Who Needs Me In Lagos? You Cannot Do Everything By Yourself

Hello Aunty Eya,how has the rest been so far? Trust good.Pele Ma.
Anty Eya,you sure dnt know me,but I have been an ardent follower of your blog. Ever since I stumbled on the url on LIB(good stumble tho),And I must confess that I have learnt so much on your blog.
My cooking has improved,and some advice to the real life issues has also proven helpful.

I am a hardworking female  student of Mathematics and Education in the university of Lagos.‎Even as a student,I been struggling and managing myself.God has been faithful.Until recently,im so rich(broke).I've done ushering jobs for sometime,but it leaves me drained and unable to study,hence my quitting it.Please,Eya,come to my not telling you to dash me money(i hate living off people,and I can never beg).Actually,im a very resourceful person.‎Please just help me use your platform source for jobs.

‎‎Here are the things I know I'm quite good at doing.
In addition to selling " very nice "ladies wears such as gowns,tops, skirts,shirts,undies etc.
2)im very good at arranging and cleaning up( you have no idea how skilled I am with my hands and brain until you throw me in a messed up room ‎).
‎3) I am a good errand person,i can do shopping for busy persons.groceries,household,foodstuff, clothing, it and I get it done.‎

All I ask for is something I can do to bring me income.
Let me also inform you that I'm a very sound writter,im very good with words and it's composition.

Please dear Eya,all I ask is your help.kindly use your influence and platform to help me stand on my feet as a younglady.ive vowed never to go into runs or aristos.i dnt want to be involved in some of the bad things girls my age do.But,sometimes I feel tempted especially when I dnt have a dime.Its no longer safe to be quiet,hence my mail.

Please ma,kindly post this,who knows,help could come my way in guise of the readers, especially as I've advertised my service.Do let God use you and your influence to come to my rescue.I expect to hear from you soonest.
Thnk you.


  1. I pray help comes your way, and you find a good job very soon in Jesus name. Amen!

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    1. It is well with you pretty. I believe she should make hay while the sun shines in other lives.. Yours will shine too soon. All the best

  2. Fyn Ijebu Chic6/23/2014

    Sorry poster, I av a few questions.
    Your mail is not so clear.
    Is it dat u sell female undies and you are looking for capital?
    Or you are good @ selling and u need a job?
    Pls reply o!

    1. poster6/23/2014

      I am a full time student,hence a job is not advisable for now.Yes,i sell undies (ladies).i also sell gowns,tops,skirts, leggings,etc. I sell to mainly students for now,and they owe me alot,shey you get..Reason why I'm advertising at least to get working class customers(lols)..I sell on a medium scale for now,but Im planning to expand too,and you know what expansion demands.Capital.. I hope I answered your question. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous6/23/2014

    Wat about home lessons in mathematics and other basic sciences? I think its easier to get than cleaning & running errands. But hey, wat do I know

    1. poster6/23/2014

      Yes,i know..and I'm into that too.i teach maths and further maths. I currently have 3 different students on the island.But I plan stopping after this 3rd term exams.Been wanting to stop since Jan,but the parents kept appealing,besides I love those kids too.Maybe I kept at it more because of my students, not because of the pay or their parents.

      a)Traffic :The paying parents are on the island.Now if you understand traffic there,its not always funny.
      b)Time: my students return from sch by 4pm,and lesson starts at 5pm.i leave my sch by 3pm,so I can get to lekki in time..i leave @ 6:30, sometimes 7pm..i get to my room by 9:30-10pm. I have this routine 4x in a week. If you were in my shoes,what would you have advised??
      c) errands can be done on weekends,the timing can be scheduled too.Which is why I decided to go into it.

      Hope you get my point now.

  4. Anonymous6/23/2014

    Since your field is in education especially maths, you could also extend your services to home lesson teacher to primary and secondary school pupils. i know we had that when i was growing up.

  5. Anonymous6/23/2014

    Help is on the way

  6. Dear Poster.....
    I remember what i went through when i was in school.
    Can you assist with selling? like if someone gives you stuffs to sell can you do it PERFECTLY Well and deliver?
    Also how do you intend doing all this and doing excellently well in school? I hope you've thought about all that?
    Also I must commend you. I'm glad you are looking for the 'right' way(s) to make money. pls keep up your standards and not give in to worldly ways and behaviours.

    1. poster6/24/2014

      Yes,i can sell anything perfectly well and righly deliver too.. so long as that anything is a good anything. Especially if it's something needed and in demand.Selling and classes isn't as demanding as combining classes with some other things. I can manage it perfectly well.Besides,my CGPA is quite strong.i can cope.Thanks for the advice maam/sir.

  7. sheamapo6/24/2014

    Poster what passion do you have for organic/natural products?
    Unrefined shea butter, organic cocoa butter, black soap base (yoruba ose dudu), henna, indigo, pure coconut oil, hair boosters, camwood, indigo hair dye etc.
    Sheamapo will be willing to appoint you as a distributor to cover your area, surulere shomolu and the environ. You can contact me if the offer interest you. Goodluck!

  8. Anonymous6/24/2014

    where do u stay, can u teach mathematics to someone in the mainland?

    1. poster6/24/2014

      Yes,i can teach mathematics to someone on the mainland.I stay at akoka.Thanks.

  9. @ poster kindly drop your email address or contact number. will contact you soonest. God's Grace.

  10. @poster,kindly drop your contact with aunty Eya,will contact you.there is alwais a way is well with you.

  11. Anonymous4/09/2015

    pls wifies. any hope on single parenthood as there are so many of us that has been conditioned into that phase of life one way or the other. thanks


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