Emergency Nigerian Jollof Rice


Just added my chicken stock to the pot of fried onion, fresh pepper, tomatoes, seasoning and sardines.
I call this emergency jollof rice cause it was cooked in a hurry with only ingredients I could lay myn hands on at the time. Every kitchen has an emergency corner for items that we know are not perishable and do not need Naija electricity to survive. These come in handy when we need to rush a quick meal at an odd time.

You can cook with the step by step pics from my green jollof rice or cook like this recipe. You can also make the stew with sardine, tomatoes and other ingredients to add when rice is cooked. Please don't say unhealthy or whatever cos it's not every time you sef can rush to the market to all your ingredients, sometimes we manage with what is available. For any yummy Lady Anon that is planning to tell us this is unhealthy cos I cooked with canned foods, abeg o, after telling us, kuku tell us that you have never drank soaked garri with only sugar or salt on a hot afternoon or that you have never eaten roasted plantain or never chewed boiled yam with only fresh pepper and palm oil; are those ones nutritious ni? If we do not learn to sometimes improvise and manage, what happens when condition changes cause no condition is permanent o.

 Ok now, let me deviate small, think of people in war torn areas of the world, do you think that when they manage to see canned sardine and tomatoes, they'll have the strength to condemn and ask for fresh food?

Aside from emergency cooking, sometimes, it's
good we cook some not very palatable for our kids so they start learning that life sometimes is about survival and this survival cannot be for the weak minded. Let them know now that every day cannot be christmas cos mom and Dad cannot spend everything cooking meals for them to eat and turn around to feed the toilet FAT.
Done with small vexing, anyway sef I don't think canned foods are unhealthy when eaten in moderation.

Back to the matter of our emergency jollof rice.
Emergency kitchen corner for emergency cooking. This is Not an advertisement, you can cook with or keep your own brand of choice :)

Ingredients For Nigerian Emergency kitchen corner:

  1. Corned beef
  2. Sardines
  3. Mackerel in tomato sauce
  4. Baked beans
  5. kidney beans
  6. Creams
  7. Tomato ketchup
  8. Canned tomatoes
  9. Sweet corn
  10. Tuna
  11. Peas
  12. coconut milk
  13. Seasoning cubes pack
  14. Salt
  15. Can't think of any other right now

With these, you can cook anything even in a situation where you can't get out for a whole week.

Adding washed rice to the boiling stock
Adding some thyme to pot of rice
Thyme is added sparingly, stirred a little and covered to boil
Once rice begins to boil, heat is reduced and left to simmer till cooked. Remember to check for salt every time water is added. I try not to add water cos it affects the taste, I just add enough stock and water at first and cook with very low heat so water doesn't dry before my jollof is cooked
Tasty emergency jollof rice you can't resist. No chicken or meat but it tasted great
Well cooked emergency jollof rice with no carrots or cabbage cos they were not available
You can't beat the taste of tomatoes mixed with sardine in jollof rice or even tomato stew


  1. Anonymous8/06/2014

    I've made something similar with tuna fish back then in uniben! It was amazing!

  2. Anonymous8/06/2014

    I beg this is more than Emergency. its got every....

    1. Anonymous8/06/2014

      Honestly this is not emergency rice ohh. What else do you need? It has almost everything.

  3. Chioma8/06/2014

    Very easy to cook. Till weekend

  4. Wonderful combination; good taste and good money too!

  5. Hehhehehe dis one no near emergency aunty Enya abeg. Emergency items for émergeÑcy rice:palm oil,salt,crayfish,maggi,grounded pepper.....dats all. If u cook dis one give ur visitor sef him go quickly understand d situation on ground. See as ur cupboard is well stocked u still call am emergency cupboard cheii

  6. Lol,is really emergency for u cos is not for me oh,is it all this orishirishi that u called emergency? This is what I call emergency,wash ur rice put it in a pot pour ur grandnut oil with onion,tomatoes,pepper, seasoning ,crayfish ontop of the rice then pour it water and stire the u live it to boil.

  7. It looks attractive anyway. Good combo!

  8. Anonymous8/09/2014

    Na wa for una o. Pls read properly. She didn't say she cooked with all d ingredients listed. Those are just d contents if her emergency stash/cupboard. The ingredients for this recipe are just tin tomatoes, pepper, sardines, oil and chicken stock and salt/seasoning to taste. Thank me later!
    Thanks Eya. I will cook this today today!


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