The Fifty Basic Needs of A Nigerian Kitchen

I got this very short mail from an about to wed reader who is not Nigerian herself but getting married to a Nigerian man. She just discovered the blog and searched unsuccessfully for basic items in a Nigerian kitchen.  Below are the kitchen items I listed in my reply. If you know of any not on the list, please update.

I remember we have old posts on this. Before you look at the list below, you may want to know the fifteen most needed kitchen items

1. An electric cooker, gas cooker or a kerosene stove
2. A set of cooking pots, a set of five is fine
3. Cooking utensils
4. Plates, saucers and bowls
5. Cutlery
6. Plates rack
7. Food processor or blender. If you can get the food processor with 32 functions, that'd be great because it saves you from buying a blender, mortar and pestle and even manual graters.
8. Sandwich toaster
9. Bread toaster
10. Sieve
11. Airtight plastic containers for storing grains and foodstuff like garri, crayfish etc
12. Mugs and cups of different sizes
13.China, preferably white
14. Aprons
15. Hand gloves
16. Napkins
17. Dish washing liquid
18. Chest Freezer
19. Refrigerator
20. Dinner sets
21. Sets of drinking glasses
22. Hot water flask and electric kettle if you do not have hot water running
23. Fry pan
24. Pressure cooker
25. Rice cooker
26. Deep fryer
27. Can cutter
28. Strainer
29. A plunger incase of
clogged sinks
30. Baking pans
31. Microwave oven
32. Kitchen bowls
33. A cleaver for cutting chicken and tough meats
34. A sharp scissors and kitchen knives
35. Different sizes of Ziploc bags
36. Wine opener
37. Serviettes and kitchen tissue rolls
38. Rubber bands
39. Wall clock
40. Kitchen scale for if you bake a lot
41. Food flasks, good food warmers
42. Chopping board
43. Tooth picks
44. Serving trays
45. Potato chipper
46. A very good kitchen mop
47. A small radio
48. A camera if your phone can't take good pics for wives connection blog
49. A vegetable trolley
50. A washing machine if you have kitchen space for it.
There is an old post where we had a long question and answer session solely on Kitchen matters.


  1. A calculator for proper calculations of items bought or about to be bought. Lol
    A television for watching telemundo while cooking
    A table and chair attached to it
    Lol. And something to cover your hair while cooking

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    1. But aunt Eya! You they fall my hand, what do one need blender and processing machine for when there is grinding stone? You shouldn't have added that, pls make sure you have grinding stone and also charcoal stove in your kitchen also

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  2. Aloy, u cracked me up wella,cant stop laughing

  3. Imaobong9/03/2014

    Hi Eya, I'm a new follower of your blog & I'm just loving it.
    Good job with the list. Maybe you can add the following to it:
    A set knives and knife sharpener.
    Different chopping boards for meats and vegetables.

  4. Anonymous9/03/2014

    Nor be only telemoundo u go watch,abi u wan burn all d food? Laughing

  5. which one is the vegetable trolley?i wanna ask anor question.i notice when i store my food in a tray ,veggy or something dat wil attract flies.i notice flies not eshin eshin,all thois small small flies wil be flying around the kitchen and its kinda irritating.i see it fly into the luving room.i wish i can snap a pics of this tiny creature.i make sure my bin is neat.any left over i put it in the lylon and dispose it asap so i wonder where the flies come from.

    1. My dear, I know the flies you've just described. They are very tiny and irritating as well cos you have to be smart to kill them. They usually come in through window nets. Just ensure your foods are covered to avoid poisoning.

  6. Just discovered this blog, loving it.
    Noted when marriage happens

  7. Anonymous9/04/2014

    pls help me everyone. I am a nursing mother that gave birth 1 month ago. I am doing breastfeeding,i just notice this afternoon that my left breast has a lump,not painful. well, I ha
    d a breast operation 5 years ago,in which a painless lump (non cancerous)was removed from my left side breast ,I was just 18 then. coincidentally I have an appointment of baby's immunization tomorrow,I intend to tell the doctor. but before then pls is it safe to breastfeed my baby like this, as he is currently sleeping now, I wonder what I should give him, I am scared of knowing that I have a lump in a breast my baby is sucking..I am very confused pls anyone in here to advice me please... I have a history of cancer in my family,my maternal grandmother lost one of her breast to cancer,though she was operated...does my lump have anything to do with breastfeeding? can baby's be affected through breast sucking?

    1. Since the lump is not painful, maybe you continue to feed the baby until tomorrow when you'll see a Doctor. It might become too full and engorged if you don't let baby suck. Try to see your Doc ASAP.

  8. Helle, ask Kitchen ware shops for a vegetable trolley. It's where you keep your perishables like onion and potatoes with different layers.
    Maybe you Google it. Just like where Salons keep different sizes of hair rollers and pins.

  9. Yes Alloy, something to cover the hair while cooking is necessary BUT Telemundo in the kitchen equals burnt soups o.LMBAO

  10. Thanks Imaobong. I agree vegetables and meats shouldn't share the same chopping board. Sometimes we eat raw vegetables.

    1. I think I be JJC here oh. Me, I dey use hand cut vegetables; na so my mama train me.

  11. Anonymous9/04/2014

    thank u madam eya. *breastfeeding mum.*

  12. Pinkyberry9/05/2014

    Nice! Thank u

  13. Please can anyone help with the brand of processor with 32 functions. Thanks

  14. I'm new here and loving it already moving into a new home and xpecting my first baby dts how I found this blog very wonderful

  15. I'm new here and loving it already moving into a new home and xpecting my first baby dts how I found this blog very wonderful


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