Hospital List For Delivery In Nigeria

Helloo Aunty Eya and WC, I discovered this blog on Google while searching for recipes of Nigerian soups and have since become a follower. I need a little help. I am a first time mom in my third trimester. My hospital is a private one maybe that's why I haven't been given a must have delivery list for pregnant mothers.

I asked my midwife and Doctor, they all teel mke the same thing, to come along with my personal effects and items I will need without listing them out. I'm planning to
go get registered in a Government hospital too by tomorrow and also aware that labour can start any moment now without warning.

Mothers and ladies, what are the things asked for in am hospital delivery list in Nigeria? Please help me out.

Eya Replies:
@ First time mom, there is a blog post on ten must have baby items for new moms, is that different from what you are asking for?


  1. Anonymous8/25/2014


    For Mom
    Labor kit containing massage oil (recommended in most childbirth classes)
    Warm socks (to wear in the delivery room)
    Maternity underwear (for the trip home)
    Nightgown (one that opens in the front if you're planning on breastfeeding)
    Nursing bra
    Clothing for trip home (consider bringing 1st or 2nd trimester maternity clothes, which will be roomy and comfortable)
    Two pillows with pillowcases from home
    Cosmetics, hairbrush, hair dryer
    Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
    Prescription medications from home
    Mints or breath strips
    Lollipops (for a dry mouth)
    Lip balm
    Body lotion
    Eyeglasses (contact lenses may need to be removed prior to a C-section)
    Contact lenses and accessories
    A nightlight (for soft light in the room during night feedings)
    A pad of paper and pen to track Baby’s feedings and diaper changes
    A large envelope to bring home documents (discharge papers, Baby’s first photo, etc.)

    1. Is this for Nigeria or Abroad?

    2. Baby Oku8/26/2014

      Definitely, not Nigeria. Contac lenses kwa?
      Track baby's feeding kwa? why?
      Hair dryer kwa?
      Labour kit kwa?

      The important items like cotton wool and methylated spirit you did not include sef.

    3. Desire8/30/2014

      This is a very funny list. Lip balm, lollypop, breath strips???
      Can't stop laughing here.

    4. Anonymous3/22/2018

      This your list is laughable... So unreal.

  2. Anonymous8/25/2014

    Disposable breast pads because your breasts will leak a lot.

  3. Anonymous8/25/2014

    you can track baby's feeding with this app

  4. Disposable maternitypants, heavy duty maternity pads, toiletries, hair net/ scarf, loose clothing, nappies and wipes for the baby, baby grow n vests, baby hat n socks, Shawl, hat, scratch mittens

  5. Sessy Mom8/26/2014

    Under pads, the ones that look like macintosh but absorb blood. To place on the bed around your bum bum area incase of leakage. Remember your cosmetics so you don't make a trip home with a dull and dry face, there might be friends and family waiting to receive you. Look fresh like a new mom.Talking from experience.

    1. Anonymous8/28/2014

      In Nigeria that under pad is called Nightingale. Trust me new mum don't need any make up other than white powder and lip gloss. She just survived the rigors of childbirth for God sake. And the top must have for new mum? Lizzy has mentioned the most important things. Excerpt for Dettol liquid, recharge cards, clothes to wear home,

  6. Anonymous8/26/2014

    Big bottle Olive oil

  7. Anonymous8/26/2014

    beverages,cup and spoon,3 wrappers,delivery mat,pads,jik,baby wear,shawl,olive oil,baby oil,methylated spirit,mucus extractor,cord clamp,diapers,baby sponge and soap,mother's bathing soap,dettol,gloves etc.i wish u safe and stressfree delivery

    1. Anonymous5/21/2015

      Very typically Nigerian. Thanks

  8. Anonymous8/26/2014

    madam don't you track you baby's feeding? you need to know if baby is eating well. how much is baby eating. not everyone has the intuition to know when it's time to feed.

  9. Anonymous8/27/2014

    since you intended registering in a Government hospital go ahead they will give a list as soon as you finish registering

  10. Great Blog. Very Funny.

  11. @Nightingale, I was confused when I saw it on my hospital list, after I googled it and Google showed me pictures of a bird ��. Thanks for the info anyway.


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