One Year Birthday Celebration, A Waste Or A Gift?

Hello Eya,
                It’s been a bit quiet on wives connection, Abi you travel leave internet for house?
Anyway, I want to discuss this issue with the house and see what others think. I used to think I am not the type of woman to spend money on trivial things and even yab people who do. But My kids’ one year birthday came up last Saturday and so far I have spent over a 300k on God knows what. 

The funny part of it is that I barely know the kids in my estate and just went door to door inviting people. It was a great occasion, lots of people came, the party packs of over 100pieces got finishes and not everyone I invited even came, food was surplus, I had to throw away leftovers and we all  had fun, took lots of pictures and made new friends.  

I almost agree with
people who say the one year birthday celebration is more for the parent than the kids cos they don’t remember a thing and cry all through the event, however I’m happy I have such memories.  I don’t really regret the extravagance and it’s all recorded so the kids can watch it when they are older, but I can’t stop feeling guilty that I kinda wasted money.


  1. Anonymous1/11/2014

    Stop feeling guilty joor. It was not a waste. If you didn't have the money I'm sure you wouldn't have had a big celebration. I don't regret celebrating my baby's 1 year birthday and we spent over 400k. It's just a way of celebrating life. The baby might not understand what happened now, but when he or she grows and sees the pictures, he will be greatful to you.

  2. Anonymous1/11/2014

    I think you kinda wasted money but no need to feel bad about it. The deed has been done. A. Private party would have made more sense really. Plus the pictures of today will be laid back tomorrow.

  3. Children are a blessing from God and you shouldn't feel you wasted money by celebrating 1yr bday. Like the anon above said, if you couldn't afford it you wouldn't have spent 300k.
    We had a full package rented hall party for our 1st n 2nd kids 1yr bday (packed full plus people we don't kno dat just heard of it n joined in).
    When our 3rd child turns 1 we've decided to have a garden party at home with family and close friends. I sometimes worry that when he gets older he might feel it was unfair/feel less loved bcoz his older siblings had proper parties in a hall and his was just a house/garden party. But really our family is bigger and obviously more expensive to run hence the decision to have a house party to save funds.

  4. Fyn Ijebu Chic1/11/2014

    I just dey laFf today.....
    Are u seeking our advice?
    D deed is done.
    Nothing we say can undo it.
    If I say it's a waste, will u get ur 300k back?
    Abeg, u had fun, dats d important thing, whether na 10k/50k/300k u spend no matter.
    Na pple dey use 5million do party wey d party no go sweet!

  5. you are right about how extravagant parents go.. I am 22 and I'm grateful that my parents went all out for my bday as the first child. I see pictures and it looks like every one had a blast except me because i was crying the whole time... I had 3 big cakes and changed thrice lol. even if I don't know what happened that day.. I have loads of pictures showing I was the star of the day.. crying or sleeping lol

  6. Haaahhaaaaajaa.. Mama ijebu... Hahahaha... Now am feeling guilty... JJ will be 2 in few weeks time, I told myself I'll do only a sch Bday for him.... He hasn't celebrated once... I feel bad now! Oh noooo.. J boy, Mum is sorry... We'll do a big parry @5.

  7. Anonymous1/13/2014

    Whatever rocks your boat babe. I had a one year birthday party for my first son, but decided on a house party for my daughter which she celebrated with cousins etc. :) They were both unique and she had fun.

    I have done school parties ever since (Which i go all out for). I am planning that when they are 10, they will choose how they want their party done, whichever, this money is for the living. lol

  8. Anonymous1/19/2014

    Yes oh, money is for d liviing! If u feel guilty then u need to go visit rich pple who are still unable to hv kids and celebrate these kids! I throw big parties for all my kids first cos my parents had 6kids and threw big one year partiies for each of us. The pics are all there! Then secondly I do it in appreciation to God who gave me this kids effortlessly n also blessed me abundantly to take good care of them shikena!


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