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Christmas Food Made Easy! Any Idea?

Hurrah! Christmas is just around the corner again!  Christmas is unarguably the largest celebration in Nigeria, it is not only celebrated by Christians but by everyone in the country. Perhaps the main reason for the general acceptance is its timing, just six days before the year ends, what other time would you rather chill out and celebrate? I think we all agree that one of the reasons everyone loves Christmas celebration is the fact that New Year celebration is another remarkable festival enjoyed by everyone irrespective of religious beliefs, so while Christmas means so much for Christians, it also serves as an appetizer before the main meal (New Year) to non-Christians.
There have been several questions pointing to what Christmas means to Nigerians. If your guess is as good as mine, you would agree that there is something about Christmas that resonates with everyone’s soul in this part of the world. So as a proper Naija bred, I would say that Christmas is a season for jollification, s…

My Husband Did Not Grieve Plus Female Pictures On Phone

Good evening ma'am. Am a married woman in my twenties and my husband is in his thirties' we have two kids together.

 I think this man doesn't respect me. Several times I see female pictures on his phone, should I secretly drop it in hot water or how do I handle this?. The recent one that happened and pissed me off  is that he came back from work that fateful night and I asked him if he was ready to eat but he said no and stepped out.

 I asked where he was going only for him to say it's none of my business. I decided to go buy something outside and I saw him and his ex in an awkward corner. I was so pissed that I insulted him and

He Wants Marriage And Kids First, I Want My PhD First...

What if he stops me after we are married? What if i begin to resent him later on?Hello...i stumbled on this blog through the internet and i decided to go thru it and i must say that i am pleased with it. I need advice because i am somewhat confused...i have been dating this wonderful man for a couple of years now,i knw his family members and they are wonderful people,my dilemma is this...

i have always dreamed of goin for my Phd and presently i am on my masters,i am pretty young. My boyfriend is nt too comfortable with me doing my Phd after my masters, he feels we shuld get married first in lyk 2 years time and after a kid or 2, i can start my Phd but i really wanna start before marriage then i can get married while on it (this is because i know we are both not ready for marriage until like 2 or 3 years time so i am like, why shouldn't I?)  he feels family should come first, i agree but i am not married yet and would like to pursue my dreams 

...i am afraid because if i don't st…

Genotype SS And AA Can I Date Him?

Good evening Aunty Eya,i'm in mid-twenties and I have not been lucky with relationships even despite my love and sacrifice! Had my last breakup since may and I'm yet to go into another relationship...

but early september,i met with this guy and we've been good friends,i like him and he likes me too...just last month,he asked that we date....The clause here now is that he is SS and I am AA...please I need your advice on whether to go ahead and date him or not...

I'm really

This Drama Started When My Parents Gave Outrageous Wedding Bills

Hello Eya' Pleaseeeeeee hide my details! I want to commend your great work, you are indeed a blessing. Ma I am getting married in four weeks and at first my fiance and I were excited. We dated for 8 months and it was amazing, simple and beautiful.
 He is gentle, disciplined and loving, His dad dotes over me. We were (or are) our answers to each others prayers and we decided to get married. No spectacular proposals though, we both knew what we wanted. 
The drama all started when my mother gave us the wedding bills, it was grossly outrageous and way beyond his budget. He kept his cool though and simply said what he could afford. 3 months to the wedding when he went to my family house, my father gave him a verbal dress down just because he hadn't booked anything yet, things like he acts like a woman and maybe i am the one to cater for our family, so many horrible things i wouldnt want to say.
 My Dad said so many demeaning things to him and i was scared he was going to call the …

The Family Threatens To Kill Me, If I Come Back Again For My Child, Please Help

Pls ma save me from this wahala o!
 I had a child with this illitrate guy who claim he is a pastor 15yrs ago. he denied the paternity so i decided to go see his father since they all knew and i dnt have a job and my family d
that could help said i have to take him to court to decide how he would take care of me but I refused since he is a man of God thinking we could settle it through church. 

when i got there his father claimed his son has married a church sister and havd travelled to south africa for church work but that i can drop the baby (2yrs then) and write her date of birth.

 In 2004 i went back when i got a job, to have my child back but the father refused me only for the family to give my

Should I Let My Husband Attend That Wedding Or Not? Please Advise

Good day everyone,
My husband cheated on me with a particular girl and I was hurt greatly. We had a big quarrel over this same girl that my husband's family had to interfer to settle us. 

Now this girl whom kissed and slept with my husband is getting married, and she sent an invitation to my husband specifying that my husband is a special guest. 
Unlike other people who gets married and sends an invitation to my husband he shows me, but for this girl's  invitation card he has not shown me, but I just happened to see d card which he is not aware of. 

Should I allow him go for the wedding or not?. Already my husband told me he will be travelling, and after seeing the invitation card I found out that the date and duration and place my husband said he is travelling is

Mother-In-law Has Placed Me On Diet Soon After Giving Birth, That Ok?

Good day aunty Eya and fellow blog readers.Am an ardent reader of wives connection blog I prefer to remain anonymous.

Pls I need your advice am a first time mom,i had my baby few weeks ago,Hubby & I still live with his mum & siblings.Immediately after the birth of my child my mother inlaw placed me on a no carb diet she feels she's helping me because according to her hubby is still young and doesn't like chubby ladies and may fall out of love with me if I ever get fat.

For now I eat strictly fruits,peppersoup with 5 spoons of brown rice,unripe plantain and beans.Pls moms in the house i'd like know if this can affect my little one in any way as I plan to breastfeed her exclusively.

And also I

Got No Advice, Now We Are Engaged, About To Propose, What Should I Do?

Anuty Eya I sent you a mail last year before I got engaged to the guy I was talking about but you didnt paste it. Finally am engaged to the guy, getting married soon but I still need advice on how to manage our sexual activity. Plus did I mention the guy doesnt stay in Nigeria, so its not as if I ve been with him all these while. Please I need candid advices. Hide ma details oooo.

NOW: Dear Anuty Eya,please hide my details. I have been a silent reader of your blog. I wish to commend your good work. I am a young lady of 24yrs, have graduated and served. Looking for work.

 I met this young man whom i wish to settle down with. He is tall, handsome,has a good heart and above all a staunch catholic. But the problem now is that i found out that he has a small penis size ( not so small but not as big as i like) and ejaculates even before we start making out. i want to knw if it is

Leaving With My Two Kids, Is It Wrong?

Anty Eya,
I didnt know this blog exists until my friend showed me on her phone, i realy appreciate. I am 34yrs from asaba married to a  guy we met in school, he was in part 3 while i was in 4 so i cook for him and take care of his needs and we eventualy fell in love. 

After my NYSC i got a good job so we got married but, i find out now that i have been the person responsible for the family upkeep since 2010, he has a job now but does not give me anything! i pay school fees for our two sons, pay house rent, buy them wears, medical bills, pay lawma bills, pay light bills  etc. He doesn't give me anything! 
The day i

Undergraduate House Maid In Ibadan

Good afternoon ma, please I am Grace by name, A 300level student of the University of Ibadan studying Communication and language Arts. Plese I am ready to be a maid for any one who will be ready to sponsor my education till I graduate and who will cater for my upkeep. Pls ma...I can be trusted....I just need to survive and complete my Education. My number is 

Eya:   Many Nigerian families do

Farting From Front Passage

Dear Eya and wives connection blog readers,

How you doin? God bless everyone.
I wrote you some weeks ago ... The first time mum with an unstitched tear I sustained during delivery and I got a few suggestions that helped (God bless everyone),I feel better now, the tear has closed up but the problem is that