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How to Prepare Snails For Cooking, Pictures From Scratch

Hello Ugo, your request came in right on time as I was about to go prepare some snails when I saw your mail. Yes, there is a very simple method of shelling your large snails without getting the kitchen messy. There is no need to crush the shells with a hammer cos that is a lot of work cleaning the broken pieces from your snails.

Some readers saw our crunchy peppered snail recipe and wanted a step by step snail preparation procedure but then, for no reason, I just couldn't remember the camera when I cooked snails. Sometimes I let the sellers clean my snails but not when a particular seller washes with alum. Snails washed with alum do not really taste natural to me. Thankfully this seller doesn't wash with limes so, the snails were brought home whole.

Cleaning your snails at home is the best. That same bowl of alum water is what snail traders use to
wash all snails bought in a day, that's from morning till night. They won't even leave that thick dirty water where buyers ca…

Blended Afang Soup

The  afang soup s already on the blog were all cooked with just a little bit of pounding and no boiling of water leaf. We have egusi afang soup, some yummy groundnut afang soup, and a few others. This time I tried to do things differently. I always thought that those who blended afang leaves before cooking did not know how to enjoy this delicacy but I was wrong because the taste is the same and for those who like their afang soup very very soft, this is a softer version than the pounding. The soup was so soft I caught a few gentlemen licking their plates with five fingers and taking more soup without swallow just to drink with a  dessert spoon. To me, afang soup is afang soup never disappointing any method you cook it just remember to add crayfish. For hubby, THIS was extremely delicious as he made sure I preserved some until friends came over for lunch and he specifically asked for "that soft afang soup" lolz.

We always

Jewelry Arrived After Aliexpress Refunded My Money, How Do I Pay Now?

After Dee's first blog lecture on how to shop on Alibaba, Aliexpress, I decided to give it a try and when things didn't work out as expected, I published a post narrating my experience on Aliexpress shopping

Month's have passed and I forgot about it all. Sincerely speaking, it discouraged me from shopping Online. All the baby items in my cart, never went back to look at any. Last week, we got a call to come to the post office for a parcel and no one bothered because we weren't expecting anything, hubby even said it must be scam. Yesterday, behold a parcel from China post and honestly, hubby asked the man that brought it to step back and open it himself.

What? Standing face to face with the beautiful sets of jewelry that I thought never arrived cos honestly even though both sellers have great positive feedback from buyers, I couldn't hold any successful conversation or chat with any, it always took like forever to get them and whenever I did, the chat automatically…

Baked Sticky Chicken With Colourful Jollof Rice

Except fo the lemon skin, baked chicken, red jollof spice and side vegetables added here, the recipe, method of cooking is same as our emergency jollof rice. One whole lemon skin is grated without the white part because that white is bitter. Grated into the pot of onion, tomato paste and other ingredients being fried, i.e before adding the stock or water used for cooking.

Ingredients For The Chicken Marinade:
In a large bowl, I mix together the following ingredients before adding my 2kg chicken.

3 table spoons mygarlic ginger sauce1/4 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon ground black pepper2 tablespoons (what we sometimes refer to as dessert spoon) olive oil1 table spoon white vinegar1 table spoon honey (optional) I don't think I'll add honey next time cos two of my kids not used to seeing honey added to our cooked meals refused to even have a taste, despite everyone testifying to them that it tasted heavenly ...local Naija breed gals! Come to think of it, I think honey is what gives the ch…

Delicious Jollof Spaghetti, Enjoy

Cook with the recipe for our jollof pasta and you'll just get it right. The ingredients mightb not be the same, but same cooking method.

My Marriage Is A Mistake, I Regret Every Passing Second

Hello, Am an ardent reader of wives connection  blog.  My name is Roseline Chukwu from Imo State, Madam Eya pls be kind enough to delete my details before posting this. I have a situation that I need your advice and that of others.
I have been married for two years and 8 months now and we are still believing God for fruits of the womb. My problem is my husband's attitude towards me. Every  little misunderstanding we have he would keep malic with me for days even when he is the one at fault. He has no job but  follows politicians, attends meetings with some of them and in the process they may dash him money and that is how feed and do other things. This is is a man that made me believe with some convincing evidence before we got married that he is a graduate only for me to find out later on that he dropped out of school. 
We are having fertility issues cos diagnoses shows he has a very low sperm count of below 5 million.  But instead of seeking medical help from hospitals he prefe…

This Conversation Has Lasted 5 Days, Can You Please Help With Advise?

Beebe sent a blank mail to me with a title "Can I talk to you?"

Eya: Hi Beebe, it's only your name showing. No mail included.

Beebe: Can I talk to you ma?

Eya: Yes you can. ALL EARS

Beebe: Am in serious trouble and all I can think of is to run away cos I don't even understand myself. My life is complicated dnt even know where 2 start from cos am screwed and...sad

Eya: How is it complicated, are you sick, homeless or what?

Beebe: Don't just know where to start from am not sick or homeless....where do I start name is (real name witheld by Eya) ,yoruba,20yrs old guess am ruinned now, went to yct{yabatech dint know what happened, I dint further and was collecting my school fees and other stuff, later went for pre degree @aaua{adekunle ajasin)  on getting there, I don't know what happened, didn't pay my School fees though it was given tome. I did the post UTME, did not pass though I didn't have interest in going 2 skull have always wanted 2 be a fashi…

First Time Mum: Has Anyone Been In This Situation?

 I must say that I have learnt a lot from wives connection blog though I never knew a day would come when I'll have to write in for help...

Am a first time mum,had my baby ten days ago and I had a little tear which the doctor said didn't need to be stitched,its painful like crazy and am so scared even after d normal everyday hot water massage

Initially I couldn't

Is It Wrong Not To Support This Wedding?

I saw this comment by an anonymous reader and didn't know what to say so I didn't reply. Can anyone help with advise please:

Good morning everyone. My sister is getting married soon but am not happy. My sister met a young man and they started a relationship. Introduction was fixed and a wedding date. The church demanded for a HIV test and the man tested positive. 

My sister is negative. We all now kicked against the wedding. But she insisted. That nothing is going to change her mind she must marry this guy. 

We all thought maybe she has been exposed to the virus that's why she wants to marry him. 4months after she took another test still negative. 2 months after that still negative. But my sister still insists on marrying him. 

I know HIV is

Ebola And Nigerian School Resumption Date, A MUST READ

I got a mail this morning from one of my kids School here in Abuja and I totally agree with their decision, here is the mail:

....... School will like to remind you that the opening date for school is still on OCTOBER 13, 2014. Parents and Guardians can come to the school from Friday 12, 2014 to pick up home work for their children from 9am to 2pm as part of their continous assessment. Thank you.
When I saw this mail, I started thinking about other Schools. Are Schools really going to resume on September 22? Really? The people in Government, do they have kids in Nigerian Schools? Do they have friends and relatives working in Schools?

Thinking about boarding Schools, students travel from all over the country, all towns, cities and villages to resume.

Well, I'm just thinking aloud.
Below is a mail from a concerned Nigerian Mother Efe Farinre:

   Read and tell us what you think about September Resumption Date...
I just received a mail confirming that schools will re-open on Monday 22n…

Quick Cook Jollof Pasta With Beans, Corned Beef

 This my signature pasta, please don'tb get bored. I'm trying to like other shapes but this still tastes and feels better for me. I never enjoyed the ones with a hollow middle. This dish was so rushed that I think I shocked myself. Everyone that ate, asked for extra. We have cooked pasta a lot of times in the past but this, I mean, this particular pot turned out tasty beyond expectation. It cooked in 8 minutes but I allowed one more minute before turning off the heat.

Pasta 2 packssoya oilpepper sauceSeasoning cubes (4 chicken cubes)Salt

Smoked Turkey Stir fry With Pasta By Mavis

This is mavis. am sorry i have not contributed to the blog for a while.i made this stir fry over the weekend and i want to share used pepper.spring sauce.chilli sauce. 

Mavis takes her time to cook well and carefully decorate before presentation, she also shared the curried rice with shredded chicken, gravy. and the very deliciously nutritious plantain porridge with crunchy snails, fish, liver
try and link old pasta posts later. For how to make stir fry check out how to make Nigerian fried rice sauce BUT use less oil pls. Stir fries are made by just pouring the

Fashion Designer? Workers Needed Urgently

Hello good people of wives connection,
Good morning and happy new week
Please I have a problem, I recently just opened a fashion house but I have been having problems with tailors . It's like they all have a generational curse (sorry to say this) . I pay well but none of them ever stays more than a month. My friends in the business are also complaining about the same thing saying tailors are never serious or responsible .

I have thrown my problems to this blog about three times in the past and I always got solutions here. So please if there's any one out there who knows a very good tailor that would be ready to sit down and work please help me with their contacts. If you need mine please just comment below and I would drop it for you .
I have invested so much in this business and I can't afford to be looking and my machine chairs empty with no serious worker on them.

Please help . Today is monday and nobody is at work, Monday that is to be taken seriously . I have 6 workers and

Suya Jollof Rice By Omalicha

 Okay this is what happend, the food was inspired by the fact that I didn't want chicken and chips for dinner which is what everyone was having.i wanted skmething ricy and spicy. But there was no frozen meat or chicken or fish or any animal in the I went to the junction and bought suya(allow them put enough suya pepper,beef and gizzard)N1000 worth. So that with every spoon I take I crunch something. Ingredients 3 cups Rice N500 worth Suya or more if you can afford 2 Red and 2 yellow pepper 3 large carrots  1 Green chili 1 large Onion Just a pinch of grated ginger
1 clove garlic Turkey or chicken stock I used from a previous meal 1/2 teaspoon Thyme

How to cook suya jollof rice
slice all the veggies including the suya into tiny bitsMixed them all up and set asideWash rice about 4 times with lukewarm water (I dont parboil unless i'm making white rice)In a dry pot add rice, turkey stock or any stock you have at home even beef stock and seasoning.mix all up, check for se…

She Is Five Years Older, Should I Proceed Or Withdraw?

Good morning aunty eya how's your family I have a problem I'd like you to put up on your blog for discussion I am a student and I am in a very serious and comiitted relationship.

 early last I found out this girl was five years older than I am though she doesn't look it!I battled with it for a while and then I let it slide. the issue is I love this girl so much I'd love to marry her after school but till now we have never discussed age togetherbut we re intimate on other issues. something tells me she knows I am younger but she really doesn't Act it and of recent that feeling has come back again,though we have been through thick and thin ve got this feeling that when we officially get to talk about our ages she would leave me so am really troubled.what should I do!

Eya's Reply:
Hi, sorry

Blackberry Phones Can Use Instagram

Wives connection couldn't join instagram all this while because I thought that only Android devices like Samsung Galaxy have the Instagram app. One of the reasons I went shopping for a better Samsung Galaxy Phone.

After publishing that post announcing that we are now on Instagram, an anonymous reader left a comment and wow... Blackberry users can be on Instagram. I saw that comment and was still sceptical until Adaeze replied that she tried Ingrann too and it worked. Good News for some of us.

See the comment below:

Anonymous said... Hi people, I use instagram on my bb, it's igrann but I use one of the Z series BB anyway. dunno if it's on other BB. check your app world it could be there...
Thanks Anon. These days, with

The Fifty Basic Needs of A Nigerian Kitchen

I got this very short mail from an about to wed reader who is not Nigerian herself but getting married to a Nigerian man. She just discovered the blog and searched unsuccessfully for basic items in

wives Connection On Instagram

We are now on Instagram. Follow wives connection or wivesconnection.
For blog inactivity, the mails you guys send are not different from issues that have already been tackled on the blog, so,  reason for my replying with the links to old related posts to avoid boring us with same or related posts.

Our recipes are coming later today or tomorrow morning please. I have many in my Gallery, just need some time to write the full recipes and publish. If you can cook ANY Nigerian/African meal not yet on the blog, kindly share with us abeg na.  A lot of people are bored with and tired of the regular status quo. Anything delicious nutritious and not too complicated, we'll love to try. Please don't hoard oooo, share with us @

My post on how to