser chief that can help you only if u have the spirit of "Nany Maya", I pray God will see u through dear just ignore my previous message is just for my fellow Korean movie fans. Mam Eya how u doing.


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