How To Make, Import Customised Wristbands, Others From Aliexpress

Dee sent in this lecture yesterday, I have tried unsuccessfully to upload it and the many lovely images here. Follow the link below to view samples of her customised items. If you need help or have any questions, come back here and leave them, she promises to respond to all:


In this lecture I will assume that we all know how to search for items on aliexpress and alibaba, how to communicate with sellers, make payment via MasterCard or through an agent, and also how to ship item through an agent. If you are new here kindly read the other lectures.


If you have carefully read my post from the first lecture till this fifth lecture you will notice that my importation knowledge from when I started till date has a big difference, believe me I have tried my hands on retailing stuffs I buy online especially human hair (Peruvian, Aunty Funmi, Brazilian etc.) but it is not as profitable as what I am about to unveil to you.

Today I am writing on wristband making because it is highly, I mean highly profitable. It took me more than 3months of online learning and research from various write-up on making customized wristband before I finally made my first wristband for a church in my state which landed me a profit of N45k for producing 500pcs of the wristband, the same month I produced 1500pcs for another church and made 125k profit, in just a month I made a cool profit of 170k plus.

After producing the band I noticed some flaws which I improved on and it has made me better, I can hardly give accurate record of how much I have made since I started making this wristband 7 months ago (March 2014).


First let me start by giving a brief explanation of what a customized wristband is. Customized wristbands are those colorful bands worn on the wrist by various churches and organizations. Just take your time and observe people around you, you will notice majority of people wear wristband owned by different organizations especially churches. E.g. Winners, Redeem, etc.

Let’s begin;

Step One:

 Make, Import customised items from Aliexpress . 


  1. DEE,
    all I can say is God bless u. AM amazed at ur selflessness nd i wonder how many pple can share streams of income like you r doing. I've been following the lectures and I must say ,am a good student. Il look into this and let u know how far. God bless u real good.

  2. Dee,can you give me some names of ur trusted manufacturer?thanks

  3. Hello Eya... Thx for posting. I have tried to convert from pdf to word file. I hope it works. Thx 4 posting

  4. Anonymous10/02/2014

    @ BB thx for appreciating my effort... From past xperience I can't give the name of my supplier but trust me there re LOTS of trusted manufactures of wristband.

    just take ur time and communicate with at least 5 manufacturers then u can pick d best based on their delivery time, price and their prompt customer service response. Good luck

  5. Anonymous10/03/2014

    Pls how do I get any of d manufacturers numbs so I can contact dem. Tnks

  6. Anonymous10/03/2014

    Dee,God bless you.I made my first purchase via aliexpree with the help of you lectures.I got my first item but the wristwatches I ordered for didn't leave Beijing and I opened I dispute,My Money was returned within 24hours,I couldn't believe it.

    1. Anonymous10/03/2014

      Eewwoo,too many typos!
      Dis my 6months old boy sha need phone by all means.

  7. Anonymous10/04/2014

    Congratulations Anon 2:42 on ur first successful importation... And thx for stopping by to appretiate mi effort. Happy importation

  8. Anonymous10/04/2014

    @ Anon 11:39am... Go to alibaba, search for customized wristband. Click on any company of ur choice, go to their web page. Click on contact and you will see their contact number. (Note: calling manufacters makes no sence at all, u will only end up wasting ur airtime bcos u can hardly understand what dey re saying) contact the either thru email or skype. Goodluck

  9. Thank u for this piece poster, God bless u.

  10. Dee you are such a selfless person; God bless you for helping others. I aint a business person like this but i appreciate what you have done on behalf of others.

  11. Anonymous10/08/2014

    Thanks all for appreciating my effort... Happy importation

  12. hello dee, i told eya to link me upto you, but i was told you will respond here, i really wanna appreciate your effort for putting these 2gether. thanks. i followed the lectures from day1 and i imported jewellery from aliexpress successfully.just that i face challenges of people taking my stuffs on credit. so i tried making enquires for the customized wristband on alibaba from various suppliers and got quotations. and at d same time i got a contract for 100 piece, but i found out that the sample/mold fee is outrageous. i dont know how much to sell per piece if i pay a sample fee of 13k? for instance. i wanna know d prise you sell for one piece to your customers, n how much do you tink i should pay ateast for 100 piece to those suppliers. thanks dee. i await your response.

  13. Anonymous4/06/2015

    Nice job you did with these lectures i really benefited but i would like to know if you had any experience with dhgate. If yes, do you mind sharing. Thank you

  14. Hmmm. I hope I never enter one chance. I've got three items that were all shipped within days ranging between 3 to 10 days. These shipping notification were sent from the seller and also indicated as "shipped" in my orders. I equally noticed that the tracking numbers end with "NL" and a third one with "CN" that I'm used to. Problem now is, all I keep getting from all available track sites are "No tracking record available" Guys, what does this imply?

  15. Anonymous8/21/2016

    Hi, thanks for sharing. How did you deal with the shipping charges since it should have been a bulk order. Thank you.


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