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Battling With Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Any Tips For Me?

Aunty Eya, good evening,please I want u to hide my ID my name is  ... Please i have been battling with blocked fallopian tubes and I really

Should I Ignore him? Please Advise Me

Dear Aunty Eya,

Sure you're doing great? Well done with what you're doing with the blog. I've got a problem and here it is: i had an argument with my bf only for him to compare me with his ex. I then replied him saying okay maybe he should go back to her since she gives him the peace of mind i don't give... He replied by stating that yes she did, that circumstances caused their not being together.

I'm in a

Bridal and Special Occasion Makeovers By My Makeup Beauty

My Makeup Beauty is the sister company of My Makeup Cosmetics & Co., Nigeria's foremost online beauty retail store

My Makeup Beauty specializes in Bridal makeovers, Special Occasion Makeovers, Editorial Makeovers and Trainings. 
At My Makeup Beauty we believe in using only the best products for our clients in order to get the best results.
My Makeup Beauty is based in Block A2-16 Shop 193/194 Sura Shopping Complex Simpson Street Lagos Island and 321 Road Shopping Complex in Festac Town Lagos


Why You Must Read Your Food Labels. A Must See!

What Do You See on this label?We are told to ALWAYS read labels, but, do we?  This was shared on Facebook by Natural Nigerian's Photo and it shook me to my bones. I have been careless with reading labels. All I am mostly interested in is

Foreign Versus Nigerian Nurses

I saw this on Debby's page, laughed hard and quickly lifted to share with you guys. Lolz

FOREIGN NURSES VS NIGERIA NURSES If you see where a woman is giving birth abroad chei! even as a man you'll feel like getting pregnant For only one woman in Labour You will see an obstetrician A gynaecologist A general surgeon A specialist surgeon An anaesthetistA registered nurse midwife And even registered nurses+plus social welfare officer and so on And they pet women in labour That is why it is called"Delivery Room" over there.
Back in Nigeria my country it is called "Labour Room" And

Potato Salad By Deborah Bala

Ingredients for potato salad

Post-Partum Nigerian Chicken Pepper soup For Nursing Mothers By Deborah Bala


Wives Connection Updates And My Confession, God Please Help Me!

Hello Aunty Eya,

Are you okay? Is everyone and everything okay?
I have been refreshing Wc for almost a week now with no new post and this is very unlike you. I know you just moved house about a month ago but creating a little time out of your busy schedule to upload one new post everyday is very important to keep Wc alive and running.

You worked hard to create awareness that's why we all got to know of and joined wC so please don't relax now so you are not back to square 1 again.

Please also update Wc on your absence as people have started speculating and saying a lot of insulting things.

Some of us look up to you as you have empowered us in so many ways you are not even aware of. Please don't let that positive energy in you be tired as that might affect us your fans.


Hi sister ..., thanks for your kind words. You know I wanted to let you guys know I'm very very

Lettuce Salad With Avocado Dressing By Deborah Bala

Ingredients:  Lettuce, tomato, green pepper, avocado and olive oil.  This is

Egg Plant Sauce With Crunchy Snails And Boiled Yam

Try serving peppered snails with egg sauce and see the difference. I blended these eggplants and I think that affected the

Naija Stories Invites You To Her Book Launch

NS Publishing Limited in collaboration with the British Council is pleased to invite you to the launch of our branded Naija Stories fiction books. There will be 14 titles premiered on that day, 10 of which are collections of short stories from our highly popular website,

The launch of these 14 titles is the first step in our efforts to make reading fun, accessible, and affordable. NS Publishing is dedicated to developing and distributing Nigerian literary content through paperbacks, e-books, apps and audio through channels and at costs within the reach of ordinary Nigerians. We believe that by nurturing writers and readers, we will contribute to the development of engaged, empowered and educated Nigerians.

Below are the

I Am Gay, Lesbian, What Would You Do?

So much is happening right now. The Anti-Gay Bill, the fights on blogs between supporters and non supporters, the sudden support and likeness of President Goodluck Jonathan and the anger too by some. Times are changing so fast it's scary abeg.

I took my time to read comments on different blogs and I know fully well that by posting this, some commenters will want me to say my stand and not stand on the fence. I asked myself what would Jesus do? I cannot condemn anyone created in God's image and likeness, who am I to even judge them. HOWEVER, Truth is, I agree completely with

Become A Housewife Until All Our Kids Are Grown?

Good morning aunty eya I've been a silent follower of your blog since 2012.God has been using you to save many marriages.pls ma don't disclose my identity my name is.My husband wants me to be a housewife till after giving birth to all my kids and I just have a son now.

He said


This is me! Fat, Slim, Tall, Short, Fair, Thin, Dark, Black, White... This is me!!!

"To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK" - That was Gabourey Sidibe's response to her twitter weight critics.
In 2010, Gabourey Sidibe told Harper's Bazaar: "People always ask me, ‘You have so much confidence. Where did that come from?' It came from

Really Urgent: Where Can I Get These Beads? ...

Aunty eya ,please I beg u in God's name
Pleaseeeeeeee help me ask you readers where

Who Makes The First Move? The New Neighbor Or You?

I watch foreign movies and I see that  when people move into a new neighbourhood, they sometimes take cookies or something to their next door neighbours to introduce themselves as the new family that just moved into  this or that building, and I like it. 


How To Roast Whole Chicken By Lizzy Obaze

very low fat and NO carbohydrate change of lifestyle.

Seasoning: curry powder, knorr cube, salt, garlic, dry herbs and jerk chicken seasoning.
I mixed the seasoning in a bowl with a few spoonfuls of water to dissolve then set aside.

I chopped up 1 onion into rings and 2 peppers then set aside.

I washed my whole chicken, poked it all over with a knife then seasoned it. I stuff the chicken with the chopped onion and pepper then  I placed the chicken in a covered dish then left in fridge overnight to ensure it is properly marinated.
ALSO CHECK OUT: How to bake whole chicken

The following

Free Legal Services For Bereaved Poster

Re: I Need A Very Good LawyerGood Morning. I got your number from your blog. There's a story about a woman who has a case with The Young Shall Grow Motors. I would like to assist her with free legal services. Can you

Salad And Dressing By Lizzy Obaze

Hello Aunty Eya,

Happy new year. Hope you and your family had an exciting festive period.

I'm waiting for you to reveal the news you have for us on WC. Everyone thinks there's a baby on the way, enough suspense and please spill the beans.

So I started a very low fat and NO carbohydrate change of lifestyle/diet to help shift baby weight and generally to be healthy.
Vegetables for

Salads And Different Dressing For January, Shall We?

I think I understand Deborah Bala's post wella, Salad and Dressing for January doesn't mean that we cannot post other food recipes. We can send pics of any recipe, but should also try our best to send our different salad recipes and share with others.

There are a few salad recipes on the blog and we are free to share more this January and please those

See My Ungrateful Maid?

Hello Eya,                 Happy new year to you all. I just want to rant a bit on how ungrateful and selfish maids can be. I had a maid brought to me from the village last April, three months after I gave birth cos I has to resume work. A Very neat and hardworking girl. And the kids loved her. What did I not do for this girl? Never raised my voice at her,  Paid her salary every month end, bought toiletries and weavons for her every month end, gave her money to make her hair, buy clothes, bought her a new phone, give her days off. 
When she came, I opened an account for her and held unto the withdrawal booklet, she went behind my back to request for an Atm and kept withdrawing from her salary instead of saving for university as her folks are very poor. I advise her tiya, I later realized she was sending money home to a guy, not to her parents. She told me she was travelling for Xmas, I promised her a raise in January, as well as jamb classes and jamb form, bought her bag of rice and …

One Year Birthday Celebration, A Waste Or A Gift?

Hello Eya,                 It’s been a bit quiet on wives connection, Abi you travel leave internet for house? Anyway, I want to discuss this issue with the house and see what others think. I used to think I am not the type of woman to spend money on trivial things and even yab people who do. But My kids’ one year birthday came up last Saturday and so far I have spent over a 300k on God knows what. 
The funny part of it is that I barely know the kids in my estate and just went door to door inviting people. It was a great occasion, lots of people came, the party packs of over 100pieces got finishes and not everyone I invited even came, food was surplus, I had to throw away leftovers and we all  had fun, took lots of pictures and made new friends.  
I almost agree with

How Marriage Introduction Is Done In Nigeria

Hi aunty eyah
From one of your youngest blog readers :)
My fiancee asked me how Marriage introduction is done and I don't really know.

We have a

I Feel My Time Has Come, Confused on Making A Choice

Good morning Aunty Eya! I hv come again with another dilemma,pls help me post this, hide my contact pls. Thanks!
  I hv been dating my bf for 5months,he is a great guy,caring and all dat,buh sometimes he could be insensitive n we hv problems communicating(cos am d quiet n shy type),sometimes I feel like a dulling him. He is a lecturer @ one of d eastern universities,though it's a temporary job,buh he hasn't been lucky with finding anoda job,he also intends to go for his phd if he is lucky to get funds frm ETF.

  2months ago,I got talking witanoda guy, he saw me in church,n got my numbafrm his mum. He is also a lecturer in England,and also running his Phdprogramme. He is also a great guy,caring n homely. He came bk for xmas to see me,n d 2wks he was around he has really been great. I talk wit him on phone more than I talk with my bf. Yesterday he told me abt his intention to come bk april,to ask for my hand, buh I turned him down on d grounds dat I had a boyfriend,who I know is n…

Chicken And Mushroom Pasta By Chidinma

Thank you, Aunt Eya for letting me share this on your blog.

My name is Chidinma, and I blog at My blog is all about healthier recipes for the whole family.

Today, I'd like to share with you my recipe for Chicken and Mushroom Pasta.
I'm all about easy AND tasty recipes, and this is at the top of the list. I love pasta in any shape, form or size (size ke? No, not really-figure 8 tinz). 

I'm a pepper freak (I love atarodo/habanero!), but I've come to realise, after making a variety of

I am Glowing, No Longer The Down Trodden Wife Anymore!

From Odun, Fomerikorodu Lady (Lolzzz)Happy new year... may 2014 bring in so much joy and peace into your heart and home. I am sure you are surprised to hear from me... i am still a follower of the WC.. buti just read and learn from the posts and the comments. Sometimes i still find myself wondering why idont see Ahdaisy, Jay, etc on WC anymore. Sorry , before you wonder who this is .. you know my name but people used to refer to me on your blog as ikorodu lady(lolzzz) I read a post on your blog this morning ..and it took me back to those days of depression. So much has happened to me since and i felt strongly i should share with you an overview.. so you know am still very much alive and well. You remember how i was just withering away after what my hubby then put me through after i defied everyone to marry him, gave up my former job to satisfy him literally turned myself to a doormat just to get the littlelest smile and approval from him.. it was during those periods that i stumbled on WC…

Falling For A Divorcee With Kids, What Can I Do? I Need Advice

Anonymous2:53 PM Eya gdafternoon pls I have an issue I want u to help me post bt I dnt knw how to send it to ur mail so pls just help me post this.I am 35 plus and single.I hv had several relationships proposal bt most of them want sex before marriage and I hv already made up my mind not to hv sex again b4 marriage for over 10 yrs now.Presently there r 2 men asking for my hand in marriage.One is abroad,a divorcee from a

For Pregnancy, Antenatal And Delivery, Is Gov't Hospital Better Than Private?

Hello Eya,

Could you help me sample the opinions of visitors to your blog concerning the above subject?
My mum thinks I should register with the Federal

Nutritious Egg Moi Moi By Flo

I Prepared Omalicha's Egg Moi MoiIf you are like me and you do not like hard boiled eggs (I only eat the egg whites lol) and you do not like fried egg (it gives me heart burn), then you will love Egg Moi Moi – I love this name! Egg Moi Moi is a cross between boiledegg and fried egg. It is cooked but you get the chance to beat the egg to combine the egg yolk and

Pre-Nuptial Agreements In Africa, Let's Discuss Please

Good day Ma.
    My name is Ivy Brown and I want to seek your opinion and that of the house as regards pre nuptial contracts. This is a contract that a couple intending to marry sign in case of divorce. It is very common in dwestern world but not in Africa. Isn't it a good idea for intending couples to have a pre nup? In a pre nup, things like cheating, domestic violence, etc are tackled. The couple can also agree on custody arrangements, alimony and just about any legalities they want to.
    I was thinking about Dino and Tokunbo Melaye and

My Husband And His Mistress, HELP!

Hello Madam Eya good day, pls hide my id.
my story is a long one but I need u and WC readers to be patient enough.
I met my husband when I was in secondary school and he, a fresh graduate, then I was 17yrs old. We dated for 4yrs b4 we tied d knot and right now we ar already 4yrs into the marriage so we have been together for 8yrs.
During the period I met my husband, I asked him if he is into another relationship he told me that his last relationship ended bcos the girl cheated on him. As I was young and naive I believed him, meanwhile, in the course of our relationship I received an anonymous msg warning me to leave her boyfriend alone. I confronted my husband then my bf he denied knowledge of a secret affair. Some years later I was already an undergraduate one thing led to another I got pregnant which hastened the plan of our marriage. Our plan is to get married d coming year but the pregnancy changed the plan. 
Within one year of our marriage, my husband started seeing his ex. D same per…

Why Keep An Ex Husband's Name? I'd Like To Know Please

Strong women still dey o! I always thought that keeping an ex's name may prevent secret admirers coming forth. What if another man

Distributors Are Invited Nationwide

For anyone interested in being a distributor for Segga cocoyam flour, your services are needed from all corners of the

Master Bedroom Wardrobe Comes Between My Husband And I

Hello Aunty Eya and WC, please I have a little challenge and would love to hear the views of other women too. I'd like to educate myself and to know if I'm being too petty like my husband said. When a couple shares the master bedroom, is it not fair and proper for the wardrobe to be shared equally? Is it OK for a husband to claim most of the wardrobe leaving very little or no space for his wife? 

Please I'd like to know how other wives do it. Do you continue to

Fish Fillet Vegetable Sauce With Pasta

This fish vegetable sauce is best cooked with fish fillet. I didn't have at home so tried to cut my croaker, a few bones escaped into the pot but couldn't create any drama because we all over enjoyed this meal.
I regret taking pics with this Lumia cos posting them has given me enough headache already. Couldn't upload to a laptop and now blogging with the phone to see if they upload but not sure they'll show on the blog. Let me just keep trying different tricks cos this tasted too good not to be posted.

Yay! the pics have finally uploaded after these long hours. Try this

I Have A Confession...

Um, I don't know how to say this but I can't run away from the truth. I once boasted about something to you guys but ...I refuse to link to that post for now. I was so sure of something but got the opposite, lol. 

Wish I know how to keep quiet but it won't be fair on my loving/caring blog readers. There was a post last year 2012, where I said

Home Made Cookies By Mrs AJ

Seasons greetings to you and ur entire household; poor network has not allowed me to send this since and I really hope it won't fail me today

She Needs To Terminate This Pregnancy

Happy New Year Mrs Eya,
I have a very big problem that is bothering me. My friend came over to have her baby here in the States. She has been told that the baby is not OK, that she needs to terminate this 23 week old pregnancy.

Evacuating  here will

Wives Connection Ideas For 2014 By Deborah Bala

Hi anty and WC, I got some ideas for 2014, you know me am a foodie! Love cooking and trying new things. Why do we suggest the whole house (those that are interested in the food aspect) each month lets bring a new category of food. Learn and send in recipes etc.

That way we all learn and have fun. This won't exclude the normal sending of recipes as you wish. But I feel it will bring back the food aspect as some people started coming to the blog because of the food. What do you guys think?

 We can start with

A Concerned Blog Reader

Good day Aunty Eya, hope you are good? Am  Neya, your  blog reader. of late you hardly update your blog as you use to, in a

How Do I Chat On Aliexpress?

Hello ma,pls can you foward the email address of the lady who was answering questions on the aliexpress post on your blog?she said we should interact with the sellers before purchasing the goods and

From A Desperate Housewife

Good evening and happy new year Eva, I would appreciate if my name and contact isn't displayed on your blog
I am a married woman with an eight months old baby which I had through C-section
I have

Should I Go Ahead With This Wedding?

Good evening Aunty Eya,My name is sandra your regular reader Merry Xmas and happy new year .I really need help because am worried about my relationship. We keep having issue and we are getting married in 3 months time. 

Before we got engaged we only dated for 2 weeks. I told him we are not ready and am not yet in love with him yet but he said we will be fine, even my family said so.

Now we quarrel a lot and am pregnant. He does things that make