Monday, December 22, 2014

He Loves Me, I Love His Friend; Domestic Violence Plus More Mails

‎Poster 1.  Hello Aunty Eya,compliment of the season, my name is..............am in my early 20s,working with a federal govt parastatal,I met this wonderful colleague of mine January this year and we became pretty close(all this time I was single) he had a girlfriend but she was a christian and he is a Muslim. 

People started seeing the chemistry between us but I never saw it,some of our colleagues will even tell us we are going to eventually get married, all I knew was I cared so much about him. Fast forward to 6mnths later,my colleague's friend saw my pic on his phone and insisted he wanted to meet me, I met him and before I knew what was happening we started dating . 

Two months into the relationship,i discovered his friend wasn't the kind of man I wanted,but I kept quiet about it,i wanted to handle it my way until my friend/colleague couldn't hide his feelings anymore and he told me he loved me,he had alwais loved me, I blamed him for keeping quiet and he reminded me of the day he asked me if I could date him and my reply was NO, because I thought he was joking that day.

Now my friend/colleague is single,he is in love with me but am with his friend even though I want to leave his friend and nothing has really happened between me and his friend,i have told him we can't be together but we can't hide what we feel.for each other. Am confused I don't know the next step to take.

Poster 2.  Aunty Eya good morning, aw is ur family? Pls can you

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My Naija Hotdogs For Breakfast And Lunch Boxes

 Serving Nutritious breakfast to my family, somebori is already working on this getting ready for work. If only you knew I was taking a pic while playing with my phone, hahaha. I try abeg, doing all these and more between 5 and 6am daily except on weekends o.
 There is no need for a long write up or step by step explanation because we have hotdogs and kids lunch box posts on the blog. I'll add

My Awesomeness Story By Imoleayo

The word 'AWESOME' means; inspiring, admiration or wonder, breathtaking, magnificent, wonderful, amazing, stunning, impressive, extremely good, excellent e.t.c.
Laying in my bed right now and all i can think of is the Awesomeness  of my Creator. How breathtaking are His works, how wonderful are His thoughts, how magnificent He really is.
Earlier today, I decided to watch some videos online. I watched the human procreation process; from fertilization taking  place in the uterus of a woman to delivering a child into this world. Awesome! 

First of all, it is amazing how a child develops with the help of millions of cells! I watched how the external part of the body forms and mehn! the joy in my heart was overwhelming! 
Another amazing fact is that in spite of the fact that a child is born into the world every second NO two are the same! We are hand crafted by the Creator, you've got your own DNA and I've got mine!!  Yipee
The Bible emphasizes this in JEREMIAH chapter 1 verse 5, God says: BEFORE I FORMED YOU IN THE WOMB I KNEW YOU. BEFORE U WERE BORN I SET YOU APART. It warms my heart knowing that before the world knew me, God did.

The second

Friday, December 05, 2014

Eya Girl At The Gym Burning Calories

 Really panting here, yet no sweat making it look like I 'm not serious.
 It's fun trying to lose weight and live healthy. Can't afford to over work my small blood pumping heart. I hardly sweat and don't like it. After all the exercises and panting, the only clothing item on me that tasted sweat was the sports bra, every other thing looked like I just woke up from a restful sleep. I didn't know that even without sweating much sef, one can still burn calories. I burnt close to 200 at just this first visit.

With a body weight of 87.3kg as at arrival at the gym, I need to lose but, come to think of it, I am tall so, it's not that bad. If I can lose just 10kg, I'll just maintain. My ideal weight is 75kg, here I know the body is healthy and the heart is not overworked. So help me God. Yes, I need this prayer cos I wanted to gym daily but was asked to make it four times per week. My next appointment was supposed to have been last weekend and here I am still planning to. It takes a lot of determination and hardwork and sacrifice.

I love to exercise, and, gymming everyday wouldn't have been a problem but right now it is a bit of a challenge because the two men that carried Mr young man while I exercised saw hell. He was ready to scream his lungs out until Mummy appears. If I was keeping him at the daycare or even a nanny would have really really made things easy but for where? I'm not allowed to enjoy any of these privileges now.

Hubby says he

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Staff Cannot Marry Policy, What Can I do?

Eya Goodday ,how is your family ? Pls i need advice from matured mothers . Am a 29 yr old lady .working with The Federal Govt . While in the University, i dated a guy , we were very fund of each other, after university he started behaving funny ,i could not handle the way he follows me about . We broke up. 

After some months i met another guy from the eastern part of Nigeria , we fell in love and promised marriage , i brought him home to meet my parents cos he said he wanted to meet with them . To cut the long short , we travelled to see his mother, he has no father only for his mother to say she doesn't want her son to marry from my tribe Edo state . He promised talking to his mother and continued to asure me.But one day  he called me after some months to say he is sorry that the marriage cannot work out again cos he can't have two women who will be so dear to him not be able to live together. For that reason he ended the relatioship .

 I was

Pregnancy Weight, Romantic Husband Plus More

1. Hi aunty Eya. Hope yoџ and your family are doing great?. Please i'†ђ3 like to be anonymous.
I've been married for just 2years n my marriage isn't what ℓ̊ want it to be. My husby isn't romantic and is soo nonchalant about it. I try buh he is not encouraging me. I buy him gifts on both val day and his birthday buh he does reciprocate. even ordinary txt he won't send. I've talked to him about it and he was like those things don't matter, buh those littlr little things matter to me. We are young buh am certain our parents share more love than us. Please what can i do to gain his full attention, to make him appreciate me, to be romantic? Pls help!

2. Dear aunty Eya, pls I will be very glad if you can post this anonymously on the blog. I gave birth last month through CS so I wasn't allowed to do most of the therapy a new mum does to get back in shape but I am really anxious to get my shape back especially my tummy. What should I do pls? Is it ok to go on a diet since exercise is out for at least 3-6 months. Thanks so much.
Verere @ georgeverere@gmail.com

3. My marriage is one year, and I have been trying to conceive from onset. But nothing yet. Pls I need average priced, good fertility hospital in Lagos that I can go. And name of any doctor there that will attend and listen to me. Pls help post this on your blog.

4. I'm a secret reader of this blog.  Pls permit to use this medium. I'm  31yrs  guy, from Aks but reside in Imo. I need a lady within

Monday, December 01, 2014

Bucket Bum Lift, Curvy Hips, Hour-Glass-Shape For Ladies

This comment has been on the blog since last week and I wanted to try and confirm before posting but time. We can all try and come back to share how it went. Success on growing and tightening your butt. 
Read it Below:

Good day Aunty Eya. Please help me make this a topic so my sisters on here can benefit from my discovery. I was the same person that made it known sometimes ago that Instagram is on BlackBerry, that is by the way.

What I brought today is Super and i'm sure anyone who gives it a trial would ever be grateful. It's nothing but a Butt lift, Curvy hips and firm butt. It cost nothing but dedication and a Bucket, It is called Bucket Shape..lol. I laughed when my South African friend told me about it but I was grateful I did not ignore it because even blind men are commenting on my curve. some even went as far as saying she has started wearing Bum Bum but na lie o, na my bum bum gan gan I dey carry about.

To cut the whole story short, let's get to how its done. Get a bucket which is your butt size, your butt size in the sense that the bum bum would go into the bucket nd stay there tightly, while the hips and the laps settles on the bucket. Sit there as long as you can, while cooking, washing, gisting, instead of sitting on chair, make it an habit to sit on your bucket as often as you can and as longer as you can and smile at your curve in a matter of weeks.
It also helps the back this way don't relax like a tired woman while sitting, sit upright and chest out abit. with that the butt would be lifted, the bum bum would be firm cos it has tightly sitted in the bucket, the back would stretch and the hips would come out too.

You will feel

Welcome To December; How To Create A Fun Christmas

 Happy December Guys
Happy New Month Dearies!
I couldn't wait to sit with a computer and start typing December greetings. This is my favourite month this year, every year, maybe cos of the weather, maybe cos of the festive season or just the Resting and enjoyment and meeting of friends and families one hasn't seen in a while and having enoug people around to practice and enjoy all the Nigerian food recipes on wives connection kitchen.

My best part of the year has always been December. Sorry for me, like a child, I still look forward to Christmas celebration, baking Christmas cakes for my family with many hands doing little work cos then it's a full house especially at the village where we bake cakes without an oven, Staying awake on Christmas eve and eating all the edibles and drinkables while waiting for 12 midnight to scream "merry christmas!" and decorating the tree with the kids, yes! I still do that.

Before it's Christmas, I always always promise myself that I won't interfere, I tell the children that Christmas tree decoration is their business, BUT, as soon as the tree is brought down, I can't leave them alone o. They beg and remind me of my promise but for where? I just can't sit and watch them mix up colours anyhow or hang without paying particular attention to details and beauty. I know it kinda ruins their fun but Eya must take part in that fun. I try hard not to join them, roam around, watching their busy little hands and before you say jack, mummy is already hanging some bells and asking to help with decorating parts above their height. Wish I can outgrow that.

Today is December 1 and it feels like Christmas already with everyone wishing happy new month and smiling like Christmas day. I pray this year won't be different for my family and yours too. May we truly enjoy this Christmas and tell ourselves that it is the best yet.

parents, let's not forget that giving the family a memorable Christmas does not happen by magic, we have to plan ahead. Get the tree ahead of time for the kids to have fun decorating, they love it. ...If you don't have one yet, these things are very expensive so, one needs to plan ahead.

Plan to get the family a yummy cake if you can't bake. I learnt to bake and decorate from you guys who posted cake recipes on the blog and yes, plus delicious cake recipes in cookbooks and Online, I now make very good assorted cakes for the kids and it's fun especially now that I got a mixer so we don't have to take turns mixing or folding in *I know a mixer is no news but, I can't help sharing:)

Plan to give the family a treat;
plan to lodge them somewhere if you are not travelling and can afford it;
plan to surprise family members with Christmas Presents if that has not been your practice;
 Plan to give them any surprise that would make it unforgettable.

Okay, Another thing that

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Food Made Easy! Any Idea?

Merry Christmas In Advance As We Look for The Best Naija Christmas food, Is it Rice Or Swallow?
Hurrah! Christmas is just around the corner again! 
Christmas is unarguably the largest celebration in Nigeria, it is not only celebrated by Christians but by everyone in the country. Perhaps the main reason for the general acceptance is its timing, just six days before the year ends, what other time would you rather chill out and celebrate? I think we all agree that one of the reasons everyone loves Christmas celebration is the fact that New Year celebration is another remarkable festival enjoyed by everyone irrespective of religious beliefs, so while Christmas means so much for Christians, it also serves as an appetizer before the main meal (New Year) to non-Christians.

There have been several questions pointing to what Christmas means to Nigerians. If your guess is as good as mine, you would agree that there is something about Christmas that resonates with everyone’s soul in this part of the world. So as a proper Naija bred, I would say that Christmas is a season for jollification, sharing (yes, we love giving & receiving gifts!) and above all, it’s a time to eat special meals together with friends and relatives. I kinda love Christmas for all the food part…  did I hear you say the special Christmas rice? Rice is prepared in

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Husband Did Not Grieve Plus Female Pictures On Phone

Good evening ma'am. Am a married woman in my twenties and my husband is in his thirties' we have two kids together.

 I think this man doesn't respect me. Several times I see female pictures on his phone, should I secretly drop it in hot water or how do I handle this?. The recent one that happened and pissed me off  is that he came back from work that fateful night and I asked him if he was ready to eat but he said no and stepped out.

 I asked where he was going only for him to say it's none of my business. I decided to go buy something outside and I saw him and his ex in an awkward corner. I was so pissed that I insulted him and

Thursday, November 20, 2014

He Wants Marriage And Kids First, I Want My PhD First...

What if he stops me after we are married? What if i begin to resent him later on?

Hello...i stumbled on this blog through the internet and i decided to go thru it and i must say that i am pleased with it. I need advice because i am somewhat confused...i have been dating this wonderful man for a couple of years now,i knw his family members and they are wonderful people,my dilemma is this...

i have always dreamed of goin for my Phd and presently i am on my masters,i am pretty young. My boyfriend is nt too comfortable with me doing my Phd after my masters, he feels we shuld get married first in lyk 2 years time and after a kid or 2, i can start my Phd but i really wanna start before marriage then i can get married while on it (this is because i know we are both not ready for marriage until like 2 or 3 years time so i am like, why shouldn't I?)  he feels family should come first, i agree but i am not married yet and would like to pursue my dreams 

...i am afraid because if i don't start and i get married, what if things
don't go as planned and I can't do it? 

what if he stops me after we are married? What if i begin to resent him later on? 

I am young, he is young, there is no rush,i am 22 & he is 24. Because we aint in the same country cos i left for

Genotype SS And AA Can I Date Him?

Good evening Aunty Eya,i'm in mid-twenties and I have not been lucky with relationships even despite my love and sacrifice! Had my last breakup since may and I'm yet to go into another relationship...

but early september,i met with this guy and we've been good friends,i like him and he likes me too...just last month,he asked that we date....The clause here now is that he is SS and I am AA...please I need your advice on whether to go ahead and date him or not...

I'm really

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Drama Started When My Parents Gave Outrageous Wedding Bills

Hello Eya'
Pleaseeeeeee hide my details!
I want to commend your great work, you are indeed a blessing. Ma I am getting married in four weeks and at first my fiance and I were excited. We dated for 8 months and it was amazing, simple and beautiful.

 He is gentle, disciplined and loving, His dad dotes over me. We were (or are) our answers to each others prayers and we decided to get married. No spectacular proposals though, we both knew what we wanted. 

The drama all started when my mother gave us the wedding bills, it was grossly outrageous and way beyond his budget. He kept his cool though and simply said what he could afford. 3 months to the wedding when he went to my family house, my father gave him a verbal dress down just because he hadn't booked anything yet, things like he acts like a woman and maybe i am the one to cater for our family, so many horrible things i wouldnt want to say.

 My Dad said so many demeaning things to him and i was scared he was going to call the relationship off but he kept his cool and we were alright. My mum kept doing one form of annoying thing after the other simply because my fiance decided to contact most of the suppliers we would need to negotiate an affordable deal. My mum is a control freak and now acts weird simply because the guy doesnt seem to be a puppet.

One day, he just snapped and stopped being nice and gentle with me. He seemed to be pouring all the bottled up anger meant for my parents on me and its all new to me. He didnt call the wedding off though, he

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Family Threatens To Kill Me, If I Come Back Again For My Child, Please Help

Pls ma save me from this wahala o!
 I had a child with this illitrate guy who claim he is a pastor 15yrs ago. he denied the paternity so i decided to go see his father since they all knew and i dnt have a job and my family d
that could help said i have to take him to court to decide how he would take care of me but I refused since he is a man of God thinking we could settle it through church. 

when i got there his father claimed his son has married a church sister and havd travelled to south africa for church work but that i can drop the baby (2yrs then) and write her date of birth.

 In 2004 i went back when i got a job, to have my child back but the father refused me only for the family to give my

Friday, November 14, 2014

Should I Let My Husband Attend That Wedding Or Not? Please Advise

Good day everyone,
My husband cheated on me with a particular girl and I was hurt greatly. We had a big quarrel over this same girl that my husband's family had to interfer to settle us. 

Now this girl whom kissed and slept with my husband is getting married, and she sent an invitation to my husband specifying that my husband is a special guest. 
Unlike other people who gets married and sends an invitation to my husband he shows me, but for this girl's  invitation card he has not shown me, but I just happened to see d card which he is not aware of. 

Should I allow him go for the wedding or not?. Already my husband told me he will be travelling, and after seeing the invitation card I found out that the date and duration and place my husband said he is travelling is

Mother-In-law Has Placed Me On Diet Soon After Giving Birth, That Ok?

Good day aunty Eya and fellow blog readers.Am an ardent reader of wives connection blog I prefer to remain anonymous.

Pls I need your advice am a first time mom,i had my baby few weeks ago,Hubby & I still live with his mum & siblings.Immediately after the birth of my child my mother inlaw placed me on a no carb diet she feels she's helping me because according to her hubby is still young and doesn't like chubby ladies and may fall out of love with me if I ever get fat.

For now I eat strictly fruits,peppersoup with 5 spoons of brown rice,unripe plantain and beans.Pls moms in the house i'd like know if this can affect my little one in any way as I plan to breastfeed her exclusively.

And also I

Got No Advice, Now We Are Engaged, About To Propose, What Should I Do?

Anuty Eya I sent you a mail last year before I got engaged to the guy I was talking about but you didnt paste it. Finally am engaged to the guy, getting married soon but I still need advice on how to manage our sexual activity. Plus did I mention the guy doesnt stay in Nigeria, so its not as if I ve been with him all these while. Please I need candid advices. Hide ma details oooo.

NOW: Dear Anuty Eya,please hide my details. I have been a silent reader of your blog. I wish to commend your good work. I am a young lady of 24yrs, have graduated and served. Looking for work.

 I met this young man whom i wish to settle down with. He is tall, handsome,has a good heart and above all a staunch catholic. But the problem now is that i found out that he has a small penis size ( not so small but not as big as i like) and ejaculates even before we start making out. i want to knw if it is

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Leaving With My Two Kids, Is It Wrong?

Anty Eya,
I didnt know this blog exists until my friend showed me on her phone, i realy appreciate. I am 34yrs from asaba married to a  guy we met in school, he was in part 3 while i was in 4 so i cook for him and take care of his needs and we eventualy fell in love. 

After my NYSC i got a good job so we got married but, i find out now that i have been the person responsible for the family upkeep since 2010, he has a job now but does not give me anything! i pay school fees for our two sons, pay house rent, buy them wears, medical bills, pay lawma bills, pay light bills  etc. He doesn't give me anything! 
The day i

Undergraduate House Maid In Ibadan

Good afternoon ma, please I am Grace by name, A 300level student of the University of Ibadan studying Communication and language Arts. Plese I am ready to be a maid for any one who will be ready to sponsor my education till I graduate and who will cater for my upkeep. Pls ma...I can be trusted....I just need to survive and complete my Education. My number is 

Eya:   Many Nigerian families do

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Farting From Front Passage

Dear Eya and wives connection blog readers,

How you doin? God bless everyone.
I wrote you some weeks ago ... The first time mum with an unstitched tear I sustained during delivery and I got a few suggestions that helped (God bless everyone),I feel better now, the tear has closed up but the problem is that

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How Do I Say No Without Hurting?

Good evening Aunty Eya and all wives connection family. I have a challenge and need your advice and that of blog members.

I have been in a relationship with my fiancee for close to 8years now. NB i met him when i just finished secondary school and was seeking for admission into the university. I was really young then so he decided not to do anything sexual to me(was a virgin n still am). He has been there for me and by God's grace we are having our introduction this december and marriage next year.

I started attending my church few months before i met my fiance as i said before i was quite young and didnt show him off cos i was worried people will think that as small as i was, i was already into a man without knowing there was no sexual attachment.

To cut the story short, a brother

Monday, October 27, 2014

He Suspects His Wife Sends Money Home Which Is Not True, Please Help My Sister

Good day! I would like to be anonymous. I earlier posted my story on this blog which attracted meaningful advices from you and blog visitors.  This time I need your advice and that of blog visitors for my younger sister. She has been married for 2 years with a baby boy .

 Now the problem is her husband; the man is a business man and he is doing very well financially. After their wedding he made sure my sister stopped using her bank account , he in fact doesn't want her to be going to the bank for anything whatsoever.  He goes about telling people that God disappointed him by giving my sister to him as wife.

 My sister is currently doing her nysc and he told her to withdraw all her monthly allowance and give to him that he would add money to it and buy a new set of seat for their sitting room. My sister did that for the sake of peace. 

 Every now and then it is always money this money that. He suspects that she sends his money to her family which is not true,  cos our parents are not lacking. He said my sister does not give him change whenever he gives her money to buy food stuff and all that. 

 Just 3 days ago he beat the

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

He Accepted The Pregnancy, Proposed Marriage But The Problem...

Hello Anty Eya and Fellow blog readers,
I am a yoruba lady dating a guy from the south south. we met in school during our Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), he was actualy a very nice guy back in school though I never had any intention of marrring him then until...  I got home and found out I was pregnant for him. 

 i went to see him and he accepted and even proposed marriege but the problem now is i just discovered he is very clueless about life and real living all he has worked for 16yrs without saving a penny and lives in just one room!

 His daily routine is

Friday, October 17, 2014

Easy Guide To Wives Connection Nigerian Recipes

 Okro soup image courtesy: soupamarket.
For those interested in Wives Connection Step By Step Pictorials of yummy food recipes but cannot see the 'post categories' because you blog with phones, Click on the links below to arrive at

the recipe you
are looking for:


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

He Asked Me What I Wanted, My Reply Before Saturday

Hi Aunty Eya,pls hide my ID.I'm 24yrs and a virgin(i want 2 keep it till i'm married) i ve never dated.There's this guy in church(he is 32) that is seriously pestering me for a relationship.I ve been to his house 3rice.The 1st time i went,he asked me out and i refused.The 2nd time we talked extensively,i asked him if he believes in sex b4 marriage,he said YES.I told him i don't and he said he will never force me into it.

He forcefully kissed me for

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Low Cost Nigerian Tomato Stew

 I made a low cost lunch and decided to share with my online family that you dont always need large amounts of money in order to cook a sumptous meal.

rice/beans with tin-tomato stew(i would lay all emphasis on the stew)

ingredients for the stew.

tasty tom tomato paste (2 sachets)
garlic clove
ground crayfish
knorr chicken
canola oil


-wash fish and place the cleaned fish inside a pot, spice it up with salt, pepper, seasoning, little thyme.
-bring it to a boil but do not overcook the fish. separate the boiled fish from its stock.
-in a clean pan, fry the fish in oil. i prefer canola oil because it has omega 3 in it.
-in a clean bowls, slice your onions, garlic(used two pieces), pepper(you can manual blender because i want the pepper coarse)
-in a clean bowl, put the thick tomato paste,add the previously sliced onions into the paste and add water to this ensure its not too watery and too thick( sorry i couldnt take the picture)
-in your pot, add your oil, allow to heat up, then add the pepper. stir for a short while, then add the not too thick tomato and onion paste and stir.
-ensure the mixture doesnt burn by stirring at intervals and tasting to ensure the sour taste of the paste isnt evident.
-when the tomato paste is fried, add benny chicken spice and thyme and garlic.
-after a short while, add the fish stock and stir, add salt and if need be, add knorr seasoning, stir and cover the pot to cook.
-check to ensure it isnt burning and after a while, add the blended crayfish, stir and add your fried fish.
-3 to 5 minutes later, lunch is served.
-please try it and give us feedback.

as for the low cost, this is my analysis.

tasty tom tomato paste (2 sachets)       -N80
atarodo                                 -N50
garlic clove                            -N20
onions                                  -N50
ground crayfish                         -N50
knorr chicken                           -N20
fish(half kilo)                         -N250
thyme                                   -N20
salt                                            -N20
canola oil(Available in your kitchen)
TOTAL                                   -N560


Monday, October 13, 2014

My Life, My Story, What Can I Do Please?

Good evening, Pls,I need
serious advice from blog visitors on how my life can change and not be
stagnant!                                   I am a lady of almost
35yrs.I graduated almost ten yrs ago from geology dept and proceeded
to have a PGD. Several times,I wld b called for an interview but one
thing will always come up and I won't be given the job. Even if
someone tries to help me,it won't just work out @all. About three
times now,if we are two candidates that goes for interview,the other
 person is always preferred to me.

 Even the schools I applied to,I
wasn't called also!!! I don't have any man in my life,as in,no guy has
ever toasted me oooo except people like okada men,meat sellers and the
likes.I dress well,am size 6(so pple won't say maybe I don't makeup or
too fat) I dreamt two times that there's mark of irritation on me.
People advised I go to MFM,which av done,av done dry
 fasting,gone to mountains,gone to see pastors and what they all said
that surprises me is that am a glorious child and someone is covering
my glory! I observe that there's always disappointment @d point of my
breakthrough. My parents see nothing wrong with me,though I still stay
 with them,dey r both retired but even if they have the money dey are
not ready to part with it to help me with business. Some people said I
should ask my parents questions which I did but nothing came out of

I have

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Searching For Adoptive Parents For My Unborn Child, How Do I Go About It Please?

I received this short message and the expectant mom  wanted me to advise on how to go about getting adoptive parents in Nigeria but I honestly do not know the process so I replied that it would be posted on the blog.. Please who can help her out?

...Good day Aunty Eya, I am a

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Easy Pan Grilled Fish Dinner

Pan grilled fish with rice and vegetables
 While posting Omalicha serendipity dinner, the plate of served food got me craving. That evening, I tried to fix one for myself with only ingredients at home. I told myself that "if it turns out not tasting good, I'll just keep it to myself" Initially, there was no plan to share this here but the taste won't let me forget. It turned out much more delicious than I'd expected, dinner that was meant to be for me alone became general dinner, more forks and spoons appeared to take from my one serving and we so rushed it. Would have posted this the following day sef but slow connection wahala.

Would have loved to add shrimps but the cost of those seafood in Abuja can be annoying some times.

Ingredients I Used:

Washed croaker fish rubbed with garlic ginger sauce and pepper sauce beginning to

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Wheat Flour, Meal/ Fufu From Scratch

Wheat meal with blended afang soup
 Wheat is the third most produced cereal after maize and rice, with lots of potassium, protein, magnesium and Iron. It's health benefits depend on the form on which it is eaten. Wheat can be used to make pastries, bread, cakes etc. We know that one slice of whole wheat bread contains about 1.5 grams of dietry fibre.

Wheat flour sold in bags at supermarkets is very good too and makes for easy preparation but I just learnt that some contain cassava even when it's not obvious on the label.

I love eba, so. this post is dedicated to diabetics and those with high blood sugar, those who need

Monday, October 06, 2014

How To Make Pap, Akamu, Ogi, Corn Starch from Scratch

 Millet soaked in water for eight hours about to be taken to the mill for processing.
On May 6, 2013, I published a request here on a blog. A reader wanted to know how to make corn starch (akamu) from scratch. You lovely ladies helped out with the proceedure but there were no pics added. Then, I had no baby and depended on my akamu customer for raw starch. whenever we wanted to serve pap on a lazy Saturday morning with some delicious home-made akara she was right there. 

Over one year has passed and now, here are the pics poster, if you still need them and for other new moms who cannot trust anyone to process their babies' corn meal. If this pics are not clear enough and you still have questions, feel free to ask, other moms here and I will try our best.

My babies were/are all fed with pap. I never buy for babies, process myself and store in the fridge. The girls all enjoyed their pap with my simple soyabean powder which I also make myself (I have the pics waiting to be posted). The soybean for babies is a bit complex for me cos of time so I always just roast and grind the beans without adding other ingredients and it worked for me however, their brother took that for a few weeks and started turning his head when he sees the spoon approaching so I tried adding SMA and that worked perfectly. He now takes ogi with SMA and he is fine.

To make the akamu, I like to use yellow maize because of the bright colour but decided to try millet this time around and it's great. For maize, it is soaked for one or two days before milling, depending on how fermented I want my pap.

Millet doesn't need to

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Omalicha's Serendipity Dinner

 UPDATED:  Please read and follow the numbering before looking at/for matching/corresponding images.  Slow connection is delaying upload and proper tagging.

 Serendipity dinner
 Hello everyone, it's actually been a while! I have missed my kitchen days so much that I couldn't wait to post this.

After work on Monday I felt extremely peckish and I wanted to eat something that had a thousand spices bursting through my head. I was working on a spontaneous energy, because I suddenly saw myself in the market. I
wanted fish that came straight out of the water. So I bought freshly caught croaker fish and shrimp. 

My serendipitous dinner! 
Croaker fish
Spring onion
Green chili
Ground Cameroon pepper
Oyster sauce
Soy sauce
Fish spice


  1. Wash, clean, dice, and set out all ingredients.
  2. Boil your rice (white).
  3. Blend tomatoes and pepper (set aside).
  4. Rub into your your fish,pounded garlic, soy sauce, thyme, fish spice, oyster sauce. Keep in a coverd bowl in the fridge to marinate for 20 min. 
  5. Pour blended to make tomapep paste into a dry pan and leave on medium heat to dry out and thicken.
  6. Put your fish in the oven to bake for about 15 min. 
  7. In a dry pot heat half cooking spoon of olive oil.
  8. When hot, add shrimps. 
  9. Stir, add Cameroon pepper, curry and salt. 
  10. Keep stirring until shrimps are cooked and have let out their natural juice. 
  11. Using a perforated spoon, remove shrimp from pot and set aside.
  12. In the same pot, add tomapep paste, little water and allow to simmer. 
  13. In a dry pan, add all veggies. 
  14. When slightly tender, add shrimps and mix properly. 
  15. When fish is baked, remove

How To Make, Import Customised Wristbands, Others From Aliexpress

Dee sent in this lecture yesterday, I have tried unsuccessfully to upload it and the many lovely images here. Follow the link below to view samples of her customised items. If you need help or have any questions, come back here and leave them, she promises to respond to all:


In this lecture I will assume that we all know how to search for items on aliexpress and alibaba, how to communicate with sellers, make payment via MasterCard or through an agent, and also how to ship item through an agent. If you are new here kindly read the other lectures.


If you have carefully read my post from the first lecture till this fifth lecture you will notice that my importation knowledge from when I started till date has a big difference, believe me I have tried my hands on retailing stuffs I buy online especially human hair (Peruvian, Aunty Funmi, Brazilian etc.) but it is not as profitable as what I am about to unveil to you.

Today I am writing on wristband making because it is highly, I mean highly profitable. It took me more than 3months of online learning and research from various write-up on making customized wristband before I finally made my first wristband for a church in my state which landed me a profit of N45k for producing 500pcs of the wristband, the same month I produced 1500pcs for another church and made 125k profit, in just a month I made a cool profit of 170k plus.

After producing the band I noticed some flaws which I improved on and it has made me better, I can hardly give accurate record of how much I have made since I started making this wristband 7 months ago (March 2014).


First let me start by giving a brief explanation of what a customized wristband is. Customized wristbands are those colorful bands worn on the wrist by various churches and organizations. Just take your time and observe people around you, you will notice majority of people wear wristband owned by different organizations especially churches. E.g. Winners, Redeem, etc.

Let’s begin;

Step One:

Monday, September 29, 2014

How to Prepare Snails For Cooking, Pictures From Scratch

This is how to place a snail in preparation for chopping off just the tip.
 Hello Ugo, your request came in right on time as I was about to go prepare some snails when I saw your mail. Yes, there is a very simple method of shelling your large snails without getting the kitchen messy. There is no need to crush the shells with a hammer cos that is a lot of work cleaning the broken pieces from your snails.

Some readers saw our crunchy peppered snail recipe and wanted a step by step snail preparation procedure but then, for no reason, I just couldn't remember the camera when I cooked snails. Sometimes I let the sellers clean my snails but not when a particular seller washes with alum. Snails washed with alum do not really taste natural to me. Thankfully this seller doesn't wash with limes so, the snails were brought home whole.

Cleaning your snails at home is the best. That same bowl of alum water is what snail traders use to
wash all snails bought in a day, that's from morning till night. They won't even leave that thick dirty water where buyers can peep, it's either under the table or a bit further where you can't see clearly.

Items For Easy
Snail Cleaning:

  1. A cleaver or machete
  2. Atable knife
  3. Limes or alum dropped in the water

How to remove slime from snails 

First cut off the tip with a machette, stone or cleaver as shown in the pics below.
Secondly, with a table knife put in through the cut tip, swirl the knife in and push out the snail through the large open end.
Finally, cut out the little shell still stuck on the snail, remove entrails and drop in the water solution containing alum or limes.
Wash, scrubbing the alum on the snail and in seconds you see that the slime is all gone.
Rinse and divide from the middle with a knife as shown in the pictures below.
Finally, add to a pot of salted boiling water to harden and get them crunchy. Leave to boil for about 3 to 5 minutes and you have your NO SLIME, CRUNCHY Snails. Weldone!
 With a butcher's knife or machete or even a hammer, chop off the

Blended Afang Soup

Afang soup cooked with very well blended afang and boiled water leaf
 The  afang soup s already on the blog were all cooked with just a little bit of pounding and no boiling of water leaf. We have egusi afang soup, some yummy groundnut afang soup, and a few others. This time I tried to do things differently. I always thought that those who blended afang leaves before cooking did not know how to enjoy this delicacy but I was wrong because the taste is the same and for those who like their afang soup very very soft, this is a softer version than the pounding. The soup was so soft I caught a few gentlemen licking their plates with five fingers and taking more soup without swallow just to drink with a  dessert spoon. To me, afang soup is afang soupm never disappointingm anyhow you cook it just remember to add crayfish. For hubby, THIS was extremeIy delicious as he made sure I preserved some until friends came over for lunch and he specifically asked for "that soft afang soup" lolz.

We always

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jewelry Arrived After Aliexpress Refunded My Money, How Do I Pay Now?

After Dee's first blog lecture on how to shop on Alibaba, Aliexpress, I decided to give it a try and when things didn't work out as expected, I published a post narrating my experience on Aliexpress shopping

Month's have passed and I forgot about it all. Sincerely speaking, it discouraged me from shopping Online. All the baby items in my cart, never went back to look at any. Last week, we got a call to come to the post office for a parcel and no one bothered because we weren't expecting anything, hubby even said it must be scam. Yesterday, behold a parcel from China post and honestly, hubby asked the man that brought it to step back and open it himself.

What? Standing face to face with the beautiful sets of jewelry that I thought never arrived cos honestly even though both sellers have great positive feedback from buyers, I couldn't hold any successful conversation or chat with any, it always took like forever to get them and whenever I did, the chat automatically cuts and reconnection never worked. Even when I tried to complain that my goods didn't arrive, there was confusion. The first one a man, promised to check and get back to me but never did or maybe couldn't get back. The second seller, a lady only responds to my Hi and then everything goes dead, no more response. Ok, delivery date expired and my transaction was to be closed in a matter of days if I did not respond with a feedback on delivery or non delivery of my goods. I asked for a refund or my goods and after a while got alerts on my phone and my money was refunded thrice just the way I paid.

This transaction

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baked Sticky Chicken With Colourful Jollof Rice

Baked sticky chicken with delicious Nigerian jollof.
Except fo the lemon skin, baked chicken, red jollof spice and side vegetables added here, the recipe, method of cooking is same as our emergency jollof rice. One whole lemon skin is grated without the white part because that white is bitter. Grated into the pot of onion, tomato paste and other ingredients being fried, i.e before adding the stock or water used for cooking.

Washing drumsticks to be marinated and baked

Preparing the marinade for my delicious sticky chicken
Ingredients For The Chicken Marinade:
In a large bowl, I mix together the following ingredients before adding my 2kg chicken.

  • 3 table spoons my garlic ginger sauce  
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons (what we sometimes refer to as dessert spoon) olive oil
  • 1 table spoon white vinegar
  • 1 table spoon honey (optional) I don't think I'll add honey next time cos two of my kids not used to seeing honey added to our cooked meals refused to even have a taste, despite everyone testifying to them that it tasted heavenly ...local Naija breed gals! Come to think of it, I think honey is what gives the chicken that delicious stickiness.
  • 1 teaspoon chilli sauce
  • 3 teaspoons my pepper sauce 
  • 60 ml soy sauce. You can measure with baby's drug cup, lolz. That's what I did anyway.
You can crush your garlic and grate some ginger if you do not have the sauce ready at home. For pepper lovers, add or reduce the pepper, those without pepper sauce can add ground fresh pepper but quantity? no idea yet till I try it.

I always tell us that we can always adapt food recipes to our individual taste. If you do