What Your Fingernails Are Telling You Now

What are these fingernails saying?
A lot of people, especially women do not listen to their nails. Nature has made it possible and easy to look at the nils and tell when your system is truly healthy or giving you warning signs. Before the body finally breaks down, there are warning signs but we just ignore and carry on.

The ladies are the most affected. If we pay attention to our nails, most health issues can be nipped in the bud. For pregnant women, paying attention to your nails will let you know when you are anaemic even before the Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Test.  Most times we just keep polishing and
fixing without paying attention to our own natural fingernails. Once in a while, it is advisable to let the nails breathe and to look closely for these signs  I learnt from Mayo Clinic and wakeup-world:

  1. Split or breaking nails could be as a result of folic acid or protein deficiencies.
  2. Bluish nails ... Low oxygen levels in your blood.
  3. Greenish nails... Sign of bacterial infection
  4. Dull nails ... A vitamin deficiency
  5. Split nails may also result from chronic malnutrition
  6. Spoon (Concave) nails ... Iron deficiency
  7. Flat nails ... Iron and other vitamins deficiency.
In case the half moon at the end of your nails has disappeared, it could be a sign of health issues. If there are no half moons, at least your thumbs should have. Even that little nail infection could just be trying to warn you of a health problem.

It is important to pay close attention to the changes in our nails. The polish only beautifies and sometimes helps to hide issues. Your breaking nails may not be because you wash hands often, no. Pay a closer attention.


  1. Brandy2/08/2014

    So true. I better wipe this polish and check my nails.

  2. Wat can 1 use 2 treat fungi on d nails?

  3. thanks for this information. i have pinkish nails, i hope its normal cos its been like that since i can remember

    1. Anonymous2/08/2014

      Actually, nails are supposed to be pinkish

  4. Mrs Tee2/08/2014

    I only have half moon on my thumb, hope its normal? Then, my nails break easily during harmattan, is it a problem? Should I be scared?

    1. Anonymous2/08/2014

      I also have only on my thumb. Half moons are more visible on white ppls fingers

  5. My nails doesn't grow longer dan d finger edge, once it gets there it breaks on its own, even my toe nails.


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