Do I Go Or Not? Please Advise

Anonymous4:08 PM
Eya, pls will appreciate if you can make this a post.

I have been married for 8yrs with a daughter. I have
 had problems getting pregnant cos hubby's sperm count is low.

Hubby wants me and our daughter to relocate to
canada cos I am a citizen so as to give her the best since am not working here(I do business).

Hubby has a good paying job and he promises to come around often to check on us and I never caught him cheat.

Do I go or not?


  1. Hello everyone, being a while I came on here...anyhoo.... @poster, I would advice you not to go as that would mean the both of you living apart for months on end and you are trying to get pregnant but with no ease now bah? Since he has a good paying job then put le daughter in a very good school here if in Nigeria. (You didn't say where you currently live) leaving hubby on his own is not the best at this tme oh. Some single girls are not smilling at all. Protect your home. Just my Humble opinion. Wish you all the best.

    1. Please madam! One sentence "don't go" I don't encourage people to go into distance relationship, there are lots of risk involved. Either he goes with you or you remain here with him.

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  2. Anonymous8/28/2014

    Madam dnt try dat o,he dosnt cheat buh shits happens.u can take ur daughter 2 very nyc skuls we ve here in nigeria,den ha university can b in canada,,,,,let ur hubby kno u can't stay alone without him,kip a close watch on ur man oooo,gurls out der can go any lenght immediately dey realise der only threat is out of d country 2 canada.

  3. Anonymous8/28/2014

    I'd advice you not to even think about relocating without your husband due to the fact that you're still trying to get HELYNN ONOME rightly said,some single girls aren't smiling at all o...enroll your daughter in a good school(since you people have the money) and never stop praying!...May God bless your marriage.


  4. Mrs Dayo8/28/2014

    Don't go yet

  5. There is no better gift to give a child than the love and support of good parents. Why would your husband want to split your family? Its your choice so make it wisely.

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  6. It's a major decision for your family, so consult the Lord. He alone knows today and tomorrow.

  7. Don't even dream of leaving him to go to Canada with your daughter. Aside from avoiding extra-marital affairs, it's not nice for spouses to be apart. Communication might be breached and so on...

  8. spy forte8/29/2014

    Good day Ma'am
    I'm an Ardent reader of your blog... I have some issues I need to discuss... I'll take them one at a time.
    Hide my identity please.
    My Husband no longer eats my food. For the past 2 months.
    What could be wrong. We've been married for 2 years and some months.. No kids yet though.
    Please post so I can learn from people's response...
    Also I'll need your candid advise

    1. Have a conversation with your husband. Ask why he stopped eating at home. Some men don't eat at home when there is a misunderstanding.

  9. Anonymous8/29/2014

    Hmmm,sm men cn behave funny whn kids don't cm early during mariage. Ve been der.who nos what his frnds,family and coleagues may hv been asking him. I'm sure he hs bottled up feelings abt d no kid issue. Swetie pls I beg u pursue fertility treatment vry vigorously if u hv nt started plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Do ur best and let God do d rest. For d food issue, u cn actually cal him nicely and hv a hat to hat talk wit him if its possible. Above all, pray to the hearer and giver of prayer and children, JEHOVAH. Wish u al d best

  10. Anonymous8/30/2014

    My dear it was a woman like you only with a slightly older child that my neighbour in the university got pregnant for. His wife was in d US. He had low sperm count and only one daughter from d marriage. He married her in a court and set her up. Though he went back and remarried d his wife. He still gives this girl up to 500k in monthly allowance. Pays for her schooling(apparently she wasnt a student) cars vacations etc. For a promiscuous girl she got a good deal. Heard someone else has a son for d same man now.
    So my dear, make your bed....

  11. Madam please don't leave your home, to your husband alone, rightly said above, there are a thousand and one good schools abroad, your daughter can do her unvirsity education in Canada.
    @spyforte communication matters alot, talk to him subtly.

  12. Desire8/30/2014

    Don't relocate without ur hubby pls.
    There r so many good schools around dat u can enrol ur kid.
    I believe he just wants to try his luck around without any guilty conscience since you won't be here.

  13. Anonymous8/31/2014

    What an odd request. The excuse provided by your husband is not strong enough in my mind, it comes off very weak. Is it because he wants you to be working, are finances tight and he is pressured by only the one income? Is he simply exhausted from all the attempts to conceive? There seems to be some relevant detail missing from your story. Are you honestly telling us everything?

  14. CHEESSYGOODESS8/31/2014

    Ehh Men!!! Pls don't go or else u will end up regretting it.Ur Hussy has a plan.U said he hasn't cheated on you?pls use hypo bleach to wash ur eyes and use Holy water to rinse. Then u will see transparent things ................husband don't jst ask their wife to relocate.

  15. Anonymous9/01/2014

    Don't go!

  16. Anonymous9/03/2014

    Men are terrible!before he asked u to go abroad,he already has a game plan,disappoint him,don't move an inch,distant marriage is no marriage,u would nt have gone for a month before he brings his mistress in, pls wise up.

  17. Dont go no where dear. Stay put in Nigeria.

  18. Dnt go yet, by the time u know he cant make use of is banana again. U can go. #fact


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