Protruding Stomach After Caesarian Section. I Need Help

good day ma,
pls hide my identity.
Am a 36yrs old mum with 3 kids all i had thru c/s, resident in lagos.
my issue is my protruding tummy which make me look pregnant all year
through especially with my slim body frame.

have searched high n low for solutions, taken herbs, exercised, used body
magic to help but at the end, the tummy is still there.
Recently i found out that my situation is called Diastasis Recti of the
abdomin, which can be helped by basic exercises.

my question is has any wtc members had this issue and how did they overcome
pls dont tell me to do exercises like sit ups or crunches, cos i learn they
do more harm than good.
and if any one knows where i can get the exercise dvds for this particular
condition or if any one knows a trainer that can help here in lagos.


  1. Protruding tummy seems to be a common problem with mothers that had cs's. In your case 3 cs's is not a joke. Please don't be too hard to youself, you did an amazing job with God on your side in bringing 3 healthy kids into this world.

    I have never heard that sit ups and crunches cause more harm than good. I just went to reseach again after reading your post and my findings says it helps firm stomach muscles however it has tobe done often and cut out unhealthy food.
    How old isyour last child? If you had a baby within d last 1yr then getting a flatter tummy is an ongoing process as the cs area needs toheal properly. It often looks like itshealed on the surface but the healing in ongoing inside.
    Plz enjoy motherhood and don't let this get you down.

  2. Anonymous2/07/2014

    Gbam! likes for your comment

  3. Anonymous2/07/2014

    Dis shldnt rilly boda u..if ur hubby stil luv u d way u are,dnt boda stressing ursf cos d luv z rily wat mattas n bsyd it aint ur fault.

  4. Anonymous2/08/2014

    U can do exercises.
    Dont allow "dem say" ruin ur happiness.
    All u ve to do is clear with ur Doc nd register with a gd gym where dey ve personal trainers that wld wrk with u.
    Exercise is always gd if done well.
    U can also work on ur diet with ur Doc nd personal trainer

    1. Anonymous2/08/2014

      Sorry just read ur post again. Woke up to breast feed nd didnt read well.
      Pls wat area do u stay?

  5. Poster2/08/2014

    Thank you all.
    i know i can do exercises, but for this condition not just any kind of exercises. like i said the situation here is called diastasis recti wc is a separation of the stomach muscle frm the core center that holds our tummy.
    there r particular exercises and i dont know if any one has heard of it or done it b4.
    @anonymous 8.42 i stay in lagos, oshodi to be precise.

    1. Anonymous7/13/2018

      U r right. I also have diastasis recti. Sit up, crunches and those normal exercises are bad for us. People pls research on diastasis recti. My sister visit YouTube and see some exercises that might work. Good luck

  6. Anonymous2/09/2014

    Poster, hv U confirmed ds diagnosis with ur Dr. Sometyms we just read stuff on the net and assume the symptoms just match our symptoms esp because we are worried.
    Hv U tried wearing a girdle/body shape all day and all night. It really works. It dsnt hv to be sth expensive. Trust m on ds one.
    First confirm ds diagnosis with ur obstetrician.

  7. Anonymous2/09/2014

    Poster, you can read this lady's blog. Maybe you will find something to help you.

  8. Anonymous2/10/2014

    Dear poster for exercise, you can go to you-tube there are so many execise videos that i am sure will help you and it is free. You can also eliminate fizzy drinks entirely from your diet, limit alcohol to the bearest minimum and also cut down seriously or entirely on white bread. Please do not have unrealistic expectations, after childbirth especially through a c-section, your body will hardly go back to its pre-childbirth state. Enjoy your life and dont make this become an obstacle for you.


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