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Is This Normal, Does It Happen To All Couples?

Hello Aunty Eya How is your baby doing and the rest of your family? Really sorry to be bothering when you are still nursing your baby. But i need your advice. I have been married for 6 years and ve got 2 lovely boys and a girl. My wife is a wonderful woman, she is the best wife anyone can pray to have (this is not a cliche, she really is). Cooks well, is neat andhardworking. But recently, we started having issues. Problem is when we make love, I don't climax. I could go on for hours. Most times I just fake it and end it. However, a few days ago, she got to know and didn't find it funny. She asked if I was cheating, I answered in the negative and the truth is I am not. Problem is since my wife gave birth to our last baby, her body has changed, outwardly she looks gorgeous and I have caught many guys stealing glances at her. I am really proud of her looks. But the internal bits have changed a lot. Her breasts are terribly shrunk and sagged. I get no pleasure fondling them, fondl…

Fluffy Lemon Cakes By Omalicha

Hi fam, I saw this on the blog by lizzy.she actually made them with a sandwich maker, and i was guess what? I made it. I just had to try this out. If this had turned out bad I would have 'jejely' washed all the utensils and cleared the kitchen like

Tips, Suggestions And Recipes For The Elderly

Good evening. Please, My father in-law is having some troubles with
foods these days. He does'nt seems to enjoy eating foods like rice,beans,
yam. He was complaining to his son my husband that

Is It Wrong For Me To Ask?

Hi  WC, whenever my hubby wants to make love, I make myself available no matter what but whenever

Another Pregnancy Shortly After Caesarean Section, Any Chances Of Normal Delivery?

Hello Aunt Eya, I need expert advice on the chances of giving birth again through caesarean. I have a ten months old baby which was


There are no laid down rules as to the contents of a sandwich. The fillings in a sandwich are basically by choice and this ought to qualify our 'bread and akara' as a sandwich!

This particular club sandwich was inspired by the presence of Avocado pear! Yes, they are very much in season and are been flaunted everywhere by the sellers; in the market, street corners etc. Avocado pear is a very healthy and tempting fruit. Its calories content are very healthy and for a person dieting, you can take a whole pear for a standard meal.

In making this club sandwich, I deliberately didn't use

pawpaw Leaves For Quick Breast milk Production

Hi, I was introduced to your blog like two weeks ago but only felt a need to check it out and I must say it's mature and unlike the usual "smalltalk" blogs around. Kudos!

My first interest is about the lady who
isn't lactating. Pls you can help by forwarding this local and easy combo: Pawpaw leaves,water,salt.
Method; knead and wash the leaves the same way bitter leaf is washed. Add water to the resulting

Still No Breast milk, What Can I Do Please?

Hello aunty eya,goodmorningpls I need aLil help,from you and your readers.I had a baby two days ago and there's still no breast milk,it was a natural delivery so I'm

Giving Used Clothes To A Broke Friend. Can You?

Male and female clothes in lilac. Neat used clothings like these, can you give to a friend or you'd rather take to an orphanage?Last night I read this post @ Femme Lounge. I do give but only when asked o, and even at that I make sure old ones are selected out of the pack. Kids outgrow their clothings very ast and sometimes do not even get to wear some before they are taken off the wardrobe. If a friend asks, I make sure the items are all brought out and properly inspected before giving cos it would be very embarrassing to give out and later discover that your items were never used or to get a NO THANK YOU reply.

I remember times when I gave even without asking and that is because I was sure this friend trusted me and w'd appreciate my effort and truth is the items were used like the very next day. 
For me, it's a yes and no answer: I know my friends and know the ones that won't appreciate that type of giving so I won't dare. I know the ones that would collect and jok…

Special Potato Salad By Omalicha

Hello fam! I missed everyone and all the wonderful recipes and posts on the blog..was away for a while but now im here. Trust me to go to older posts and look at all the fun you'all have been having!
  I made this potato salad for

In A Dilemma, Should I Open Up To His Mother?

I'm in a dilemma. I've been in a relationship for the past 6 months and at first everything was rosy. The problem now is that my boyfriend has changed all of a sudden. We don't communicate as we used to and I've spoken to him about it but nothing has changed. Each time we argue it's me who makes the first move for us to settle it. The reason I do so is because I don't know how to hold a grudge. For the past one week, we have not really spoken... He hasn't made any effort in trying to sort out our argument. I messaged him about few days ago asking if he doesn't want the relationship anymore, he replied by saying I should go if i want to that he is not holding me down.
 I've done

I Am In Pains

Good day WC. Pls Aunty Eya i am in pains ma need advice from WC ma and plsma i want to remain Anonymous ma both my mails and my name. Thanx and God bless ma. Got married 2007 we did both traditional,white $ Registry'.Thou when we got married my boo wasn't that ok. As a wife i prayed and i asked God to bless my boo cus the thinking was just too much for him. God answered my prayer and bless us very well when we are now OK. My boo started acting funny to the extend that if i'm not around he bring different girl friends to our matrimonial home even his girl friends do call me and abuse me and cal me names on phone and also send nud pictures to each others and each time I complain to him, he will start beating me, he treat me like a slave.

 4yrs bk i was pregnant he went out and

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

Hello aunt Eya
My name is  ....... . Pls hide my id.
I have been reading your blog for sometime now though am the quiet type so I don't comment often. I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls and am trying for a baby boy. I have problems with my husband like almost all the time because this issue and even other isssues but the main one giving me serious problem is having a baby boy. I told

He Has Arrived, To God Alone Be All The Glory

I will start updating faster as soon as possible.

We Are From Different Tribes, Should I Go On With This Wedding?

Good morning aunty eya,
How are you and your family? I hope all is well? I really need solid advice. I have dated my fiance for 5years and whenever we are together, I just feel the day doesn't end cos I love him and he loves me so much. The issue is that we would be married in a few days but I am searching for that love I have for him cos I don't feel excited about this wedding anymore. Because

How Do I Walk Away Without Hitches? Really Confused

Hello ma, goodevening...pls help me post this mail and pls I also need ur
private advice too.thank you.

I am a pretty young girl in my final year and I am datin a really really
nice guy that is way older than me and he wants to settle.firstly mum wont
even hear, anytime I talk of him she talks of how I must do masters and get
a job first since age is much on my side.I understand her alot and I know
her reasons.backward to vals day period 13th to be precise I was at his
place and I snooped on his phone but that was because for two years we have
been dating, his phone has been a no go area and its only normal to be
suspicious and yes I saw sumtin to piss me off.without telling him he
realized I snooped so he started giving attitude. . Vals day one girl dat I
know has been disturbing him"so he said" and he was answerin weirdly I sha
confronted him and he lied and lies led to lies and more lies, then a
breakup...durin dat period he wud call by 3 at night and say he can't sl…

Who Can Explain My TVS Result Please

Good evening Ma'am, believe U and Ur family are in good health! Please help me post these and hide my ID. I had a scan today and these is the result of the scan as it is written on the paper: A trans-Vagina

Trying To Conceive, Who Has Done HSG Before? Any Tips Please

Good day Aunty Eya, trust God you are doing well. I have a question for the
house,please help me post this as anonymous. Am trusting God for the fruit
of the womb and I

Confused About Folic Acid, please Help Me

good am aunty eya.hope u had a blissful night?pls hide my id for me.this one is for doctors,pharmacists and medical personnel in the house. Am believing God for children and my friend who had similar problem b4 advised me to be taking folic acid once per day bc it actually helped her b4 she conceived.again i was made to understand that it helps in wellbeing of the fetus during pregnancy.
Have been using our Nigeria emzor made with ease especially when i saw from the instructions that it aids in tubal cleansing,till i stumbled on this site about celebrities who abused their wives where zakky azazy's ex said that when she got pregnant,during one of his beating sessions,he wanted to force her to swallow folic acid to flush out the pregnancy but that

Uncertain, Am I In A Relationship With Myself?

I would like your personal advice and also advise from fellow wives connection readers. My story goes thus, I have been dating this guy who lives in the US and I currently live in Canada. We used to live in Nigeria before but he went to the US for further studies and I came to Canada. It's been 9months since we last saw. We speak all the time; communicating via test messages, whatsapp, viber and skype alongside calls. My concern is this last year

My husband has continued to punish me for discussing him

I've been married since april last year n since then no better peace, I dated my husband for 2 years, we were 2 get married, but I got pregnant and it hastened d wedding. Fast forward to about 6 months, he tried to choke me n threatened, when I reported to my family and his, he threatened to beat me like it ws d last time he ws going to see me, so I left him, stayed in my parents house, with enough convincing, he said he will change, it will never happen again. Last week friday, I used him as my dp, my friend saw his pic n said tell ur hubby to do exercise o, I replied with laugh smiley, den said, he's doing o n eating plenty, she replied tell him to take it easy and greet him for me. Dt ws it, he read my chat and said I ws discussing him, I said how please, it ws a plain joke, he said I cldnt say sorry, den I did.. It didn't end there, he said I must explain y I ws discussing him, I said y is he making an issue out of nothing, it led to insults, all dis while we were in …

Mother Daughter Reationship Gone Sour

Dear Aunty Eya,

I am a 25 year old woman, I live with my parents and my mom and I don't talk, we have little disagreements here and there and before you know it, we give ourselves the silent treatment for months before one of us ( usually me) goes to pick up a random conversation with her, we haven't spoken since mid January this year, and sincerely I don't remember the cause of the malice because it's been soo

My Wife And Her Mother Are Killing Me Slowly, I Need Advice

I'm a 26yrs old guy married to a 22yrs old lady. We've been married for a year now and we have a 5 months old daughter. I live with my wife's family cos am not financially stable. Ever since I moved in its been hell for me,i moved in with her because I wanted to be with my wife and new born baby to bond with them through this

My Mother Is Pissing Me Off. I Need Advice Please

Don't even know where to start from but my mom is driving me nut, Treating me like a kid. Am 22 and am serving and the major reason why I redelopyed from the state I was posted to was because of my fiancé but each time I leave

Here Is Unrefined, Raw, Grade A Shea Butter From Oyo State

This is raw shea butter, Produced in the remote part of Oyo State., . Ours is chemical and additives free, so it is 100% pure natural raw butter.   We are also involve in exportation of shea butter, although usually not large order. Our packaged shea butter is in 200g and 100g jar size branded SheaMapo. These are for end users who seek freshly prepared handcrafted unrefined shea butter.

We have

Posting Our Children's Pictures On Social Media?

Hello Eya,

Few minutes ago I saw a message on my Whatsapp "Please mama debbie... Am happy for you... Stop exposing your baby to social media. The baby is too young. Expliotation and manipulations is easy on social media...not everyone is happy....oooo. It just a suggestion...."

I did sincerely appreciate this friend's concern and courage to speak up rather than curse me within, however I did ask what risks children are exposed to as a result of innocent parents/friends posting their pictures online so I can

Unripe Plantain Fritters By Zinny

Peel and grate the plantain using the side of grater that would give it a flaky look(I used small and big pores to get an uneven texture). Remove the seed from the tomatoes. Dice the tomatoes, onions and pepper and place in a small bowl. Add the flour, salt, maggi and whisked egg and combine thoroughly. (I used my fingers to do this.) Add the mashed fish and if you've got a sweet tooth or making this for kids, you can

Blog Reader From Lugbe, Kindly Get Back To Me Plus The Oscar Pistorius Live Trial

You called about a week ago and I promised to get back to you. Other calls came in and  now I can't tell which is your number. I have been very worried about you and really want to get back but can't since your number isn't saved on my phone.

Please leave a comment or call back.

Meanwhile, I really want to follow this Oscar Pistorius Trial Live on Channel 199. I am very interested. Hubby kinda believes Oscar, thinks Shooting and killing his girlfriend ReevaSteenkamp might have been an accident but I am

Butterscotch, Strawberry And Chocolate Cakes Made In A Sandwich Toaster By Toyeebah

Hello Aunty. My name is Toyeebah,I came across your blog in City people magazine. I must confess I have learnt new positive things particularly the recipes (I love food *winks*),thanks a lot. 

I read the

Now He Says "I Wish You Married Your Ex" Does He Love Me?

Hello Wc,  I need your opinions on this issue.
I went to see my bf and we got talking about our exes. He told me about his and I told him about mine. And the next thing I heard was " I wish you married your ex, he would have been the perfect  guy for you". I found nothing wrong with the statement at first. But later I started getting worried  after recalling all we talked about.

my ex was nice and caring, fine. But

This Married White Woman And My Husband, What Do I Do?)


I'm currently in a dilemma and don't know what to do.
In November last year while going to do some shopping with my family a white lady walked up to us and started talking to my husband she disregarded my presence.not sure who she was I walked away from them to wait at the front if the shop.

Their conversation never ended when they walked up to me . The lady said

Have I Been Swindled?

Good  day aunty are u doing?pls hide my identity and email address.pls i would like to use this medium to ask fellow wcm if they have ever heard or seen this website supposedly owned by one dr lisa olson?she claims to be treating infertility and difficulties in conception with Chinese herbs.

aunty eya i think