Confused About Folic Acid, please Help Me

good am aunty eya.hope u had a blissful night?pls hide my id for me.this one is for doctors,pharmacists and medical personnel in the house. Am believing God for children and my friend who had similar problem b4 advised me to be taking folic acid once per day bc it actually helped her b4 she conceived.again i was made to understand that it helps in wellbeing of the fetus during pregnancy.
Have been using our Nigeria emzor made with ease especially when i saw from the instructions that it aids in tubal cleansing,till i stumbled on this site about celebrities who abused their wives where zakky azazy's ex said that when she got pregnant,during one of his beating sessions,he wanted to force her to swallow folic acid to flush out the pregnancy but that she pretend to get water for that purpose and then ran for her life and the baby.
Now am so confused and my question is what actually does this folic acid do bc i would not like to mistakenly flush out what i have been looking for so hard now.
Pls wc family members help me rectify this


  1. Anonymous3/17/2014

    Folic acid can never flush foetus. It even helps to prevent spina bifida in babies.
    All prenatal vitamins have folic acid, even multivitamins for conception ve folic acid.
    during the 1st antenatal visit doc must give u folic acid that u ll take every day esp d 1st 3 months.
    Folic acid is very gd for u nd ur baby, I dont knw where zaky's wife got her own info frm.

  2. Anonymous3/17/2014

    Looooool! There is nothing I will not hear o. Even women of child bearing age are advised to start taking folic acid. It helps to prevent neural tune defects. Helps the spinal cord to form properly etc etc. Very vital vitamin. Please Google for more info.

  3. Folic acid is very good for pregnant mothers, it even goes beyond good, it is important and necessary for them, even when you go for anti-natal care its one of the drugs that you are given or that is recommended for you and most of the grugs for pregnant women contains folic acid

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  4. Anonymous3/18/2014

    maybe he wanted her to swallow the entire bottle
    Anyways, that's why I never trust most things people write online

  5. Anonymous3/18/2014

    I was advised to start taking Folic acid daily from the age of 28. I'm still single @ 33! If it was not good enough I dnt bliv any doc would say dat. I decided to stay off it a while myself. (Make una no crusify me oooooo) will start again soon. Just got tired ni jare.

    1. Anonymous3/18/2014

      Someone who read analytical chemistry once told me to take folic acid every day,even as a single,but didn't believe him. Hmmm i believe now!

  6. Anonymous3/18/2014

    folic acid is really good for u. Please WC, how much is breast pump? nd I also want to know whether manual or electric pump is the best.

    1. There are different prices, ranging frm 1000, 5000, 8000, and 22000 Lagos price, it may differ in other states. I prefer the manual because there are days when phcn will decided to take light. @ poster pls frolic acid is very good

  7. Anonymous3/18/2014

    Tnx Deborah.

  8. Anonymous3/18/2014

    Pls d manual is stressful nd painful on d hand ,go 4 d electric,it uses battery too.I got manual and got tired after using it twice

  9. Anonymous3/18/2014

    folic acid is good but if you are scared buy pregnacare for conception, its a combination of folic acid and all u need to concieve. but pray too!!!

  10. Anonymous3/19/2014

    How can folic acid be bad.even people with sickle cell anaemia are encouraged to take it every time ask google.

  11. Anonymous3/23/2014

    Folic acid is very good,esp when you are trying to helps d foetus.i remember wen I was young, grandma wld force us to use folic acid,i didn't know d important of it den,oow I wish I obeyed her.lolz


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