How Do I Chat On Aliexpress?

Hello ma,pls can you foward the email address of the lady who was answering questions on the aliexpress post on your blog?she said we should interact with the sellers before purchasing the goods and
I have been trying to chat but don't know how to go about it.thank you ma.God bless.pls wld be waiting for your reply.


  1. Anonymous1/03/2014

    Good question. Still waiting 2 hear positive feedback from those dat have ordered from them. I've opened d UBA africard account though

  2. Sorry for being away dis long.
    To download d chat application go to dis site and download the one for your device type.

  3. Click on d product you want to buy. You will see contact supplier now. If d seller is online d icon will be yellow in color. Click on it and a page will open, fill in ur login detail and start chatting with d supplier.

    Once u start d chat, u can log out and go to d download application and long in ur details to continue d chat will u continue shopping.

  4. Anonymous1/06/2014

    I hav tried to do the transaction wt my bb bt anytime I click on buy now,it keeps displaying page not found. Please wat do I do?

    1. Shuga Jay1/10/2014

      I'm having the same issue 2.. I use a Bold 5.. Wenever I click on 'Buy Now', it tells me 'the page cannot be displayed'..

  5. Anonymous1/06/2014

    Hello Dee,can the app be downloaded on a blackberry?

  6. I use an android phone. But I think it can work on BB. Check d link I left

  7. Anonymous1/07/2014

    Hi,its not working on BB.tnx for your replies.

    1. Anonymous1/07/2014

      Yeah it doesn't work 4 bb. Tried it too. Only 4 andriod phones. U could just bookmark d site 4 easy navigation. Dats wat I did

  8. Anonymous1/07/2014

    Ok,thank you.

  9. Anonymous1/13/2014

    Hi, i ordered something and i am not sure how to track my's being shipped by china post air mail.

  10. Anonymous2/03/2014

    Hi dee, pls I intend to go into bags from aliexpress, want to know if is possible to negotiate the number of orders to suit me cos most times the have minimum orders in hundreds which is way too much for one item


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