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Should I Tell My Mother Inlaw

Good evening, wtc. Am a constant reader of ur blog but never gave my
>> comment, always on the side reading people's problem and solution
>> providered by other viewers. My problem is this I just got married two
>> weeks ago, didn't have any kinda of pre- martial sex with my husband. Now
>> we are married and ready to enjoy  to the fullest but am not finding
>> easy

My Husbands State Of Origin, Must I Change To That?

I am married to a man from a different state and now the issue of state of origin is coming up.

My question is as a married woman, is it compulsory that I must change my state of origin to my husband's state or can I keep claimiing my own state in my official documents.

  I don't

Afang Or Okazi Vegetable Soup With Ease.

HOW TO COOK AFANG SOUPINGREDIENTS: 4 cups pounded afang leaves, after cutting o Vegetable (Ugu can be used instead for those who do not like afang leaves. Cooking method is same)1 stockfish wrap2 bunches Waterleaf OR Spinach3 large Kpomo (cow skin)1 kg Beef2 medium sized Smoked catfish4  large Snails (optional )2 cups shrimps (optional)2 cups mushrooms2 cups Periwinkles mfi). Without the shell1 cup ground Crayfish2 Seasoning Cubes plus 1 cube to boil meatSalt to taste1 small red Onion to boil meat1 teaspoon ground fresh Pepper1 cup Palm OilWater enough to cover the meat, you can adjust later with more water if soup gets too thick.STEPS: Put the washed beef and stockfish in a cooking pot without adding water.Add chopped onion, salt, some pepper and the one seasoning cube. Cover and allow the juice from the washed beef to cook until the pot dries up a bit.Now, Add some water to cover the meat so it makes stock for your soup, check for salt and let it boil before adding the washed snails, …

Financial Freedom By Cynthia

The main reason I'm writing to you today is because it has become so worrisome that a lot of people are confused which way to go business wise. A lot of people are scared of investing or not even sure what to invest in.

Well i have good news for them because i just discovered a business that can fetch upto $10,000 and above monthly without investment, Yes you heard that right; monthly.

I am glad i made the decision i took despite my doubts initially which has eventually paid off and i will like to put people through on wives connection how they can go about it. ITS REALL!!!!

They can email me on or 07030146571 and i'd be so happy to be of help.

Please if you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask.

Have a great day.

Best Regard,



What Are The Things To Watch Out For? Please Educate Me

LOVE IS NOT ABUSE Good morning ma’am, I love and follow your blog religiously. Please kindly post this and as anonymous ma'am, thanks. It saddens my heart anytime I see a post from women about how their husbands disrespect them. I am not married and in my early 20’s and yet I feel their pains while I read about the problems in their marriage. From these posts it seems to me that these women love and will do anything to keep their marriages but the trend I’m seeing from the men scares me a lot.  Why would a man exchange vows with a woman and beat her up or cheat?  After the labor pains why would a man threaten a woman if she doesn’t bear a male child? Is she the creator of the baby? This is something out of her control and you’re causing depression for her!
             I am

Nigerian Plantain Porridge Recipe


People Are Only Happy About Your Success Provided You Are Behind Them. True OR False

It’s April, I know! But trust me, Happy New Year is so in order ‘coz this is my first post this year. It’s been a while, I know and sincere apologies to my beautiful people who have missed me. Truth be told, I missed you all too. Your comments keep me going and even if I haven’t written in a while, I’ve been learning a lot as always, from this blog.

Back to da marrer, a lot has happened since my last post and I have so much to share with you.
An event occurred that left me wondering. I’d love you to please let me know if I’m over-reacting or its just plain normal.
I was on my way back from the salon the other day and I saw a friend from college ( nor vex, na secondary school I attend but I wan begin to act posh) and I stopped to say hello. Grateful it wasn’t the expected, ‘oh! Sorry, I can’t remember you’; we spoke and I was glad she wasn’t offended that I got her name mixed up.
I was about leaving when she said ‘Oh by the way, are you married?’ I smiled angrily and said ‘No’. She he…

Just Had A Big Quarrel With My Wife, Did I Go Too Far? Is My Wife A Cheat?

I used  to be one  of those  that condemn people who share their stories online. I used to think it was silly. But it seems I am getting addicted to it. This should be my 4th mail to you. I like the idea of being able share one's issues annoymously and get advice from different individuals, although, the abuses and improper language from some of your readers can be upsetting.

Okay, I feel very guilty. I had a big quarrel with my wife, called her names, involved her folks and mine, threatened to leave her. Now i feel very crappy. I would like to annoymously share the story and get people's feel on the whole issue.

Mid last year I noticed that my wife was always on Whatsapp chatting with a guy. I didnt pay much attention to it at first, being that she is a good christian and I trust her. But i noticed that the chats became a daily afair, sometimes dragging as far as 11pm at night. I complained to her and she told me the guy was an old friend that just reconnected with her. Tha…

My Present Situation, Just Imagine It's You

I am going to start from the very beginning, and this will be the first time I will ever open my mouth to explain at length the actual gist behind the whole thing.. I am 27 years old. Im currently working with a radio station as an OAP. i am earning enough money to take care of me, my son and other expenses so I bless God for the provisions he made for me. I started visiting this blog early this year when i googled how to make a certain dish..this is a wonderful blog. So that I don't start boring you, here is my story. 11 years ago, I was in Asaba. I was done with secondary school but not yet in the University. My uncle came home from spain after 8 years, and he came to build houses and establish some businesses in Nigeria, he planned to stay for a minimum of 3months and came with his spanish-American wife whom we had never met. We are four children and adding my parents that made us six and lived in a 3 bedroom apartment so my uncle could not
stay with us. He decided to get …

Update On My Situation: Abusers Have A Way Of Ruining You Mentally

Good evening madan Eya, hope u r doing good.. Update on my situation, my husband dropped me at my inlaw's place, they have been carrying me to my wedding sponsors, reverend sisters.. As usual, the advice for me is to pray, be more submissive, be patient, conquer his temper with love.. I even asked 2 jst visit my parents, they said dey paid my bride price so I can't go, its been over a month. 

My inlaws said

Re- Hurting But Still Grateful

Hurting But Still Grateful was supposed to have been published some months back with pics of what became of Folashade's car after another car rammed into it. That post wasn't published cos the pics won't download no matter how I tried.
Those pics are still in my mail box and I wish I can post them here so we all see how great God is. With all that happened to the car, no one was hurt.
RE- HURTING BUT STILL GRATEFUL I had to train a group of people on

Hurting But Still Grateful By Folashade

Hurting but still grateful. The noise that woke me up was so loud that I fought to believe I was still alive and that the house hadn’t collapse while we slept. At 11:15pm on the 20th of Nov, I couldn’t figure out what had happened hence, I tip-toed into the living room where I met my sister who was already trying to make sense of the ‘no-sense’. We weren’t sure if it was robbery or an accident but one thing we were sure of was that we couldn’t see my car where it was parked. A number of people were beginning to gather in front of our house but yet, we had to be sure before going out; you never can be too sure- if you get what I mean. My sister and I were

I Did Not Love My Wife And Still Don't, Do You Think She Loves Me?

Good morning Eya, How is family and our lovely boy? I am in dire need of answers and advise from your readers, Its gonna be a long write-up, please bear with me.

I left Nigeria many years ago, and I have been married 5good times, all my exs were found by either family or friends for me, but once we got married (traditionally) and I bring them over here, they will leave me for another person within the space of weeks, (though they came back and asked for forgiveness, which I have forgiven but I couldn't take them back) I felt bad, hated women but my mum kept on pestering for a grandchild et al.

After a while, I met this beautiful young lady online, very

Boko Haram, What Do They Really Want Lately?

Good morning Wc and Eya
How are you? How is your family and the latest bobo? I hope say he dey give you space small? (In my mind).

Since monday I have been thinking and wondering "what boko haram" wants? Cause they get me confused with every step they take lately! Today they are bombing churches, tomorrow is mosque, next school, homes, offices, parks!!!!! HmmmMmm and the list is endless, killing and injuring innocent people that do not display their daily routine on social media or news papers!

Why are they not bombing political rallies? Why did they not throw bomb at GEJ'sadopteddaughter'swedding? Or at Atiku'sson'swedding? Why did

Tired Of My Mother's Trouble's, Must I Always Do Her Bid?

Dear Aunty eyagoodevening. Am really stressed out and confused am 22 and a christian  attending a living Church, but my problem now is since my mom found this new church, I haven't rested. She wants me to start attending their services and programs, infact, she wants me to stop my church and start attending hers.

 I Have even done

How Do I Attract A Good Man?

Hi aunty Enya am a serious visitor on your blog and I want 2 thank you and WC family for impacting morals and good cooking education to me,am indeed a better person for it. Aunty Enya,I am a 25yrs old lady who is seriously single and searching.

I live

Premature Release Even After I stopped Masturbation, Please help!

Hi aunty Eya, I'm so glad to get to know this blog. It is very educating and highly recommended for both singles and married.
Please I need suggestions from WC family and will be a lot grateful if you post this for me. I want to remain anonymous please.

I will be 25 by December, pls I release sperm early before sx, and this has made me feel ashamed, moreover, I have never penetrated any lady before.

I guess it was due

My Husbands Infidelity, What Can I Do?

Please I would like to share my story and will like you to advice me on the
I have been married to my husband for some 25years and we have five
beautiful children. I am very fond of my home and family, and I love my
husband wholeheartedly. I do almost everything to please him. We are very
close and are best friends
My children are all grown up and they live and school abroad, while my
husband and myself live in Nigeria.
I travel from time to time to visit my kids to spend some time with them.
Each time I travelled, my husband always laments how he misses me and how
everything is not the same without me.
Recently, I

Birth options, Caesarean Section Or Induction?

Good day Aunt Eya,

How are you doing? How's your son doing too? I hope he's good. And your girls?

Aunty, pls i need you to help me ask your blog readers an important question

"If you were asked to choose between CS and induction, which would you choose?"

I'm asking 'cos my baby is meant

Help! I Have Decided That Going To Cheat

Hello Eya, kindly help my friend who wants to remain anonymous post this. I don advise I don tiya.

Hello all
I've been married 5years now and I'm going crazy with BOREDOM. I have kids and an OKAY husband but I'm not getting the SPARK I envisioned or hoped for. I have endured and persevered hoping it will get better with time but it's worse, it's just like living with a Reverend father or a very elder brother with nothing in common. Its making me resentful, depressed and angry. I have decided that I am going to CHEAT on my husband next week. I don't

Should I Express My Fears To Him?

Hi aunty Eya, I'm so glad to get to know this blog. It is very educating and highly recommended for both singles and married.
Please I need suggestions from WC family and will be a lot grateful if you post this for me. I want to remain annonymos please.

I am a single lady and will be 30 this August. I have a couple of guys that seemed to like me, 3 of them proposed to marry me but since I don't like any of them for one reason or the other, I rejected the proposals. Meanwhile I am still a virgin and have never been into a very close relationship with a guy before.
Early last year, my friend got me introduced to his friend who resides in Abj while I am in PH. We both started talking. Few weeks afterwards, he said he wanted us to have a relationship that will lead to marriage. I wasn't so comfortable with that and I told him. My reason being that

Nigerian Tomato, Egg Sauce By Chidinma

Hi WC readers, I'm here again, and, this time, I come bearing a recipe for Eggs in Tomato Sauce. I hope you make it, and enjoy it.

I like this recipe because the eggs don't disappear into the sauce, and the tomatoes are not cooked into submission. It's a really fresh dish, and it's very versatile-you can use it at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can use it as a side or main dish (I always eat this by itself, my DH, on the other hand, is a hungry lion, he eats it with yams, potatoes, plantains, whatever). The options are

How Do I Sell These Books? Plus Publishers' Link

Good day Ma'am,
I hope the baby is doing great and you are growing stronger by the day, i will  always say, the day the idea to start this blog was born in your mind, i believe God has people like us in mind, else i wonder how we could have reached out to so many people on a platform like this, God will continue to bless you for making yourself a willing vessel .
Please Aunty Eya I need you to post this for me.
I know you have  good and experienced people reading  your blog, i am in urgent need of  advise and possibly a good contact. I have this talent of writing, from my childhood i' ve written  so many stories which i ended up discarding because i had no courage to publish it.  I realized also that am  gifted in speaking, as well as inspirational writing , even in my place of work, so many people including my bosses that are much older than i am comes to me for advice, and after talking to them they will always confess that they did exactly what i said and it yielded profit. 

Treating Malaria While Pregnant, I Am Worried

Good day anty Eya, how are you and your family? May God continue to strengthen u. please hide my contact. I am 17 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed for malaria.
 My doctor gave me


Hello WC, I would be very grateful if my post is put up for discussion because I am feeling some how. I am 23  by his grace. Due to d above issue,I have resorted to online dating and even thought of bleaching my dark skin.

 A friend attributed

Nollywood Director Tchidi Chikere Talking About Ex-Wife On Twitter?

Most times, after the title and cast, I look at the Director before watching Nollywood movies and Tchidi Chikere is one of my favourite Nollywood Directors. Taking to tweeter to talk about ex wife and the mother of his kids? after remarrying? Is that mature? 

I thought getting divorced and remarrying shows that one has moved on? Reading this evening that his affair wthNuella started in 2010 while still married to Sophia I feel so sorry for his ex wife. So, from Sophia's mail to Linda, Nuella and Tchidi started their affair in 2010, between then and now, he ended his first marriage and now in 2014, he is married to Nuella. This must be really hard for his ex wife. God deysha!

To read Tchidi's tweets about his ex wife, check out

Plantain Empanada By Omalicha

I made this after procastinating for about three months...I watched the video on YouTube sometime in December and see when I had the time to make it. Lol. But family loved it, as usual.

♥ripe plantain----------1 bunch
♥minced meat or beef---------- half a pack/half kilo
♥green pepper----------2 large ones
♥red habanero pepper----------3 meduim sized ines
♥fresh tomatoes----------5 pieces
♥onion----------one medium sized bulb
♥spring onion----------a small bunch
♥seasoning cubes----------enough to taste
♥vegetable oil----------half litre ♥eggs---------2 eggs

♥wash plantation, cut into smaller chunks and boil
♥if you didnt get mince meat, but just normal beef like me, cut into small pieces, marinate. I seasoned with cubes, salt, gjnger and garlic powder . Cover

Thirty Thousand Naira Business For A Pregnant Woman

Hi, Pls I need advice from women n men of WC who know business very well thanks nplsdnt post my identity tnx. 

I'm a mother of 2 (1boy 1girl)expecting our final one in a few months time. My hubby's business isn't doing very well again and things are very tough with us. I know d stress of pregnancy isn't easy but I can't

Please Help With Suggestions For Diabetic Diet

Good morning ma,how are you and your baby doing ?I sure you are doing very great!please blow him kisses.

 Please wcreaders I need to

Does This Problem Lie With Me? I Need Help

Hello Aunty Eya,gz d baby is doing well? My name is B....,am a graduate n am 23,late last year I got a job and I also lost my relationship,due to crazy issues which I just see as the devil's way of making me cry(my boyfriend broke up with me cz his spiritual father told him we were not compartible after telling him we were compartible for years).

Fast forward to 2014,I met an old school mate in my office,he was my colleague and he introduced me to a friend of his,at dis time I wsvry sad,(have been since the break up,I even cry to bed every day)I decided to try dating again,tho my brother told me it was early but I wldnt listen,I tot I was in love with this guy,we started dating in february and since den,am just not feeling it anymore,dia is no sparks at all in d relationship.

Sometimes I feel it's even beta sef if am single,plus his rules at times are killing,I can't say if he is a fanatic religion wise or not,he tells me not to

Abnormal Facial Hair Growth From PCOS, Pls Help

Hello Eya,

How are you doing madam and how is our handsome baby "dealing" with you?

Kisses to him and may he be a source of joy to the whole family IJN!

Please help me ask WC family if anyone is having this male pattern of hair growth caused by PCOS and how they are dealing with it.

This is giving me serious concern and my self esteem is being eroded.

I can't afford to leave it unshaved because its too much( upper lips, chin area and side burns). I have used ALL the methods of shaving yet they ALL give me bumps and over time, the region is darker than the rest of my face.

Each time I

Again, I Love Him But I DON'T, Am I Alright Or Is Something Wrong With Me?

Hello aunty eya,congrats..please hide my identity...I'm 26,for the past 5years i've not experineced what it's like to feel love and be ex was