Tigernut Drink (kunun Aya) By Sadiya

Natural Libido Enhancer: Try this drink if you want an improvement in our bedroom.

Tigernuts (aya)
Good day Aunty Eya. Trust God you are doing well. Want to appreciate you for the good work you've been doing, I've really
learnt a lot of recipes from your blog. God bless you real good.

I'm benefiting so much from all the post, especially the recipes. Today I decided to share a little.

Tigernut drink is highly nutritious and all natural ingredients no need to add sugar because it is

so SWEET. Has helped  lot of exhausted, complaining wives meet up with their husband's demands.

Recipe For this Tigernut Drink:
3 Coconuts.
1 cup Date(dabino).
A handful Dried ginger.
Dried chilli (Optional)
5 cups Tigernuts (aya).

This ingredients give so much. You can reduce to half.

1. Wash the tigernut using calabash to remove stones and other particles.

2. Soak the tigernut in a large bowl or pot overnight.

3. Remove the seeds of the date.

4. Soak the dates for 5 hours.

5. Cut the coconuts with a sharp kitchen knife into small pieces.

6. With a colander, drain out the water used in soaking the tigernut.

7. Add fresh water to the tigernut.

8. Add all the ingredients together and grind with a blender or mill.

9. Sieve the paste with a fine sieve.

10. Serve chilled. 


Don't add much water before sieving and keep in the refrigerator always.


Some Ingredients For Tigernut Drink


Ground ingredients for a healthy drink

Chaff obtained after grinding and sieving 
 This to me is among the most healthy natural drinks in Africa. No sugar, no preservatives, no colourings, no additives. Just keep in the fridge and drink healthy.


  1. Agatha Christi12/13/2013

    Yummy, definitely going to try it and all the ingredients are easily obtainable. Thanks Sadiya!

  2. Anonymous12/13/2013

    Nice one there, tanks sadiya for sharing

  3. Anonymous12/13/2013

    Wow! nice one. Plz anty eya hlp me post ds...Am dark in complexion nd I uses all ds brown powder witout facial scrub or face cleanser of ШЋісћ am now hafing yamayama tinz on mi faz.plz I need a name of a gud product 2use dat won't bleach mi faz.tnkz

  4. Making this today! Thanks for sharing

  5. Anonymous12/13/2013

    A fan of nature! Definitely trying it too this yuletide. Many thanks at POSTER.

  6. So this is the famous kunu. Wow, thank you so much dear. May WC live long

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. @Debbie,des is not d famous kunu,des one is Kunun Aya,d famous one frm how I learnt it U dnt add date,tigernut(aya) and coconut. Jst dawa(geni Corn) dnt knw if d spelling is correct,ginger and dry sweet potatoes wit one tin agn like dt, d seed is small but I dnt knw d name is for flavour.

  9. I love this, will try it very soon but how do I get this Dates cuz I usually see it once in awhile. Nb, plz let me be sure o, hope its a sugary taste seed sold by hausa people?

  10. •Omalicha•12/13/2013

    I will try it! A healthy Combination of some of my favourite things!!!

  11. I love this drink but I can't take it cuz it turns my tummy...

  12. Thanks a lot for the lovely comments. @Debby, I will try and make kunu and post soon. Have a blessed weekend.

  13. My sweet frnd! Pls package this kunu 4 me oh! I totally love it. @debbie there are different types of kunu, kunun aya, kunun dawa' kunun tsamiya, kunun gyeda etc.

  14. @Mummy J, that will be your welcome package when you visit us.#runningaway#

  15. Anonymous12/13/2013

    I wish I could make for my family o. Dis belle no go gree me now.

  16. hmmmm,i will try dis. I watch on Nta yesterday that its gud for heart and diebeties. Hallyshally

  17. hmmmm,i will try dis. I watch on Nta yesterday that its gud for heart and diebeties. Hallyshally

  18. This is the best homemade drink ever. I prepare it with just the Tiger nuts and it tastes heavenly. Well done Sadiya!

  19. Anonymous8/15/2014

    aunty Eya how do i grind this because i burnt the motor of my grinder trying to grind it

  20. Pls are these small small seed usually sold by hausas?

  21. Anonymous7/01/2015

    Thumbs up

  22. Mz_Hannie11/11/2017

    Instead of chilli + ginger. Try cloves +ginger. Itz amazing. Thats btw: i am here cos i wanna know if there's anything i can do with the end product 'chaff'...aside trashing it. HELP please. Thanks

  23. Yes! Tigernut flour is actually big in the market now and quite expensive. Just dry the chaff and grind it. Store in a cool dry place. It can be used to bake or add it to your garrison for EBA or pounded yam and what have you, for it's very rich fiber content.

  24. Welldone job,i will try it

  25. I think cloves should be okay ever just dabino (dates) gaya (tiger nuts and your coconut is a fantastic aphrodisiac on its own .so ladies there you go free tip on aphrodisiac you don't need to go about buying from women whom you have no idea on what was added. There are a lot of aphrodisiac you can make on your own from your kitchen .My fear is single ladies who chase married men so I can't divulge some free info but as a northerner trust me I know what am saying


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