Update On My Situation: Abusers Have A Way Of Ruining You Mentally

Good evening madan Eya, hope u r doing good.. Update on my situation, my husband dropped me at my inlaw's place, they have been carrying me to my wedding sponsors, reverend sisters.. As usual, the advice for me is to pray, be more submissive, be patient, conquer his temper with love.. I even asked 2 jst visit my parents, they said dey paid my bride price so I can't go, its been over a month. 

My inlaws said
dey r watching me to check my character that I need to improve on. Lol. I'm here trying to understand how I let my life degenerate to this level. My husband visited me once and told me that till I accept that I'm a married woman, I'll keep reporting that he beat me, that I'm supposed to keep it a secret... My wedding sponsors said anytime he wants to beat me I should run to my room and lock the door and beg him.. Sometimes I just sit in my room to cry, sometimes I laugh at myself because Its hard for me to accept my situation, I used to be d if he slaps u once run away kind of girl, abusers have a way of ruining you mentally. 

The only reason I'm still here is because my documents are not with me, since I'm still with my inlaws would have walked out of the gate with my baby without looking back.. Anyway, keep praying for me till I can finally move out. Thanks for the support so far..


  1. Anonymous4/23/2014

    poor you!!! wishing you all the best know what else to say

  2. Anonymous4/23/2014

    Stoop to conquer. Be patient and work on your plans.

  3. i really feel 4 u,just b tactful in ur plans n dealings with ur inlaws

  4. Anonymous4/23/2014

    which tribe are u frm biko? Abeg i dnt understand?

  5. Anonymous4/23/2014


  6. Anonymous4/23/2014

    Wait I don't understand which documents are they holding that you cannot replace. They've turned you into a prisoner and you are letting them. You better run back to your fathers house

  7. Its well with you, Just plan very well before you make the move but the move is necessary….all the best.

  8. Anonymous4/23/2014

    Pls can we get a link to the first story? Thank you

  9. Anonymous4/23/2014

    can you feed us with part 1 of the story.kinda confused here.

  10. Anonymous4/24/2014

    This made me sad. Marriage is supposed to be a place of comfort and yet, this. Try to get those documents and then leave. God will not forsake you for seeking solace from an abusive husband.

  11. Anonymous4/24/2014

  12. Hmmmmm! God save women from the hands of abusive husbands.

  13. Anonymous4/24/2014

    Poster I had to come back to this post. What are your parents doing about this? Please reply. This is not right. You are to young for this. Most importantly, remember you have a child. If you die or are disabled, your child will suffer. Please please leave your in-laws and don't go back to your husband's house. If possible, record some things on your phone (even conversation where he threatens you) so that if you have to go to a NGO, you have some evidence.

  14. Anonymous4/26/2014

    when people talk about physical abusers, I think of my mum. I was 17 when I promise myself that no man will abuse me the way my mother did . and so far my husband and his people has never abused me in anyway because I make a vow and I never give a chance. to God be the glory. poster what am trying to tell u is that no one can make u feel inferior without your consent. stand up and tell them NO YOU ARE NOT TAKING THIS. that mumuish patience will only kill you slowly. see I have a very troublesome sister in law, I dealt with her in my prayers and of cause in my own way of politely saying no sis I won't take this. she calls me iyawo special now.

    mind u I was never rude to her or even talk back at her cos she is far more older than I am. back then assuming she said y
    ou(referring to me) go and get me my shoes, I will simply go and on my return while handling the shoes I will simply say ' i t wasn't nice of you to command me that way cos u are more than that and I will not take it nicely next time' she will feel very ashamed of herself next time. don't forget prayer is the key always call on God almighty@ poster. bye.

  15. Anonymous4/27/2014

    Am also in the same shoe with husband took my 10 old son away frm me.i had to run for my dear life bcos there is no need stayin with him without my only 25 but wht am facin is more than prayer is that I dnt develop BP bcos since then I hv nt been my self


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