Premature Release Even After I stopped Masturbation, Please help!

Hi aunty Eya, I'm so glad to get to know this blog. It is very educating and highly recommended for both singles and married.
Please I need suggestions from WC family and will be a lot grateful if you post this for me. I want to remain anonymous please.

I will be 25 by December, pls I release sperm early before sx, and this has made me feel ashamed, moreover, I have never penetrated any lady before.

I guess it was due
to my indulging in masturbation sometime ago, but have stopped doing it.

But its killing my morale, in as much that this recent one happen like just immediately before penetrating, I think I need advice.

What do I need to do? Pls is there any drug to stop it?

Pls reply me if my case has been put up for discussion..

REPLY:Hi RN, I'm posting your mail now. However, I think you need to see a Doctor ASAP. 


  1. Anonymous4/14/2014

    I thought you said you have never penetrated a lady before so how come you said 'this recent one happen like just immediately before penetrating'. Which is which?

    1. Anonymous4/14/2014

      Coz it happened so fast.. And moreover, I release sometin during romance.. That's y I said the recent one happened so fast..

  2. Anonymous4/14/2014

    See a dr dude, dt aint normal

  3. Anonymous4/14/2014

    Stop having pre marital sex

  4. Johnson4/14/2014

    Brother, you do not need to see any doctor... You stopped masturbation and are about to start having sex before marriage? God might be giving you warning signs which I think you should not ignore if you love your life.
    All you need to do is ask for God’s mercy and strive to please Him by having personal relationship with Jesus. He will sort things out for your good… For now, concentrate on having healthy relationships (male/female) and at the appropriate time you would have a good sex life, when you’re married. Fear not!

    1. Anonymous4/14/2014


    2. Mrs T.O4/15/2014

      I agree with Johnson,flee fornication, cos it is a sin you commit against yr own body and God frowns at it.stay away from sex, commit yr life to God, serve him and watch him bring the perfect woman for you in marriage.If you are not born again, please give yr life to him,cos Jesus is coming back sooner than we think. God bless u, all the happenings these days are strong indicators

    3. Anonymous4/16/2014

      Do you guys always have to go the "christain route" I mean! You can give advice without sounding all holier than thou BTW, not everyone who come to this blog are christains.
      Dear Poster, this happens to a lot of guys in their early sexual stage, stop anticipating and over thinking when you are about doing the deed, just take deep breaths, if you feel like you're about to ejaculate,slow down and try to get 'sex' off your mind. with time the premature ejaculation will stop.
      Hope this helps.

    4. Anonymous4/19/2014

      @Anon 8:33PM, what other route should we go - Boko Haram? Whatever advice anyone gives will be based on something, and would there be any advice better than aligning with the Word of God?

  5. Anonymous4/15/2014

    In as much as ƴ۵џ shld avoid pre marital sex, also pls go talk to a doc, †ђ3 earlier ƴ۵џ solve your prob, †ђ3 better for ƴ۵џ and ur wify to be

  6. Anon 2:09 on point, run to the doctors office like yesterday.

  7. Anonymous4/15/2014

    @Poster, pls see a doctor fast, just to rule out any underlining disease. Dont just settle for leave it for God! God gave us brains so that we can think, reason and take certain basic decisions concerning our lives.

  8. Anonymous4/15/2014

    My dear stp premarital sex and drty stuff

  9. Anonymous4/18/2014

    This is going to be a lot of work for you and by you. It probably took a while for you to become addictive to masturbation and now you will need to retrace your steps. One important thing is to help your thought process. Catch yourself each time your mind goes there. Start to respect and honour your body and if it's generated by thoughts of another person, try to banish the thoughts. If it's pornography, stop it and tell yourself you can do it, you could reward yourself in little ways for not doing it.

    You could find a Mentor, someone who can listen to you and help you someone you can confide in and unburden yourself to. Also try to think back, what started this for you? If it is something probably in your past, then it is time for you to let go. A therapist can help if you can afford it, a doctor will probably tell you of the damage you are causing to your body and will eventually suffer probably in old age!

    You can also try to reduce daily the mental space that thoughts of masturbation occupy in your mind. Do physical exercises or activities that are demanding, find passion in other creative things.

    Bear in mind that your action can ruin your relationships and ultimately your marriage. This is a battle you MUST win. Get on with it!

  10. Anonymous4/19/2014

    Plss my own hubby of 5yrs is having premature ejaculation.The thing Don tire me.Dnt knw Wat 2 do.he doesn't last up 2 1min.

    1. Anonymous4/28/2014

      I am in the same both with u,my own can smooch well but once in,he does 3mins and gbam!

  11. Anonymous4/20/2014

    The best thing u can do to help yourself is to exercise more especially jugging. Don't try to rush into sex cos that's whats making you anxious then u explode before time. Don't be worried whenever you are with your gf whether u can do it or not. Try to control your mind believing u can make her beg for more. Moreover, when u start romancing her, dont let the head of your penis be tickled in anyway before penetration. Try also to indulge in a long foreplay like kissing and breast touching n sucking before try all dis tips guy and be on ur way to pro level.

  12. Anonymous4/24/2014

    Thanks bro.. I will start doing excises.. My body don stive self.. Thanks all for ur advice


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