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My Married Aunt And Her Boyfriend

Good morning aunty pls I need advice from you and other people on the blog.
My Aunty has a young friend maybe in his late twenties who she introduced to her husband and with time this boy has become so close to the family. He is now kind of our handy man,even Auntie's husband likes him and sends o errands a lot when he is around. This boy lives in a town not far from where we stay and visits often.

Because my Aunt confides on me a lot, she confessed this morning that he is her boyfriend,that  she

What Can I Do About My Son And His Fiancee?

I stumbled here in March while looking for groundnut soup recipes on Google. To be fair,I have learnt a lot  and gotten myself addicted on here.
My son is about to get married but the lady is just opposite of what I wished and prayed for him. I married very early and combined childbearing with Schooling so am not an old woman please. My son is only 28 and I really don't like his choice of a bride. This lady cannot make a good wife,her rich parents sure spoilt her a little too much. From her short visits,I can tell she can't cook, cannot keep a house beat and very very selfish. Not friendly with kids she meets here during visits and above all I don't think her love is even close to what my boy feels for her. I forgot to mention her arrogance, greeting me with a "hi" when she comes around.
I don't want to

The Two Guys Are Getting Me Confused

Pls I hv come again with my wahala, and need ur advice n dat of all WC readers,pls hid my info. I hv this 2 guys dat r really dear to me,buh want to settle for one. Hv made a list to compare both. for d guy i met 1st he is God fearing,has a great respect 4 women,loves kids,has a good dress sense,hard working(buh nt business minded),funny,nt yet stable(he is a lecturer,buh doesn't hv a place of his own,stays wit parents 4 nw),thinks it silly sending airtime to girls(so has only given me airtime,once in our 8months of dating),we call each other equally,n we stay in d same city,am close to his family,he doesn't listen to me dat much,n we don't talk

Nigerian White Soup, cooked without meat, served with Food processor pounded yam

Fisherman white soup is cooked with assorted seafood. Meat is
not added. It is very delicious and highly nutritious too. This soup cooked in 27 minutes from when I turned on the cooker.
FISHERMAN WHITE SOUP RECIPEIngredients for this fisherman white soup:1 medium pack Stock fish earssmokedcatfish1/3 cup ground crayfish1/2 kilo shrimp (Optional)1 cup periwinkle (Optional)1 teaspoon palm oil (Optional)2 teaspoons ground fresh peppera handful pounded yam (2 small morsels)2 seasoning cubes1 tablespoon Locust beans (optional)A handful preserved hot leaf ( You can use fresh uziza leaves. I couldn't find any at this time)salt to tasteAbout 3 cups water from the boiled yam to start with, you can adjust later by adding more if needed. Cooking steps for fisherman white soup:

The Prophet Has Chosen My Ex Boyfriend

Am 26yrs old,plzzzz make una help me o,my life is complicated right now, my mummy went to see a prophet concernin two of my suitors doh one of them is now my ex whom I dated for 5years,he caused me pain because he cheated on me once dat I know and hit me twice,sent me out of his car cos we had an argumnt nd I walked down home wit heels,a flirt and strongwilled, doh he's very caring o,he can pet 4 africa,my mum doesn't know all these o because

Am I Being Selfish? Please Guide

Ok errrmmm....i'd like your opinion/advice and that of WC family on this issue bothering me.
I'd like to remain anonymous. My fiance and i had this talk recently and for the first time we couldnt agree on a particular issue.

Just this year, he rented an apartment and bought a car and about two of his friends moved in with him almost immediately and about 2 others have come visiting for about 2 weeks and left. Bottomline is, as one friend leaves another comes in. Am not so comfortable with that and i had a talk with him, asking him if this is gonna continue when we get married and he said yes!. I was shocked and told him that i would like to live a private life when am married. Am not saying i cant help people but not having people crawl all over the place.

He then explained that when he came to Lagos, the 1st person he stayed with accomodated 6 of them and when he was about getting married he told them to leave, but that about 3 of them had nowhere to go so

She Called Me Nonsense Sister-Inlaw

Please WC family help me with some advice.  I have been dating my fiance for 8mths now and we are planning to get married. He has seen my parents and I have seen his. I try to communicate with his parents but I keep the relationship very cordial since I have not yet been married into the family. so I am not putting myself all over their faces cos that is what obtains in my family.

Just today one of his elder sister was chatting with him and she was accusing me of never calling her. She said all sorts of things eg that I have not added her on FB(plsnote even I am my fiance are not friend's on FB cos I am NOT active there) and even went on to the point of calling me "nonsense sister-in-law". That other sister in-law were close to the family before marriage so what am I feeling like. Blah blah blah...

to put the records straight. I have spoken with

My Husband Is Fifty, Celebrating Big, What Is Expected Of A Wife? Tips Please

Madam Eya, please I need some tips and suggestions from the wonderful people on your blog. Apart from my wedding and Child dedication for my children,I've never really celebrated nor hosted any big event.My husband is fifty today and it would be celebrated by this weekend (Saturday).I don't want to fall my hand please help.LoL
I usually bought him birthday presents but stopped three years into our marriage cos he never gave me gifts on my special days. We have been married for ten years now.Today he is fifty, I don't know what is expected of me as a wife; Am I supposed to take charge like host and take care of expenditure? This I know is very heavy for my meagre Nurse' salary cos he is a big boy with big friends who should be there.
He is highly

RE: My Fiance Is Younger

Some comments accused this poster of trying to get married to a Teenager considering that she who is older is just in her twenties. Below is her reply. anty eya good

Why Do Boys Suck So Much?

Saw this comment on LIB and couldn't control my laughter cos it's so not true.
If you don't find it funny, check for depression.
Still breastfeeding o, why do boys suck so much and for so long?
Will find time later to post your mails abeg.
See the comment:


The Chemistry With The New Guy Is Absent With My Fiance.I Still Think I Pressurized Him To Propose

Hi Aunty Eya,
I have edited the inital mail, so you can publish the one below. Thanks for your advice. I'm trusting God for guidance because i get to see the new guy every day at work and colleagues are rooting and even praying we end up's that bad. Find below the revised mail:

I've dated my fiance for a longtime and most of it has been long distanced.
He's everything I want in a man apart from his nagging and egoistical attitude which i really hate...and

Just Found Out My Fiance Is Younger, I Am Worried

anty eya am one of ur silent follower. pls don't post my details, thanks big aunt. firstly my God bless you for using u to solve ppls issues. am 25yrs n in a very serious relationship. bt i equally have one pending issue which is d age difference. 

I nvr knew my guy was younger dan me until we got so intimate. he acts far so matured dan his age.when i found out OMG i felt so poor within bt wot do i do. to him is nt a problem bt to me it always rings in my head. and my  family

Home-Made Akara Balls Without Eggs, Onions, Crayfish

I published a post on making healthy akara balls at home. In
an older post,
explained how to make akara balls. From skinning the beans,
to milling or blending with ingredients like crayfish etc, to frying in hot oil and serving HOT.
In case you missed that post, find it HERE.

On another akara making post, the ingredients included crayfish and eggs.
It was

Ten Years Older, Is He Too Old For Me?

Dear Aunty Eya,
I love your blog, it high level of sensible posts and comments. Very matured and decent. I am in a dilemma. I am 28 years old. Eldest in my family. There has been pressure on me to get married. I work and earn well. However i have not been moved by the pressure, because i believe God has beautiful plans for me. Recently i met and fell in love with a man 10 years older that me. I fell in love with him before i knew how old he was. We blend and connect well.He adores me and recently asked me to marry him.
I totally love the idea, but some issues bother me. 1. Is

My Friend Is Dating A Married Man, What Should I Do?

please find below the previous mail i sent,which you didnt get.thank you.
please keep me anonymous,thank you.I have a friend,this is not me believe me.i want it kept anonymous,because i don't want my friend to know it's me.okay,so the story is this.She is dating a married man,the man has been married for about 10yrs or so,and he has kids too.When she told me,i told her to stop it,that what she is doing is wrong,she said okay,that she would.She did not listen to me,and she even went on a trip with him outside the country.I was so annoyed,and i made her see reason again,she said the man was with her in trying times and when she was in a vulnerable state.To cut the long story short,i have sort of gotten used to the fact that the man would always be there because,he is her best friend,sx partner,teacher,bank,uncle,advicer,name it,her all in all..
But any time

Can My Wife Retain This Baby Weight While Breast Feeding Our Baby?

Good morning all, 
I am a guy of 32, I came across your blog few weeks back. my issue is, my
wife is currently pregnant, first pregnancy after a year of our
wedding. she was very skinny when we got married and in her pregnancy
but once she got to her second trimester she has been putting on this
magnificent weight whicham loving every bit of.

she is prettier, building those hips and looks very very mature, which I love.
The problem is I want her to bottle feed our baby after delivery by
Gods grace, cos breastfeeding will

A Call To Prayer By Deborah Bala

What the nation Nigeria has been plunged into is way bigger than what the psychical can see, if you are spiritually minded you will agree with me that intercession has to be made for a divine intervention. It's time to forget about your myopic problems and pray for Nigeria. You may ask why you need to pray for Nigeria, and what Nigeria but I tell you today that YOU ARE NIGERIA. Nigeria is not the geographical territory but the people.

 It's time to stop playing the blame game. Let us collectively pick up the burden of this country. Whatever giant we fail to handle today will become a demon to hunt our children tomorrow. A prophesy was made by Bill Hamon and also Kim clement on tbn some years back to read the prophesy check it's based on this that we are all called to intercede for NIGERIA. 

To intercede for someone or something you must identify with their sins and challenges. Jesus Christ identified with our sins and took up our iniquity in 1s…

Can I Go With Doctors Advice To Get Pregnant Fast?

Good morning aunty eya
Ever since I stumbled on ur blog 2 weeks ago,I visit it everyday,(my people no hear word again o)evryfin I say is from wives connection(wives connection dis,wives connection dt) I love your blog ma.

I decided to seek ur advice too(make me self no carry last) I am 23&in my final year in school.I'm from a broken home,but my father has been d mother and father for me and my siblings,I dnt really have som1 dt gives me dt motherly advice(my dad tries his best but you kno e no fit b) anyways,my problem is I hv had 2 breast lump removed(non cancerous) and recently I had reasons to have a scan done only to find

Best Way To Serve Fruit Salad

Fruit salad including pineapples and bananas are best served with what please?
Milk, Yogurt or Fruit juice?

She Won't Let Me Go Yet Won't Get Committed, What Should I Do?

I have this critical issue in my life, I've confided in a few friends and siblings and I feel I should also get some more opinion and views on what to do.

After Univ, I dint serve immediately, I got a job and decided to put service on hold, after 2 years on the job I decided to go for my NYSC. During my posting I met this Igbo girl and soon we became an item to the extent that she moved from her lodge and began to put up with me till we finished service. She was so nice and loving, she did everything good, lovey, dovey et, al... she desperately wanted us to get married but she was worried we'll have issues with her parents who won't want her to marry a non-igbo guy (note, I'm 3years older than her).

Her dad dis-owned her because of the role she played in the divorce with his ex-wife (her mom), though he thoroughly abused her mom but she also made me understand that if her dad is still in the picture he won't ever allow her marry me, but her mom could.

But as we speak…

Watermelon Fruit Pot By Sisi Yemmie


Thinking of more creative ways to serve fruit? Here's a simple one using just watermelon, pawpaw and pineapple! You can use other varieties of fruit .
Please watch the video and I hope you share with your audience, thank you for your continuous support! 

FRUITS USED Watermelon Pineapple Pawpaw *You can add different varieties of fruits as you wish
PREPARATION Wash fruits and wash your hands properly, you don't want to transfer germs because your hands will be touching the fruits.Split Watermelon in half: use a big flat spoon or scoop to take out the insides of watermelon. Chop pineapple and chop pawpaw, chop watermelonMix the fruits together and transfer into the empty watermelon shell.If you're feeling extra creative, place the stalk of the pineapple on it.Enjoy!


This is from John Inaku. I read on my timeline and couldn't help sharing first on my Facebook page before posting here:

Emerging facts, especially as they have to do with the abduction of the now notorious Chibok girls are quiet revealing. These facts have removed the blanket of confusion surrounding the aim and sponsors of Boko Haram.
It was widely reported in the news that some Northern elders/leaders, including Borno elders and two groups met with President Goodluck Jonathan to "try and find solution over the missing school girls". The Northern elders including some Islamic clerics ARE OPPOSED TO THE USE OF FORCE IN SECURING THE GIRLS FREEDOM. 

The three groups, which I understand include Northern elders/leaders, some insurgents in detention and influential Islamic clerics in the North are trying to reach out to Boko Haram. They are PUSHING FOR EITHER MONETARY BARGAIN WITH BOKO HARAM OR RELEASE OF SOME DETAINED INSURGENTS in exchan…

Former Ikorodu Lady's Contact For Another Sad And Lonely Wife?

Dont know where to start I am a silent reader onur blog n I am in need of advice. Married with 2kids,4 almost 4yrs now.
I hav been living in denial I think, my husband is a good provider, he provides 4me n d kids as best he can, but he is very abusive, verbally, emotionally n last yr, it became physical, he beat me 3times last yr eventho I was pregnant then over trivial issues, he is very controlling, shouts at me at d drop of a heart, I am a very quiet n reserved person, confident, now I am a shadow of my former self, am very depressed,  eat a lot, and all. 
I am scared of the

Is It Possible I Grow To Love Him In Marriage?

Hi Eya, am a new blog visitor and I enjoy reading ur blog especially ur recipes and relationship advises. U are doing a good job. I right now am confused and I need advise from matured blog visitors. I will be 25 years old in a few months, I just graduated and am awaiting service. I was introduce to a great guy January 2014 by my elder brother and we started dating almost immediately. When we were introduced he told me he wants a wife not just a girlfriend. He is 31, nice, comfortable and God fearing. He is the kind of guy ladies wish for but the problem is that I don't love him. I can tell he loves me very much but I feel absolutely nothing for him and dat makes me sad. I like him a lot and I know he will be a wonderful husband and father but I feel empty around him and I get bitter and angry over unnecessary little things he does. Am still in love

Should I Let Her Come Visit?

Good day everyone. Please kindly advice me.

My name is Celine. I have a cousin sister and we are very close. We share secret and things. People call us twins because of the closeness and also we somehow resemble and are of same age only that she is my senior with 3 months.

The issue is that I got married 2013. Even before I agreed to marry the man, I used to tell her everything so on the day of introduction, she couldn't come because she was writing exams.

When the traditional marriage ceremony was fixed, I told her and luckily she was at home so I told her to collect the Ashebi cloth I bought for her from my Mum for D day. She said ok only for her to go back to the city where she stays without the cloth. when I asked her why she said she forgot. We continued talking even till on the 25 Dec. and d ceremony was on 27th Dec. but she didn't tell me anything until 26th night she then

The Missing Chibok School Girls, Who Is Fooling Who?

Hello ma and fellow blog readers,
Family nko? Hope all is well? I hope Abuja is fine this morning? The good Lord will keep His own from all these chaos in Jesus name. Amen
I have been pondering over this issue of the missing girls and someone beat me to it on LindaIkeji's blog. So I decided to copy and send to you. I'm so happy that I have one person on the same page with me on this issue. Below is the comment
I have been pondering over this kidnap situation and something doesn't add up hence these questions. The students are said to be SSS3 students writing physics examination.
1. Why are their names not yet published by the school, state government and WAEC?
2. Why are their pictures not over the news media?
3. How come all

Bring Back Our Girls

This is taking too long please, What is the problem? Father please have mercy and help this country.
There is nothing I haven't thought about since this kidnapping of these Chibok School girls. May the devourer not be able to hurt these girls physically. The mental torture is already too much to bear.
I have thought about rape,

Mom Cursed And Called My Husband A Poor Man

Good evening, wives connection. Am a constant reader I really need your advice. Am getting married on saturday traditionally and everything is turning upside down.
First of I told my parents I want a small traditional wedding they said I should just bring what I have which I did. Gave my mom 30,000naira to cook for just both families she went to rent canopy with the money now I don't have any money to give her again because we still have drinks and the bride-price things to buy.

Two days ago my mum started a fight with me and my brother called me names, cursed my brother with her private part saying as he passed through her private part that is what will

Issues Bothering A Blog Reader

Good morning, pls I want these issues of mine to be discuss on your blog so I can gain knowledge.

1. Pls I want peoples experience or stories on "pregnant but menstruating woman". Their signs and how the journey went.
2. Trying to conceive after six months, wants to read about woman/man that has been there, how they overcome and get pregnant, what medications did they use.
3. Do ginger, garlic and

My Husband has deleted All Except Facebook Yet I Cannot Trust Him Please Help

My marriage is barely 2years old and we have a daughter plus am pregnant now. On the night of our daughters christening, i wanted to transfer some pictures from my husbands phone to mine through bbm and i saw a chat that was soo disturbing.. I was hurt. Overtime, i got into the habit of checking his phone every time and i keep seeing diff chats with diff girls.. @ that time it got me thinking, do i really trust this man? Has he ever cheated on me?
Point is we never lived together before marriage, ours was a distant relationship though it wasn't far, we got married when i was serving and i didn't re deploy so it was one month in, one month out. This issue made me think what my husby has been up to all these time, before i saw those chats, i could have sworn on his behalf.. Sometimes