Free Legal Services For Bereaved Poster

Re: I Need A Very Good Lawyer

 RIP Olivia, The baby died on the spot. The crash happened due to over loading of the truck
Good Morning. I got your number from your blog. There's a story about a woman who has a case with The Young Shall Grow Motors. I would like to assist her with free legal services. Can you
help me with her contact?
Ms ............

Eya:  Poster, if you are reading this,  please try and reach me cos I can't locate your mail in my box.I think it's deleted. Send me a mail so you can reach and get to know this very good Lawyer.


  1. Anonymous1/15/2014

    This is good news. God be praised. Poster you are blessed.

  2. Thank God for this great news, thanks to the lawyer for rendering free legal services. God bless you real good.

  3. Anonymous1/16/2014

    To the lawyer God bless u. To the poster it is well.

  4. Thanks poster, would also suggest that you look at settlement out of court because of the duration a court case may take and also not winning the case based on technicality. You know the law is an ass

  5. Thank you so much lawyer. Rest in peace baby Olivia.

  6. POSTER1/16/2014

    I am the poster and am very grateful to Aunty Eya and Wc family for ur love and support @ dis point in our lives...we are going thru pains and there's a big void in our hearts, as I write this my brother's wife is still in Igbobi hospital going through serious pains and she's not aware that the baby is gone for good doctors advised us not to tell her because she still has 3 more surgeries to undergo and two more months to spend in the hospital,my WC family members this is really a difficult time for us for ave lost faith,even doubted God. Aunty Eya I want to thank you very much because if not for you the good lawyer that wants to help us wouldn't ave known about us,I will always keep you updated,please always remember us in your prayers...

    1. @ Poster, may God comfort u all. N may Olivia's soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

    2. Please know that you're in my prayers. May the Lord comfort you on all sides and may the little one continue to rest.

  7. Delacreme1/25/2014

    I promised to always keep u updated, thanks to the lady that helped us,the story came out in today's punch (January 23) and we pray the government do something about very grateful to you all


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