How to make Nigerian Pizza with Mayo and Garri

Nigerian style pizza with garri
Hot Pizza right from my oven. That's garri at the bottom, in place of polenta.
My first and second attempts at pizza making were strictly by Moji's pizza posted on the blog. The kids can't get enough of this third attempt and the score according to them is 98%. I believe them cos kids cannot lie, these are even very blunt
kids who do not know yet how to bend and paint to impress the listener.

What makes this attempt the best I ask myself. Well, I did some things differently, these added garri is what gives it the name Nigerian pizza. I used soya oil in place of olive oil.
Holiday has started and there is no escape from cooking and baking what kids love. This morning, lunch boxes were packed late cos I slept late. When I looked at the time, it wasn't encouraging and what are they really going to do in school when exams are over. How to get them just keep me company at home, I promised to make pizza, unknown to me, the corn flour was thrown away while spring cleaning the kitchen.

I had already chopped and mixed all the ingredients before realizing there is no corn flour, we eat garri so I don't have semo at home. Time for improvisation o. Garri and semo; are they not brother and sister?

I mixed everything just like the recipe from scratch, another thing I did differently here is adding
two table spoonfuls of mayo to the ketchup sweating and sauteing in the pot. The addition of mayo I guess is what gave that extra zest that the girls can't get enough of.

Please check the old recipes for step by step pics.

 Pizza with toppings with no cheese yet

  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 tsp yeast
  • 2 tablespoons soya oil
  • 2 chicken frankfutter sausages
  • 2 large green pepper
  • 1 small red pepper
  • mozarella cheese
  • ketchup
  • tomato paste
  • mayo
  • pinch of salt
  • garri
  • warm water
The ingredients are same as the old pizza recipe on the blog by moji except for the mayo and smooth garri. I say smooth garri o, not rough one that one can't chew. The garri actually prevented this pizza from getting burnt. Dasall.

 Pizza with toppings and cheese. My girl says 'we shouldn't refer to cheese toppings'

 Homemade cheese ready to go into the oven
My Nigerian pizza cooking in the oven

Well cooked pizza, so yummy

Hot hot pizza just brought outta the oven

Up side down Naija pizza for the family

Longa throat didn't let them wait a minute before chopping a piece

 You can try making with moji's pizza recipe, then add some mayo or salad cream for a twist.
Sweet and tasty pizza(:
Share a slice of my Nigerian pizza

 I didn't take step by step pics here because we already have that on the blog in two different pizza making posts. This holiday, find time to make something fun with the kids. We made this together!



  1. Anonymous7/03/2014

    Creativity. Nice attempt Eya

  2. Please I am sorry for deviating
    Actually Aunt Eya I saw a post where my brother from another mother bonario gave a victory speech, and almost all the comments were congratulating him on his victory and I was wondering which election he won or what he won or what he was voted for, sorry for asking, I am just being curious

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    1. Oh, ok that was in 2013 o. Not a recent post I guess?

    2. Yes June 2013, not a recent post

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    3. Ok, there was a giveaway, he got the highest votes from readers and won it.

  3. Madam Eya, you can survive anywhere. One woman that's very creative with food. Kudos. I'm seriously learning


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