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How I Preserve Cooked Rice For Weeks

 For busy people who cannot cook except on weekends, do you know cooked rice can be preserved for as long as you want if left frozen? I stopped freezing cooked rice after trying once, defrosting before warming. The whole thing turned into pudding kind of, too soft and looking like overcooked rice or rice fufu.

This time I tried heating without defrosting first. It turned out great, still fresh and yummy. For me I prefer this to freshly cooked rice sef cos I really enjoyed the texture here. This jollof rice was served and no one knew it wasn't cooked at that moment. I haven't heated my frozen fried rice , palm oil rice and the boiled white rice, I pray they turn out fresh and yummy like the jollof.

Please do not

Re: Photos, Bathing A Baby, My Baby's Sheabutter/Vaseline Skin

Hi Anon, I promised to upload a picture of baby's vaseline skin on the baby bathing post but it cannot upload there so I brought it here. At birth, I started with sheabutter but right now it's vaseline all the way. This was a selfie taken just four days ago on our way to pick his sisters from School.

A lot of people say that

Pictures: How To Give Bath To Newborn Baby


Get a low stool to sit on. The bed in baby's room is low enough reason I didn't use the stool. If you prefer to stand while giving the bath, then place items on the dining table. I won't advise

Lagos Reader! Someone Needs Your Contact

This mail would have been forwarded to your inbox but I no longer have your contacts. They were deleted in error. Here is the mail I got from Ayo:

Good morning Aunty Eya, How are you and your entire family doing?
Great I guess. Can I

Lesson Teacher By Fisayo Talabi

Onyeka had gotten married faster than any of her friends had. She had been only twenty and in her final year at the University. 
She'd made plans...
• To graduate with a first class degree in          her department. 
• To build a career in Chartered                  accounting and finance before age 25.
 ....and a lot more. 

She hadn't been married off by force or by pre-planned arrangements by her parents. No. It was a wilful decision. She had met her husband when she was only eighteen. She had been in the executive team of her department and they had planned a career programme which needed sponsorship and the involvement of finance organizations. 
The moment she had walked into his office and started to discuss the department executives' proposal, he had fallen in love with her, so he claimed. He had said he loved that she was so young and ambitious, and that he loved intellectually strong women. 

Fast forward eight years later. 
Onyeka sat in living room of her matrimonial home,…

How To Buy Good Bags Of Rice In Nigeria, Any Tips?

Between December and May, my friend o, opened three bags of rice and what is in them is the same kind of rice. Buying bags of rice has become very difficult for consumers. I don't know what is happening.
Below are three bags of rice with the exact same rice in them. The ownerb didn't like the rice in thye first bag so she opened another bag and what? The exact same rice? She opens a third bag and again? exact same rice.

In the plate is rice scooped from the three different sacks....Same rice
What can one do?

My Husband Fast Asleep In Same Bed With Male Friend

Hello Aunty Eya and WC, I am a new reader of your blog,and l find it very entertaining and educating. I was moved to tell a story of a friend who is very dear to my heart,so that your readers can give advice on this story am about to share. It's a long story but l'll try to make it as brief as l can.
         A very close friend of mine who is in her early 20s fell in love with a man 10years older than she was and that year in 2012 they got married. But had not been able to conceive. In 2013,her husband lost his job and things became financially unstable for the couple. But later that year,she decided to travel out of the country to stay with her mother for a while at least to clear her mind off the stress. Early 2014. 
She came back to the country and noticed that everything had changed for her husband. He now had a job in a big company,he was living in a company house,he had a brand new BMW X6,and lots of money to spend. She asked him how it all happened and he just simply sai…

Nigerian Vegetable Fish Soup With Basmati Rice, Wheat Bread For Weight Loss

Where are the geniuses and prodigies in the house? Who can look at this wordless recipe post and write us a recipe by just looking at the pictures? Recipe to hold body for the mean time because right now it's mid night and I'm eyeing the bed. Who can help please?
 Yes, I know... Nursing mother, no dieting. I did just a lil healthy dieting sort of to lose only 2 kg and fit into a dress. After that, continued eating my everything all join o.

Before trying this soups, I actually went to a gym and was advised to go back home and return when baby is 6 months and above. Well, I went because I didn't know rigorous exercises affect breast milk production.

Needed to fit into

Searching For Long Lost Friend Beatrice Okolo

dear eya,pls can you use your blog to hook me up wit my long lost friend then Beatrice Okolo whom we use to call BABY then. am sure she should be married now and might be bearing another name.we stayed went to primary/secondary schools together in the university town of nsukka.
the last time she tried to get in contact with me was in 2001 but she met my sister who then gave her my hostel address in Nigerian law school

I Don't Keep Friends, I Need Advice From Strangers Please

Hi Aunt Eya and WC family.....I met my guy January and we have been going on fine as if it's being years,He has met my Father and I have been talking to his family members on phone, I haven't visited them cos of the distance and our job too but we have planned to see them soon. 

The problem now is His ex, He told me when he met me that his EX jilted him that he was hospitalised and had HBP buh he has to move on with his life, After 5 month he met. For 2 months now The girl had been pleading to come back.she calls anytime. 

Anytime I am there for weekend she calls earlymorning and bedtime...,Now I aam confused who the Real Madam is, I

No More Love For My Husband,What Do I Do?


Please I feel compelled to share and get advice.

I have been married for 3 years plus and I am at a point where I resent my husband and his presence irritates me.

This is an aftermath of abandonment when I was pregnant 4 months into the marriage and his repeated infidelity to the point he got someone pregnant.

I can not just bring myself to trust him and I always see an ulterior motive in all his actions.

At this point in my marriage I feel like throwing in the towel because I don't love him and care less what he is up to.

I am most happiest when

My Husband With A Call Girl, I Need Help

Good afternoon A-Eya, wc peope I hail o.I have been a reader of this blog but have never wrote to A-Eya before. Wells I got married early 2013. My husband is ten years older than me and I don't really understands him any longer he comes home very late, sometimes around 11pm past 12 etc and I was pregnant all this time and have been receiving threat messages from his female lover telling me I will loss my baby that am not the only one pregnant for my own husband and I showed my so called husband the messages but he said he does not know who is sending the messages to me and that I should never in my life show him the messages again,and I was already heavily pregnant so I have to go and see one of his friend told him he knew my husband was cheating and he never advised my husband so l left the guys place so I guess the friend called him on the phone and told him I came so my husband started calling me but I did not pick cos have already packed some

Who Needs Me In Lagos? You Cannot Do Everything By Yourself

Hello Aunty Eya,how has the rest been so far? Trust good.Pele Ma. Anty Eya,you sure dnt know me,but I have been an ardent follower of your blog. Ever since I stumbled on the url on LIB(good stumble tho),And I must confess that I have learnt so much on your blog. My cooking has improved,and some advice to the real life issues has also proven helpful.
I am a hardworking female  student of Mathematics and Education in the university of Lagos.‎Even as a student,I been struggling and managing myself.God has been faithful.Until recently,im so rich(broke).I've done ushering jobs for sometime,but it leaves me drained and unable to study,hence my quitting it.Please,Eya,come to my not telling you to dash me money(i hate living off people,and I can never beg).Actually,im a very resourceful person.‎Please just help me use your platform source for jobs.
‎‎Here are the things I know I'm quite good at doing. In addition to selling " very nice "ladies wears such as gowns,tops…

Can Low Sperm Motility Be Corrected? Visit Doctor Before Fertility Prayer Please

My lovely WC family. Its been awhile! Trust you are all doing well? Ok , can you recall a woman who wrote to ask about HSG sometimes ago? OK, its me and am back with my praise report. With mixed feelings I went for the HSG! Mehn! It was a bit painful but all thanks to the radiologist who is a true believer, she was like a mother, she was really gentle and kept encouraging me. (God bless her). The result came back very good.
I saw the doctor the next day and he ask me to go for hormonal profile and my honey boo boo for sperm analysis. With anxiety and all I wanted for cycle day 21 for the blood sample to be taken for the test. And hubby went for his sperm analysis. Hubby was diagnosed with low sperm motility and he was placed on Vitamin E. Can  low sperm motility be corrected?
For me, I waited for more than a month for my hormonal profile result to be ready. Mehn! I didn't know it will take that long. There were days I couldn't sleep, thinking and worrying for nothing! Finally…

Kindly Link Me With The lady Whose Husband Raped

Dear Mrs Eya, good day, I'm a die hard fan and I follow your posts on your blog religiously. But unfortunately I did not see d post about the lady that ws raped by husband because she was scared of sex and married for like 27 weeks or so. The post was made sometime in June last year.

I just read your old posts and stumbled on it. I was sad when I saw comments made by blog visitors. The way some even mocked her was just not fair.

Well, I decided 2 write to you to know if there is a way you can link me up with her. I know it might be late or perhaps she must have overcome by now, but u never can tell
I had exactly d same problem she has/had. Infact mine took almost 3yrs before I got a solution.. I thought all hope was lost, until I met someone that was informed. It ws actually a medical issue and it took me several therapies and mind setting to over come. You would not know how frustrating this was.
So I'm pleading, if there is a way you can let me get in contact with her. Who know…

Lecture 3: Importing Goods From Aliexpress Without Stress

By Dee (Miss Johnson)
Welcome to our third tutorial on Importation, so sorry for my long absence
but believe me the absence will help the house a lot on importing goods to
Nigeria with Ease.

This Lecture will be channeled at Shipping companies that ship from China
to Nigeria at a very affordable rate an d fast delivery as compared to Dhl,
Fedex, Ups etc.

This shipping companies I will reveal here ship goods from china to Nigeria
at $8 ($8*N170= 1360) per Kg for express shipping which takes just 24hrs to
get to Lagos international airport, and $5 ($5*N170 = 850) per kg for
normal shipping which takes maximum 7days to get to Nigeria.

All you need to do is chat with the seller and tell the seller you are
buying from that you want your goods shipped to your agent and China, and
instruct them to write your name and phone number on the package before
sending to your agent, but before then inform the shipping agent that you
are expecting a package, as soon as the package gets to them in China, you
will r…

#words, Once Spoken, Cannot Be Taken Back

The girl  you called a slut today---is still a virgin.
The boy you called lame---he has  to work every night  to support his family.
The boy  you made fun of for crying---his mother is dying.

The girl  you called fat-- is starving herself.
The woman  you laughed @ coz of her pot belly, got it after giving birth to children.

The old man  you made fun of coz of his ugly scars----he fought 4 our country.
The girl  you  called a loner coz she's always quiet and lacks activity.
..she was abused@ age 3.

U think

Eya Narrates Her Experience With Aliexpress Online Shopping

In November 2013, after reading all the posts and lectures by you guys, I decided to give online shopping a try. It was my first. With all the success stories, I went loading my cart with some nice goodies. Being my first attempt I took the advice of a poster Beecee that instructed first timers to start with cheap items.
I shopped, didn't know then that I needed to chat with the sellers, read their reviews before making payments.

I picked from three different sellers and paid almost immediately. Not long after, got notified that my goods have been shipped. Another mail came in stating that delivery date for my goods had been extended to around February 2014. What? Well... I consoled myself that reason could be my choice of free shipping.

I impatiently waited until February ended before going to track my goods, I guess pregnancy just made me lose interest in all the stuff I bought. From tracking, I discovered my goods were supposed to have arrived Nigeria a few weeks earlier. At …



This has been in my mail box for  days, today I thought about posting cos it help someone out there:

Question Of The Day! Some Quick Cash

I know u might say this sounds like a scene or two  from  a nollywood movie but these things happen people and I decided  to throw it out  to ya jes 4 d heck of it...

A distant cousin visits

We Talked About The Cause Of Kefee's Death

I was  with my uncle yesterday who is a medical doctor and we got talking about the causes of Kefee's death as released officially. He let me in2 what it is and after making more research on it, i decided 2 share it with U guys as no knowledge is lost and we can learn a thing or two from it.
We lost Kefee Don Momoh last weekend and we can't help but look at the factors surrounding her death.
Remember Kefee was on a long distance trip (14hours) to Chicago and she slumped. How many of you know of young adults dying suddenly after a long distance trip.

In February last year, another famous artist of ours, Goldie, collapsed after a long trip from the United States.

Deep venous thrombosis can definitely lead to lung failure (official cause of death of our dear Branama angel).

Deep venous thrombosis is a blood clot that forms in a vein deep inside a part of the body. It mainly affects the large veins in the lower leg and thigh.


How I Induced My Labor Naturally

How to induce labour naturally? At 39 weeks, there was no sign of labor, another hospital appointment was fixed for the following week. After 4 pregnancies, the Doctors said I won't be induced for any reason. If by 40 weeks I was still pregnant, that I will have to deliver the baby through Caesarean Section.
When I got home I started my research on how to make baby come before that week. I remembered how at 37 weeks, I experimented on something and suddenly I start getting contractions but quickly stopped for fear that the baby might not be due then. Intact, as soon as I discovered I was carrying a baby again? I started reading up on "pregnancy after 4 kids at late thirties".I knew a few things already. I learnt so many things a woman can do to induce labour, some practical, some incredible. I tried a few, nothing worked and was about to give up when

Where Are My Sports Lovers?

Where my sport lovers @?

Defending champions, Spain, in the on-going 2014 world cup in Brazil, has been demolished. It's Chidinma, sornt ry I mean Chile dt sent them  parking hehehe
In fact,

Wish I Had The Courage To Live True To Myself, Not The Life Others Expected

When a nurse questioned some patients on their death bed about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently. Here are the 5 most common regrets they had:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honored even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.
They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. Women also spoke of this regret. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others. As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence an…

My Husband's Friend In Love With Him, What Should I Do?

Hello Anty, I know you want to rest till July but this can't wait o, I need advice on how to tackle this challenge from my husbands friend, please help me , also keep my ID from readers. I have been married to my hubby for 11 years, he has a close friend ,I know very well that my husband looks at this lady as a friend but she is in love my husband, she will call at anytime of the day, even at midnight just to say say hello and know how hubby's day was .

 I have  told my

See Yourself? Age Is Not On My Side, I Am Not Getting Any Younger

I see lots of women  going to juju houses nowadays (disguised as prayer houses) and it's not funny @ all.  A lot of single girls patronise fetish mallams and prophets in the bid to get husbands! Guess what? the same hands they use in  giving ou that husband, same hand the wahala go take follow am!

Some women @ age 27, 28 become desperate and start forming the habit of "I'm not getting younger" or "age is not on my side" *SMH*. If only you know the implications of rushing into marriage all because age is not on your side or may be your friends have all gotten married!

 Listen, " IT IS

Vanity: How My Whole Street Converged To Watch A Truck Deliver A Very Large Satellite Dish To A Neighbor :)

I recall my mum telling me about a man in my Neighborhood who became popular for engaging in money rituals just to buy the 80's edition of the Honda Accord, you wouldn't buy that "ca"r for 30k today.I Remember as a kid, my whole street converged to watch a truck deliver a very large satellite dish to my neighbour's house, 2day a dish one tenth that size delivers 5 times the value and is in almost every student hostel room.

 what about the Volkswagen Santana, Mercedes Benz V booth, 505 cocaine, all overtaken by Camry, Honda discussions and Infinity? .... vanity. 

A friend declared drinks for the boys because he just launched the Nokia Communicator for over a hundred grand in 2002. today that phone would embarrass the owner and is a joke compared to

Happy Father's Day! Any Man Can Make A Baby But It Takes A Real Man To Raise A Child

Father's Day is celebrated by many pple  in some countries today. So we wanna give a big shout to every awesome father out there ''HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE MEN WORTHY TO BE CALLED FATHER"
And a faint one to the not so worthy ones hehehe.

Just something for the Dads:

A DADDY isn't defined as

The Silver Frame

Fisayo Talabi
It was about five thirty p.m on Friday. Most of her staff had started filing out one by one. The famous RCCG camp program was happening so it was pretty sure there was going to be traffic. In an hour, she was the only one left in the building. It wasn’t that she had any work in particular to do.  In fact, she had more thinking to do than work. She had gotten all the reports she needed and discussed with staff from the Legal department on drafting the necessary contracts she needed towards the new contract they were bidding for from a foreign company. She removed her Jimmy Choo high heels and relaxed in her Leather chair. The picture of her and Lanre in the silver frame on her mahogany desk stared her in the face. That one picture, she couldn’t get rid of, even if she had decided to let him go. Yeah, she had to let him go…because he did not belong to her. He was another woman’s husband… *** Folusho had been really lonely. She had

I Miss Blogging With This My Cracked Laptop

Blogging Addiction Alert!
The feeling of not doing what you enjoy is eh? I can't wait to return fully to blogging cos I'm itching already. Eesah has really been helping us out with updates.Have really tried my best to rest and I still find myself reading other blogs and even leaving comments, If that is not blogging addiction then I don't know. I want to start cooking myself so that I take pictures  for us. July is still so far away,  don't know if I can wait and thank you Eesah for helping out with blog posts at this time. God bless you.

 I know a lot of us would have loved to send posts too but time: Busy mothers, challenging and time consuming jobs, pregnancies and many other reasons are just the little challenges.
Blogging makes me smile unconsciously like until someone draws my attention to my smiling face while concentrating on the computer, lol.

I didn't know that when I take this break, they'll still be readers but to my surprise, you guys are always h…

Singer Kefee Died Of Lungs Failure

Official Statement--- Singer Kefee died Of Lungs Failure...
In an official statement released a short while ago. Kefee's UK publicist confirmed her death and insisted that she wasn't pregnant.

On behalf of the family….It is with a great sadness but grateful hearts that we announce the

Rest In Peace Kefee Kokoroko Queen

There was information that she came out of coma yesterday. What then happened.  You will be missed Kefee. Your music makes me wanna dance even when not in a good mood.

Nigerian Singer Kefee who is pregnant passed away while in a coma after she fell on a flight to Chicago
According to close sources, Nigeria Gospel artiste Kefee who collapsed and went into a coma while on a flight from Lagos to Chicago has passed away 5hours ago in Los Angeles.
Friends, family and media heads are all in shock at the death of the multi-award winning gospel artiste. At the time of filing this report, her management and family are still yet to make a statement or any press release as they are probably still in shock at the death of Gospel singer who was loved by many and adored by all.
According to the doctor’s report, she was suffering from pre-eclampsia which is a disorder of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and large amounts of protein in the urine. 

was 6 months pregnant.
In 2010, Kefee

Wives Stop Doing These Contd

Don’t act like your spouse is a mind reader. Instead, be specific about
 ; your requests. One busy mom said that she used to feel overwhelmed with
 t; household chores, wishing her spouse would help her. She now realizes that
> the only way he knows her needs is when she tells him. “Most often,” she
> says, “when I simply say, ‘Honey, will you tuck the kids in tonight while I
> get the kitchen cleaned up,’ he is glad to help.” She’s discovered that a
> few words are all it takes “to change a resentment-filled, stressed-out
> night into a team-effort bonding time.” Just ask..

 12. Stop putting housework ahead of hubby. One young mom told her husband
> that she didn't want to make love one night because she had just changed thesheets and she wanted them to stay clean. What do you think that response
> said to her husband? Another woman, who puts her husband ahead of the
> housework, said: “Do not leave the unfolded laundry on your marriage bed.

13. Put an end to taking t…

About His Status, Will The Catholic Church Agree To Wed Us?

Hello good people, Please I need your help and
advice. I am in love with an amazing man. he is so good to me and very
mature. He is going through a divorce (according to him) his family is
abroad. My problem here is he is 16 years older than I am, I am 27 years
old and secondly I don't know if the Catholic Church will wed us cos of his

He says he wants to be married to me but I am sometimes worried
whether he is being honest with me about the divorce.

 Please I will like
advice as I am so worried cos its hard for me to even
like another and honestly I am not getting any younger. Thank you so very

Dear Wives, Stop Doing These NOW

The simple things wife shld stop doing to their husbands:
Have you ever wondered what your words and actions say to your husband about your love for him?
It is very important for U to consider ur husband’s needs and always guard urself against the use of careless words, attitudes, and actions so that U can get the best of him. Funny yeah?
I asked some of my married friends on our group on BBM “What they think a wife should stop doing if she wants to improve her marriage" and this list is based on some of their responses.

1. Stop thinking that your way is the “right” way. If he does something differently, it does not mean that it’s wrong. When a wife insists on having her own way, she is in essence saying, “I have to be in control.”

2. Don’t put others before your husband. It's not wise when when you put your mother, a friend, or even a child before your spouse. Actually, you take a step (often unintentional) toward isolation in your marriage. If you choose, for example, to

When Your Teenager Views Online Porn, What To Do

Is this a headache banging?I woke up this morning, prayed for all my children and while doing that, something came across my heart like "check their phones today"
The last time I'd checked, all were just pics of their fav celebs like Justin Bieber, One Direction Mercy Johnson, Omotola, Genevieve, Davido etc etc, and the rest were Educational searches. Fast forward just one year of cooling down, feeling good that my kids are still very very innocent.

They have all gone to school this morning, leaving the gadgets carelessly on their not very well laid beds. The first phone I pick is my Twelve year old's, switch on, there's no credit so I recharge. Check Browsing history and what???
Youtube videos about 'IT"
Seriously? I blanked out, felt as light as a peacock feather. My baby? Where did I go wrong? Is it by giving her a phone or by  providing recharge cards?

First, I am trying to search for any software…

I Am Eesah Abdul, Standing In For Aunty Eya

Hi everyone, my name is Eesah Paul Abdul and I'm a good friend of Aunt Eya's.
As u all know, our wonderful Aunt has gone on a short break to resume in July coz her doctor advised so. So I'm gonna be standing in for her for the mean time till she resumes in July. So 4rm now till then, I've gat some educative and entertaining articles and gossips 4 yall. 

So all you