Lecture 3: Importing Goods From Aliexpress Without Stress

By Dee (Miss Johnson)
Welcome to our third tutorial on Importation, so sorry for my long absence
but believe me the absence will help the house a lot on importing goods to
Nigeria with Ease.

This Lecture will be channeled at Shipping companies that ship from China
to Nigeria at a very affordable rate an d fast delivery as compared to Dhl,
Fedex, Ups etc.

This shipping companies I will reveal here ship goods from china to Nigeria
at $8 ($8*N170= 1360) per Kg for express shipping which takes just 24hrs to
get to Lagos international airport, and $5 ($5*N170 = 850) per kg for
normal shipping which takes maximum 7days to get to Nigeria.

All you need to do is chat with the seller and tell the seller you are
buying from that you want your goods shipped to your agent and China, and
instruct them to write your name and phone number on the package before
sending to your agent, but before then inform the shipping agent that you
are expecting a package, as soon as the package gets to them in China, you
will receive a call from them in china asking how you want your goods sent
either express or normal.

When buying from Aliexpress or Alibaba (which I will teach in my next
lecture) for aliexpress just pay with your card and communicate with the
supplier to ship to the agents address,

Unlike DHL with these shipping agents you can purchase from different
stores and ship to the shipping agent in china and they will gather all
your goods in one carton and ship to you in Nigeria as you desire.

I will list just 2 of the shipping companies from the top.


Company name: Nonnikings global services



Charges: $8 per kg and 480 naira for clearing express shipping

$4.8/kg and N280 for clearing normal shipping


Company Name: St. Patrick International Logistics LTD.

CONTACT: In English: Shop 1f73 Tangqi Foreign Trade Market No. 130
Guangyuan West Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.

In Chinese: 广州市白云区广园西路130号唐旗外贸服装城1f73档.

Phone Number: +8615920468789


Whatsapps: +8613710706073

Phone Number: 08101951252

Charges: $9/kg Express and $4.7/kg normal plus clearance fee of N450 and
N300 respectively.

But note these companies ship directly to lagos but if you reside outside
Lagos there are Logistic companies that can pick up your goods from lagos
and send thru any transport company of your choice and sent to which ever
state you reside.

I enjoy importation business because I just relax while my goods is brought
to me in Bayelsa state, isn’t that cool. .

I think I should stop here for now. Thanks for reading like I always plead,
please forgive my grammatical.

Keep the Questions rolling in.
*DORTIYE (Miss Johnson)*


  1. Anonymous6/22/2014

    this is so interesting. abeg Madam Eya where is the link to the previous lectures?

  2. Anonymous6/22/2014

    Pls miss dee, am ignorant in did business OK, but I wish. Pls how can I pay for my good, e.g I use gtbank saving account. Pls just explain 2 me how I can pay. Thank u in advance. God bless u

  3. When u ve registered on aliexpress and have communicated with the seller and agreed on the price.

    All the best
    You can choose master card as payment method when making payment. But first just make sure u activate ur GTB card for online transactions.

    1. Anonymous6/22/2014

      Pls 4 cloth, am a UK size 8, shud I go 4 small or medium, I wear size 38, dunno US shoe size. Tnks

    2. Anonymous6/22/2014

      Pls 4 cloth, am a UK size 8, shud I go 4 small or medium, I wear size 38, dunno US shoe size. Tnks

    3. Chinese People re very small. So I'll suggest if u wear medium u should go for XL. Although I have not bought cloths from them. But make sure u read d specifications. All d best

    4. Anonymous7/28/2014

      Miss dee, pls a quick one....what am I gonna put in d shipping address. ...I live in lekki phase 1 in lag? Pls help a sis . God bless

  4. Hi,Dee thanks for taking out time to give us newbies tutorials on importation.I will like to communicate more with you on watsapp.pls send your number to my email or send your email address to my email address so that I can send you my telephone number.I need more tutorials before I can lunch into importation.God bless you too aunty Eya

    1. Check ur mail

    2. Anonymous6/24/2014

      Dee,am also interested. Plss dis is my email I need more tutorials on dis.plsss send ur number to my email.i stay in PH very close 2 u. Looking forward 2 speaking wit u.Tnks

    3. Anonymous10/05/2015

      dee am interested in ur number or email, send it to

  5. Hi,Dee tnx for ur lecture,pls I will like to know if these shipping company u just mentioned ave websites,d one am currently using is ripping me off,dis post is an eye opener for me.

    1. Uwc... Theses shipping companies don't have web address. But dey have office address in Lagos. I communicate with them mainly on Whatsapp and sometimes I call them.

    2. pls i need your contact nos u can mail it to me

  6. Anonymous6/23/2014

    Good job Dee, and thanks to aunt Eya for creating this platform. God bless you all.

  7. Anonymous6/23/2014

    welldone Dee,please contact me here,I need more

  8. Anonymous6/24/2014

    Hello Dee am so new here and am also new in the business pls I have more questions and guide pls send me your contact so we chat on whatsapp or bbm!this is my email address

  9. Anonymous6/24/2014

    Miss dee pls I rily nid to start this business bt I nid advice on goods that require little capital and can be sold easily. Thank you so much.

  10. Pls check ur mail.

    1. Dear Dee, well-done and thank you so much for being so un-selfish with such valuable information. Please I need more information about trusted 3rd party shippers...comparing their shipping cost (for someone who lives outside Lagos) to free shipping to NIPOST Abuja.... If you don't mind, please can you kindly share your contact details with me so we can discuss further: . Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  11. Anonymous6/24/2014

    Hello Dee please wil need further is my email inbox me ur no or add me on bbm 7ADFF924 OR WHATSAP 07038976618.THANKS. NITA

  12. Anonymous6/24/2014

    i nid more info plss my email is

  13. Hi Dee, pls I would like to get more information on how to chat wt d seller. Pls inbox me ur bbpin or whatsap phone no on my email Thanks

  14. Anonymous6/24/2014

    Hi Dee willl want to ask u some questions too cus I read u 1st and 2nd lessons wud be gratful if u cud mail me

  15. Good morning all. Why not ask ur questions here at least that way it will help a lot of people DAT will go thru this post later.

    If all of us want special tutorial what about others DAT may get to dis site when searching for importation tips? At least dey will get more info from d questions u ask here and d answers I will provide.

    Or don't u think so?

  16. Anonymous6/25/2014

    Hi Dee. Thanks for your tips. I can't wait for your lecture on Alibaba because i have always wanted to purchase Hair from there but have been so scared to commit fully. I use GTB and though i use my card to pay for flight tickets, i don't know if i am enabled for online transactions. Also, i reside in abuja. Thanks

  17. Uwc... Im working on the lecture 4. Yes u can use ur GTB MasterCard to shop on aliexpress. But sometimes u will be asked for a token before d payment will be successful.

    If u don't ve a token yet, u should go to ur bank an apply for one.

  18. Anonymous6/25/2014

    So far so good I have been able to chat with some suppliers all thanx to miss Dee!!pls I will like any one in the house who is buying shoes or bags to email me,if your still have recommendation drop it here

  19. Anonymous6/26/2014

    chrisvicmall business logistics is another tested and trusted

    1. Yes , I have used Chrisvicmall, they are very reliable

  20. Not criticizing oh. But Chrisvicmall aka CVM price is more expensive compared to others plus their xpress shipping is within 3days while these once re withing 24hrs.

    I stand to be corrected.

    1. Dee, there was this time I tried chatting with some sellers. Must time they don't reply me, why?

  21. Pls how do I chat wt some suppliers? Can some one help me out? Am waiting.m

  22. Pls how do I chat wt some suppliers? Can some one help me out? Am waiting.m

  23. 1) search for d item u want to buy, click on it and the store will open.

    2) U will see d item, the price in dollars and d shipping method at the middle top.

    3) on the Right hand side u will see the following:
    - Sold By: under it is d name of d company selling what u the looking at
    -Positive feed back/ sellers rating
    - Visit store (i.e to see other items d person is selling)
    - Contact Seller (via email)
    *SELLER ONLINE (under it u will see d names of d sellers representatives online)

    4) click on d name of d sellers name, a dialog box will open, for u to login ur aliexpress username and password.

    once it is done u will see a chat box. now u can chat with ur seller.

    1. But wat of sellers who already charge 4 shipping. Do I still hv 2 pay 4 shipping charge? Don't knw if u understand
      4 d person asking 4 size, chinese xl is uk 12 or us medium. Chinese sizes r small. D sellers evn indicate under d items

    2. Once u tell d seller u want to send d product to ur shipping agent, d seller will remove cost of shipping and adjust d price for u.

      This is y it is important to always chat with a seller before placing ur order.

      With did shipping agents ur goods will get to Lagos Nigeria within 24hrs after it has gotten to d agent.

  24. Dee I'm so so grateful 4 dis aliexpress lectures. Bn ordering 4 months now and it takes like a month 2 arrive. But all in good condition. God bless u dear

  25. Anonymous6/27/2014

    dee please i need all the details on how to go into importation and how much can one start wt. i also nid the risks involved and point of collection, how to make payments and items to buy etc. moreso, how do i start exportation? you may send all that are required thank you

    1. At Anon 5:15pm... Read lecture 1,2&3...

  26. Anonymous6/29/2014

    @Dee u talked of logistics companies that can send ur goods down to other parts of the country if u don't stay in lagos, can u please give the contacts of ur trusted ones. Thanks

  27. If u reside outside Lagos u can use any of these logistic companies...

    Dey charge from 2k to 3k using transport company of ur choice, dey will pick up the item from the airport and send to ur location.
    David-Leo Toyin Alabi
    42D, Binukonu Shopping Plaza, Ogudu road, Ojota, Lagos.
    07033801718, 08021219158, 08054527192.
    Email: davidleo@notifyniger
    Whatsapp: 07033801718
    BBM: 7BFD40C6

  28. Dee, please have you heard of Mallforafrica, do you know how it operates? Do you know logistics company that can help buy from us and UK at affordable service charge ?

    1. MallforAfrica has an app that allows you shop directly on more than 85 US/UK online stores and deliver to Nigeria. You can download the app for free on their website If you need more information, contact them 08125999559, I have used them to shop on Amazon, Zara, Aldo, Macy's and Gap, and they delivered as promised, reliable. $5 shipping promo going on now, best time to give it a try.

  29. @sisi. Time difference BTW Nigeria and China is 7hrs. So our 5pm here is 12 mid night in China

  30. ifyy the elegant7/12/2014

    Just want to thank u thank you thank you to the dont know how many souls you hve are awesome.God will i always tell wives the best place to be online is WIVES CONNECTION

  31. megatran7/15/2014

    hello dee, i am new here and i have glanced through the 3 different tutorials. although i have a mastercard from oceanic bank which can be used for purchases, i am still unsure of certain things and would be very grateful if you could send your number to my mail, so i can whatsap you. tnks

  32. ifyy the elegant7/22/2014

    Got one of my parcel today from aliexoress.good weave.pls transport will i choose to .ph elelnwo

  33. ify d elegant7/26/2014

    Hello have important question for you.can you reach me pls

  34. Busayo7/27/2014

    pls ma @ dee, i really need know more about the shipping companies listed in this 3rd email address is il be really grateful desperate in need for an answer ma.

  35. Busayo7/27/2014

    @ dee,im already into aliexpress but it takes forever for my parcels/goods to arrive for selling...pls i really need more info on the shipping companies in email is anticipate ur response ma,im a student struggling for survival in this harsh economy...and thanks for these wonderful info.My heart wont stop prayn for you...

  36. I may not have time to respond to every1 esp bcos dis post is old... Here is one of my email add if u ve questions.

  37. Anonymous10/07/2014

    This is a good tin dee is doing here. Well I'm an importer too. Wit expertise on alibaba n aliexpress n also 1688. If u need help or have any questions. You can reach me on 07038599109,08106428938. My watsapp is my second digit. Wld also want to point out that its free n I wld nt b taking a dime from anyone. Or helpin anyone purchase anytin. All I wld do is show u d ropes n how to go abt it urselves. There's profit in been independent. My name is precious. 30FD3C6D

  38. Tnx ,interesting piece u hv thr,cn we also hv their addresses in Nigeria here,u only gv the china adresses..... Tanx,looking 4wrd to ur esteemed reply

  39. Jerry.9/14/2015

    Hi,Dee tnx for ur lecture,pls I will like to know if these shipping company u mentioned hv websites, or whatsapp no and how it can get to me in ph. dis post is an eye opener for email is

  40. Bustuline11/11/2015

    Well done. Please, can you send me ur whatsapp no for further details. My email add. is THANKS

  41. Anonymous4/18/2016

    Hello Dee, Thank you for your lectures, you have really been helping lots of us out here. Please I did some shopping on aliexpress and used one of the shipping companies you recommended here but I have some challenges,
    The shipping agent said they cannot help to pay my supplier on my behalf as I read in Lecture 4
    secondly 2 of my packages have been delivered to the shipping company but the contact person said she hasn't seen them although information on the tracking site showed both have been delivered (she also has the tracking numbers). I have sent her a snapshot of the delivery information as I saw on the tracking websites but she has not confirmed receipt of these goods. The whole thing is scary since she does not really communicate freely with me and I don't know how to handle the situation.
    Please I need your help.
    Thanks and remain ever blessed.

    1. Anonymous4/26/2016

      Just to mention that all those issues have been resolved and I am so happy and grateful for these lectures. They really equipped me for my transactions on aliexpress. Communication with the sellers before and after placing an order is key.
      Thanks once more Dee, I know u may never see this.


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