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Watch Toke Makinwa's Five Signs He Is A Woman Beater

Ladies in the house, Flo wants us all especially the ones who haven't said "I DO" to watch this Toke Makinwa's video and learn a few things:

Flo: Here's Toke's video that I watched now and I think it will be great to share it on your blog. Maybe if we can all learn prevention

Simple And Quick Cake Baking In A Sandwich Toaster By Zinny

This is in response to a comment someone made about small chops. My problem is time and taking pix. Ill try to send some finger food very soon.
Apart from mixing the cake batter, making this simple cake takes approximately 12mins for each batch. When I first came across this, I was scared it may not cook well at such short time, but surprisingly

Nigerian Women In Government, Speak Up For Slain Students Or Resign Now

The Yobe School Killings; A Tragedy For Nigerian Mothers-Dear Aunty Eya, Congratulations on your recognition as a popular African Women’s blog. I and many women like myself have learned so much from this blog. In view of the tragedy that occurred in our Country yesterday, I have decided to write to you and other Nigerian wives and mothers on this blog. I woke this morning to the news that there was another attack on a secondary school in Yobe yesterday that left 43 children dead and I froze. Another attack! More defenceless children. Children who were in their dormitories, away from parental care and probably not under any adult supervision or protection. I began to imagine that one of those children was mine. I have just one child, I had him after six years of trying and earnest prayers. I almost lost my life in the process of childbirth due to complications.  I imagined that I woke up and heard over the news that my son’s school was attacked by these animals. Throats slit, gunned down,…

Wives Connection Featured On City People Magazine :)

After reading all the venom spewed about me and this blog on another Nigerian blog, I convinced myself and a few others that I needed to be off the Internet for a while. The reason I left links to blog recipes so that readers can easily find their way in my absence.

I successfully stayed off even my Facebook page cos I was really pissed. When we plan and strategize on our beds, "...God's ways are not our ways" I started enjoying staying offline, tried to catch up on whatever I missed offline and on TV sef. Was able to watch some movies from beginning to end which is very unlike me. Took time to sleep and ensure my BP is still Ok.

Enough of the blabbing!
Yesterday, I read about wives connection on City People Magazine and like magic, my energy got revived cos I told myself God is still up to something and more blessings will surely bring more "haters" (permit me to use that word). The sweet words about wives connection? You can go read for yourself o. The latest Ed…

Online Shopping 101: How To Successfully Buy Things Online By Stella

This is a response to the poster who narrated her bad experience shopping at Her post was here
My dear, sorry about your experience with AliExpress. I know how you feel. It's one of the RISKS with online buying IF YOU ARE NOT WELL INFORMED. Not only from Aliexpress, it could have happened with any other store - just shine your eyes well. 
To help her and other members of this community shop safer online, Here's top of what to know before ever buying a single thing online:
1.) SIZES VARY BY COUNTRY: UK clothes/ shoes size is not the same as USA size. Not same as EU size. Every country has their own size, and for you to buy in the right size IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY to know the sizing conversion, and convert to the seller's size. Foe example, if you are buying stuff from China, convert your sizes to China sizes. You can google 'clothing sizing chart' for any …

Omi Atanifa Soup For New Moms By Deborah Bala

This is a kind of soup made by the bode people of Edo state. It is also good for women that just delivered. Made this for a friend that delivered via CS so I used minimal pepper unlike the previous post partum pepper soup. Ingredients. Scent leaves. Uziza leaves. Spice( don't know the English names but the pictures are available) garlic. Pepper onions. Groundnut. Seasoning.  
Procedure. Wash the fish properly, pluck the leaves and wash properly to remove dirt. Blend or

Any Tips For Water Water Arms And Thighs?

Dear Aunty Eya, God bless you for using your blog to help a lot of people out here.

Sometimes ago I had this sickness characterized by inflammations, low oestrogen and low calcium. I lost bone mass and muscles/fat. I mean I lost a lot of weight.
Now my problem is this, I am left with this flabby arms that jiggles. If I shake it, you would think there is water in it. I mean it doesn't look firm/tight like it was before the weight loss. I call it "water water" body. The upper arm seems to be big but flabby.
Same thing goes for my thighs.

I am fine now but this

When Is It Ok To Assist My Fiance Financially?

Good morning Aunty Eya, I love the good work you are doing with your blog. May God help and uphold your own home.
Aunty pls I have this questions which I will like others to contribute to, the question is, is it good for one's boyfriend not yet a fiance to be asking the lady for financial assistance. For instance he wants to buy a car, he asked the lady to help him raise some cash, he wants to get an accommodation, he asked the lady to help with some cash. Although he promised to pay back, but the ones

Why Slain Banker Titilayo's Husband Was Sentenced To Death

In sentencing Mr. Arowolo to death, the judge said that the prosecution proved their case beyond reasonable doubt and established that the defendant was responsible for his wife’s death.
Mrs. Okunnu said that she reached her verdict by relying on the evidences of the pathologist who conducted a post-mortem examination on the deceased’s corpse, the parents of the convict who were “not witnesses of truth”, and the contradictory statements of the convict.

She also relied on the “Doctrine of the Last Scene” which stipulates that the last person at a crime scene bears full responsibility for the deceased.
“It serves to buttress the finding that the defendant and no one else is the culprit,” Mrs. Okunnu added. As the judge pronounced her sentence, Mr. Arowolo fell in the dock and burst into tears, screaming “who would take care of my little daughter?”
The trial of Mr. Arowolo, 32, began in 2011 after the prosecution accused him of stabbing to death his wife, a banker, on June 24, 2011 at their r…

Sudden Changes In My Body System

Gudevening, for like a year haven't had any period pain but now I think am having some signs of period, like for example a week ago had some pains on my nipple although the breast is in its normal size and I don't know if am imagining it o, I feel some cramps thou and today is friday still no period and I normally don't put the dates of my period on ma head because my period is irregular, it could come 2 times in one month and sometimes last for two weeks and during those times nothing like pains.

My major problem now is

Help With Wives Connection Food Timetable

Hello aunty Eya, I'm married to an itsekiri man and we reside at Asaba.I have a set of twin toddlers and I work. I'm an ardent reader of urblog especially the recipes.

Pls I need ur help. Can u

Free Mobile Solutions In Healthcare, With A Mothers' Community

Dear Ma,

You are indeed doing a great job through your online platforms.

We are MOBicure, an mhealth startup committed to using mobile technology to solve health care issues in Nigeria and Africa. mhealth or mobile health is the use of mobile technology devices and tools such as phones, tabs, sms, apps and videos to solve healthcare problems .MOBicure is a company that provides mobile technology solutions in healthcare, and our focus is to improve the quality of lives of people.

Our 1st product, ỌMỌMI - is an android-based mobile application that will enable Nigerian mothers keep their young children healthy.
This easy to use application will make it easier for parents and caregivers to cater for the health needs of their children by providing a platform for them to :

-Monitor their children's growth and nutritional status,
-Remember and schedule routine immunization visits,
- Provide a

Ofe Onugbu Soup By Zinny

Sorry I'm posting just the end product. I'm not very good at patiently taking step by step pictures while cooking.

Palm fruit (Akwu, Banga)
Meat (I used Cow tripe and)
Cocoyam (Ede Orie)
Stock fish head
Dry Fish (Mangala)
Dried Prawn (Opollo) or crayfish
Bitter leaf (Onugbu)

Cooking Method:
I washed my bitter leaf myself just to get a very fresh taste. Except you are lucky, most of the washed bitter leaf sold in the market in the city aren't always fresh or well washed. Make sure you wash at least 5times, depending on the quantity to get a bitter free leaf.(Some people like a bit of bitterness though, just a bit).
Wash your banga and Cocoyam and put in a pot with water and put on fire to boil. Once the Banga gets really tender, You bring out separately and pound in a mortar until the skin comes of totally and you can clearly see the oiled nuts.

The trick in washing banga is speed. You need to extract the oil while its still hot. Some people wash the Banga w…

Information Regarding Marriage In Nigeria, Filipino/Nigeria

Hi. I would like to ask some information about marrying a nigerian guy. I am a filipina but i was married before and separated for 8years in philippines. But the problem is the married still not annulled. 
And im still using my married name to my passport. Is there any possibility that

My Challenges With Shopping On Aliexpress

Goodmorningma,my name is.........................

Please hide my e-mail address and name.

I had previously sent you this e-mail but u ignored it. Please ma publish it because i need input from your fine readers.

I would like to bring to your attention the fact that we are yet to hear anything from Dortiye,the lady who was giving us a lecture about shopping online. She promised to come back to give us more tips on how to have a smooth shopping experience,e.g, how to use an agent,etc.

Can you kindly contact her ma or help me with her contact details as i am having some difficulties shopping particularly in the following areas:

1. How do i buy from different suppliers but get everything delivered to me by one person or at once.

2. Sometimes i want to buy a dress and it costs maybe 15dollars but they will now charge me up to 50 dollars for shipping. Where is the sense in that. And most times,i just want to buy a few quantity because although i want to resell, i have also heard that some of thei…

Married For Seven Years, Fending For The Family With My Earnings While Hubby Works For God. What Can I Do?

Hello sister Eya Ayambem, I love your blog and I've introduced it to a lot of my family and friends and they re hooked.please I need advice from wcm, I've been married for 7 yrs plus with no kids.
Since i married my husband I've been the one fending for us with the job am doing,he doesn't give me money for upkeep cos he does not have, even I've had to buy some basic electronics we need and use in the house cos he can't afford to, I even give him money from time to time..I've had to pay Gynae  tests and drugs prescribed for us.
But the thing is, he is very committed to God,the Lord told him to go to hospitals to be praying for the sick and he is been doing that consistently for 4- 5 yrs now, in church if no one

In My Thirties With No Relationship. Help A Sister

Hi Aunty Eya.God will surely perfect all that concerns you in Jesus' Name.I am a 30 year old lady without a relationship. I don't know what to do.I've prayed,fasted,and all sort but no show. Can fellow sisters advise me? (kindly hide my identity)

Eya Says: Your mail is too short for

Why Nigerian Wives Accept Illegitimate Kids?

Hello Eya, how are you and the baby? Can you please help  post this on wives connection blog? There is something I want to know about your country Nigeria (Mine too by marriage). From advice given on your blog, whenever a married Nigerian man impregnates another woman, his wife is advised to accept the child and if possible, bring it home. Why is that? 

Don't the women on your blog

At Last, My puff puff is excellent!!!

After my two failed attempts at puff puff making, your guys' comments made my realize that the absence of yeast is what gave my flat puff puff. This time around I had my yeast ready and Oh My.  Yesterday my puff puff turned out excellent. I couldn't believe Eya made this puff. I remember asking a puff puff seller for tips and she said I should pay or no tips.

I don't know how on earth I

The Day After Valentine, How Did It Go?

Would you like to share? For me, I was  home all day with my big belle. In the morning, at a point it felt like no parcel was forth coming and I had to ask o. Yes, I know we shouldn't ask , gifts should come from the heart but you know men na, sometimes they don't even remember some things and if you don't express yourself to them, anger and vexation will silently kill you while they have no idea what you are thinking. So, me, I jejely ask oga at the top " Where is my valentine's Day Present?" 

Later in the evening I got a small present sha, To God be the glory:( 
Oh well,  I don't know if my asking triggered the buying of that gift but I no send lo. I wish I remembered to get him a gift too. Next time I won't forget. He understands that I don't go out much these days, maybe, that's why I wasn't yabbed for asking when I didn't present anything.

Well done! to all  who remembered to get gifts for their loved ones, it's a good habit, kee…

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Whether hubby remembered to buy you a gift or not, still celebrate Love today. Women!!! we love to be given all the time. Before you start harassing him, make sure you got him something.
Dear ladies and Gents, let us celebrate this day spreading love like Saint Valentine and not AIDS o. STDs are real. HIV AIDS is real. A moment's pleasure is not worth a lifetime of agony. Let us not foget the orphans and less privileged.

Still expecting

Am I Still In Love With My Husband? Someone Pls Explain Love Cos I'm Lost

Hello Aunty Eya, how are you doing? Please i need help frm WCM, am married with Kids, have been having issues with Hubby these past years buti thank almighty God for how things are going now, but there is  something that worries me, I DONT KNOW IF AM IN LOVE with hubby.  I want to think of him and feel something maybe butterflies or goose pimples rather i feel nothing, or am i wrong with what am saying or is it that i still feel hurt with past

Gizzard And Fish In Unripe Plantain Pottage By Ama

These pics are performing Americo wonder for us. After all the rotation before posting, they still appear upside down. Lolz. Scroll down to view the gizzard and fish in unripe plantain porridge collage. Happy new's been quite a while. I've been out of circulation for a bit but I made something random and thought to share the recipe though a lot of people have probably made this too.

- Unripe plantain (for the sweet tooths, use half ripe plantains or mix ripe and Unripe)
- Gizzards (you can use chicken, fish or whatever catches your fancy)
- Onions
- Ground crayfish
- Pepper
- Salt
- Seasoning cubes
- Palm oil

- Wash,

My Fiance Thinks He Is A Rock, What Can I Do?

Hi aunty Eya,
I stumbled on ur blog yersterday when I was looking for answer on how to handle my fiance's attitude and it has been a wonderful experience since then.

Please I need help. My fiance is a man that loves me so much but at  times his temper scares me. He doesnt shout but it is something u rather avoid. He is of the opinion that his woman shouldn't talk back at him and that anyway a woman's home turns out, it is her own making cos she has the power to form it. That if am to tell him something I shld put it in the right perspective and in a calm voice. But the annoying thing is that in anger he says hurtful things like" I wonder how u reason at times" I have

Nigerian Pounded Yam Made With Food Processor

With all the blog posts on making pounded yam in a food processor, I never bothered trying because there was always someone around to help with the pounding. Well, yesterday I craved hot pounded yam with hot draw soup at a time there was no adult around and I had to quickly search the blog for the pounded yam in a food processorpost by Onome.

It was

Should I Leave Him Or Stay And Fight Both Spiritually And Physically

Hi aunty eya, I am an ardent reader of ur blog, pls I need advice from you and other readers. About 4 months ago I met this man, who was so sweet and loving and promised me marriage. He is a father of 3 beautiful girls from his first marriage until the wife died. And before her death , they were divorced He got involved wit another lady who used charms on him (according to him and his relatives) she never bore him a child.They just had introduction(knocking of the door) After 5 yrs he got seperated from her, bcos she was sleeping around and not in good terms wit his family. He met

Which Is Better, IUD Or Implants?

Hello aunty Eya, I sent a mail some days ago but you've not posted it. Plsam sending this mail again. Help a sister abeg.
I'm on the verge of choosing btw IUD or implant mode of contraception. I need opinions from people that have done either of the two. Want to know d side effect they experienced when they did it. Madam bikohelp me post it on WC. Thanx a lot

I'm at the point of

Roast Tilapia Fish With Stir Fry Vegetables By Lizzy Obaze

I just thought I should share this with Wc. I can't bake anything at all as I've never been interested to learn or watch when it's being done so no cake from me this month of cake challenge. Please manage this fish and veg.
Fish: Tilapia fish washed and set aside.

Sauce: Onion, pepper, garlic and

Is It Alright To Add Human Effort To Faith Prayer?

Good morning Everyone! Please, I have a beautiful daughter who is three years old and I want to start trying to conceive my second child. However, I want a boy now for a different experience and to complete my family.
I have been praying and fasting about it. However, there are some natural ways to aid in conceiving a boy prominent among which

How Do I Handle This Demanding Type Of Mother-Inlaw? So Confused

Good morning WC readers. I have been married for some years now and i love my husband very much. The problem is his mother. she is just too demanding! he has two young siblings who are still in school and an elder brother who has stopped  helping the family.

Despite husby's struggles to set up his mum,she always squanders the money.he also gives her monthly allowance,stock d house with food yet they still want more.i am not against him doing all that but what makes me angry is that the mother likes to party ehn,asoebi here and there which husby pay for. she loves party to the extent of asking husby to pay for party first before paying his siblings school fees. 

what makes

Thank You All I'm Now Pregnant. I Need Tips Please

Goodmorning madam Eya, I hope this message meets you in good condition. Pls help me post my mail. I came to this same blog(WC) few months back seeking for advice concerning infertility. The Almighty GOD has smiled at me as I am currently 4months pregnant.

 (I praise his mightiness). I give thanks to madam eya and the honourable WC members that took time to share my problem and the numerous advice I receive in this very home saving blog. My fellow WC members pls I need to know what I should do,eat,avoid to have a healthy pregnancy althrough. 

My most concern is

What Your Fingernails Are Telling You Now

A lot of people, especially women do not listen to their nails. Nature has made it possible and easy to look at the nils and tell when your system is truly healthy or giving you warning signs. Before the body finally breaks down, there are warning signs but we just ignore and carry on.

The ladies are the most affected. If we pay attention to our nails, most health issues can be nipped in the bud. For pregnant women, paying attention to your nails will let you know when you are anaemic even before the Packed Cell Volume (PCV) Test.  Most times we just keep polishing and

Episiotomy Has Ruined My Birth Canal. Am I Paranoid?

Hello ma. How is the family and kids.
Am a regular reader of WC. Please do help me post this,and also hide my details.
I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 5weeks ago. In the process of delivery I was given an episiotomy.

 I had ‎​no idea until I was to be stitched. After I was discharged I was too afraid to look @ what has been done. 3days ago I got the courage to use a mirror and check. And what I saw is definitely

White Cake Recipe By Funmi

Hello aunty Eya this is a white cake recipe that's really easy to make.
The most delicious white cake recipe!!!

1 cup butter /margarine
1/2 cup vegetable shortening( I used crisco)
3 cups granulated sugar
5 eggs(pls ensure its at room temperature)
3 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup buttermilk
2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Protruding Stomach After Caesarian Section. I Need Help

good day ma,
pls hide my identity.
Am a 36yrs old mum with 3 kids all i had thru c/s, resident in lagos.
my issue is my protruding tummy which make me look pregnant all year
through especially with my slim body frame.


Another Cheating Husband, Please Advise

Hi Aunty Eya
Pls what should I do?
I have been married for five yrs now and we have a son together.i recently
found out he has been seriously dating a girl and I happen to have stumbled
on their chats and pics of them together.

I have called the girl several times and told her to leave my husband alone.
So I met up with her and

My Three Year Old Son Cannot Talk, Please Help

Good evening aunty Eya and WC am a regular on your blog pls I need advice and help thanks. My son will be 4years this august but can't talk well he can say mummy daddy mama(my daughter) others are not clear its just us d parent that understand some we took him to a paediatrician he said