Should A Pregnant Woman Bend To Sweep The Floor?

Hello WC, please I need your help. This is my second pregnancy. During my last, I never swept cos there was help. Now I am all alone and in my third trimester.  Everytime I need to sweep the floor am scared that bending could affect baby in the womb. I feel my
body pressing hard on the baby. 

Please WC I need other women to share with me how they sweep when heavily pregnant.
Thank you mothers.


  1. Hello! How about using the broom (brushes) with the long stick so that you can clean your home standing upright? You may not feel like it cleans the same way as a traditional broom but it could be more comfortable in the interim xx

    1. I concur. I proffered the traditional broom but of recent (while helping out my CBM who just delivered), I realized the long stick brush sorta sweeps dust better than the TB *my opinion*
      Please don't bend, dunno if its medically ok but I ain't just comfortable with it or you can at best buy a vacuum cleaner. Some are as cheap as 12k like the LG 2716

    2. Aunty Debbie,thanks for all ur good advice.
      Am learning a lot here.
      I agree wit ur advice to d poster.
      Madam Eya,keep doing ur good work.
      May God bless us all and this blog,Amen.
      P.S:pls,wht does "CBM" mean as u used it here ?

    3. Nothing will go wrong with ur baby if you jump sweep or run sweep.

      Av you wondered how women who farm in our villages give birth, do farm with pregnancy.

      Even in cities like lagos, we see pregnant women in go slow running after buses while hawking pure water...

      Sweeping is also a form of excercise that would aide safe delivering.

      Ise l'ogun ise, tera mo se ore miiiii

    4. Mrs Anon22:12

      Ace bodies are different o. It's not true for everybody. For me my last pregnancy wasn't funny as I was in difficulty even from the early was as if the baby was going to fall out of my tummy with every movement. As I got to the later stage I don't even dream of bending for any reason cos of the pain and discomfort, having my bath from a bucket was so difficult say the least of bending to sweep. For some such activities may lead to complications or miscarriage, so madam pls listen to ur body, stop anything that brings pain or discomfort. We are all not just the same pls.

  2. Anonymous09:25

    I have a question for all you people the questions that are asked on this blog 99% of the time come from females mostly living in Nigeria. I always wonder why I hardly ever see men asking medical questions or my wife is nagging me and has done ABC should I send her packing, my wife's family is interfering in our marriage etc and I am sure there are plenty men out there with marital problems how come I don't see questions from them or is there a Men's connection blog that I am not aware of? Is it that Nigerian women have so much time on their hands to be asking for advice, is it that they cant think for themselves and try and resolve the problem without involving blog readers even simple things that one cans ask their mothers, friends or midwife you will see on a blog, a recipe that it only takes a Google search to give you you will see it being asked about in a post on a blog is it only Nigerian women working at this thing called marriage all you with problems how comes you are the only ones asking for advice why don't we see men asking for help on ways that they can have a baby if TTC? Why is it always the women and especially those resident in Nigeria that feel they should carry the burden of marital problems and find solutions? Is it because as a society we are so used to being spoon fed that we would rather sit down and have a bunch of people who do not know us and we do not know analyze our situation and offer advice instead of seeking advice from concerned parties, authorities, doctors etc from the get go? Someone was asking why a certain mail she sent to Eya has not been published up to now on a different post's comment section Madam are you still sitting there waiting for answers how about using this same internet to Google some answers to your questions, ask your female relatives who have walked this road before you for answers ask your pediatrician etc unless you don't trust them that is why you would keep asking repeatedly why a question whose answer I got from Google, my mum and married elder sister because of your repeated comments on that other post has not been published. This is not to throw shade on anyone or insult anyone for asking questions but sometimes the kind of questions females be asking on here get as e be. Is this what the Nigerian education system has turned women into a society that would rather be spoon fed than feed themselves. I wonder oh! If you like insult me if you like take my comment constructively I have said my own I follow a lot of blogs from all over the world mostly to get a glimpse into their different cultures from a first hand perspective and I have never come across 80% of the questions asked on Nigerian blogs on other international blogs.

    1. Mrs Chukwu09:50

      You have a lot of time on your hands to follow a lot of blogs. The world is now a global village and what makes you think there are no pediatricians and Counsellors on this blog? What are you looking for on a Nigerian blog? You famzing unfortunate been to.

      If only you knew how much I have learnt here, you won't bring this bad belle here. FYI over sabi madam, most recfipes you see online are fake, some people do not really cook these meals before posting recipes AND WHEN YOU TRY TO USE THERE RECIPES, THE OUTCOME IS A DISAPPOINTMENT. WITH STEP BY STEP COOKING PIX HERE, I HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT MY DUPLICATE WILL COME OUT EXACTLY AND HAVE NEVER BEEN WRONG.


    2. Awesome Mum09:52

      Anon, you are so pained. Why?

    3. •Omalicha•10:22

      She/he is making A comment based on observation.but madam Anon wht do uu expect 4rm wives connection? Men asking 4 advice? I think this blog is as traditional as it gets,establishing a sort of family among ourselves..that's very African dont u think?you have been observing cultures this is probably an aspect of the Nigerian culture.when a couple are TTC the woman is usually more worried than the man,and even if she isn't,she tends to make enquires from a whole lot of ppl.Most of our doctors are inpersonal and even after diagnosis we just wnt to feel that we are not alone,that's why we ask.When other people with similar problems online surface,it gives u a certain kinda comfort..this is who we are,we have only carried it global.its safer telling strangers your problem don't u know?

    4. sometimes you need a lot of perspectives to know how to tackle an issue, that is why people ask questions here. if a man asks a question, i am sure it will be be answered. you don't have to sound so bitter.

    5. Anonymous14:23

      Very true! Lots of stupid questions being asked here. Like don't u hv a mum or sisters or aunties? Every time u carry ur problems outside. I understand there might be extreme cases sometimes and you only just want to talk to strangers. But simple questions you can get answers from Google or asking someone close to u. Ladies use ur brains abeg and learn to think for urselves. Ama

    6. Anonymous15:15

      whoever said "A problem shared is half solved" was wise!!! there is this relief you get when you pour out your mind to people ypu dont know and they give u candid, raw answers and not sugar coated replies u might get from anties and friends who would go gossip and mock you later. as long as no one gets hurt and the issues discussed here are not murder cases, we will be ok. its the nighrian factor. we like to be spoon fed, we like to eat ourselves, we like to invite pple to our homes and our problems, deal with it.

    7. I also forgot to add that I for those referring to Google, Pls remember that it is the contribution that people make to different websites (of which this is one) that Google searches for similar enquiries. Without websites such as this, Google is useless.

    8. @Anonymous9.25am,
      U r d one who sounds jobless,I hope u knw that.
      We love dis blog.
      Leave it for us the way it is.
      Mind your business.

    9. Mrs Anon22:24

      Annoying post. It's simple, if u don't like this blog, don't come here now? visit ur intl ones and leave the people who are getting lots of help from here alone. This is not America where the system is balanced in favour of both sexes, or you can easily get therapy or counselling for your issues. Here women are disadvantaged because of the way the society is structured, and counselling is not readily available. Those aunties and relations you are talking of are the ones who will tell u, go back to ur husbands house even if he is beating you till your death...

    10. Anonymous19:57

      Go and have a seat somewhere sir. A jobless man that criss crosses blogs on the internet. Dont you have a family to feed?

  3. The disadvantage of being anonymous is that I don't know how to address your point of view. I understand a little where you're coming from but if you're a man, you will know that we are not good at sharing our problems. It's part of the nature of average Man. Yes, I sometimes wonder at some of the questions and views that are shared but I can't help agreeing that they would help someone out there. Also remember that the average woman is a talker. So if you're a man, which would you prefer; your wife sharing you problems with people who know you or with strangers who could give unbiased advice based on info received? I know this blog has helped multitude of homes and it is one of the few blogs I read. I just feel they should be let be.

    1. Anonymous15:17

      where is the like button when we need it...gbam!!!

    2. Yea,very nice comment.
      1million likes.hahahahahaha

    3. Collect E-hugs jare! I love it wen its coming from a man!

  4. bending down especially this late in pregnancy is not good at all. i had no help during my pregnancy and though i read about it and its consequences, i still went ahead and did a lot if heavy lifting and bending. one of my baby's eyes was bloodshot and i knew it was my fault cos i read about what could happen. anyway, it cleared off within 3 days.

  5. Anonymous14:33
    I personally dnt think theres anything wrong with bending down to sweep, if U enroll for maternity exercises, theres a lot of bending over there too.
    Preggies, use google every now n then, baby center is very helpful too

  6. Anonymous14:35

    Madam Anon, I get that what u wrote is ur opinion an ur entitled to it, but like Awesome mum asked, y r u so pained? Has it occurred to you that a lot of women are more comfortable sharing their problems in the relative anonymity this blog and perhaps others like it provide? People get different forms of advice frm different ppl here who proffer such and compare and contrast b4 picking out what they feel is appropriate. Some peeps who seek advice here do NOT want to be judged by that "mother or elder sister" who has had prior experience. Yes there r things that r better off kept inside bt WC is a family like that, diff ppl frm diff walks of life; men and women alike who love our forum and what it represents, if u don't like it please feel free to visit other blogs as u've been doing.
    PS: if I guess u r one of those who have sent in stories to Auntie Eya n she hasn't published yet and that's d source of ur painment, will I b off the mark? •‎​​​​​ː̗̀=))ː̖́•‎​​​​​ℓσℓ•ː̗̀=))ː̖́•‎​​​​​


  7. Every pregnancy is should seek the advise of your doctor or midwife. I know of pregnant women who use the gym but in some cases,doctors advise some women to remain on bed rest or do very few chores.

  8. Anonymous00:09

    Bending down to sweep isn't a problem, it's just that as d pregnancy advances it will be discomforting and difficult to bend! Bending also relives u of d lower back pain u feel during late pregnancy!

  9. Pls try and avoid bending if u can. During my 2nd pregnancy, I did a lot of bending due to d nature of my job (loading cash into ATMs), when I gave birth, my baby would just suddenly start jerking as if she wants to convulse but would calm down after a lot of back patting. It was then I was told that its as a result of too much bending over.

  10. Tina00:45

    Hi all beautiful women and mothers, I am from Kenya, and I'm loving this blog. I have been doing some tasks that involve bending at home, esp washing a few light clothes and sweeping the carpet. It relieves my lower back, I hope the baby will be fine. God bless you all

    1. Anonymous06:53

      yes sweet Tina, your baby is perfectly fine and kicking.

  11. Anonymous10:44

    Wat if d sweeping is an everymorning routine?is it still safe.and also wat abt washing hard clothes such as my husband's jeans,eachtym I do dz tinz I get backPain rather Dan relief,bt my baby is kicking fyn.

    1. Anonymous17:33

      Nature has provided a wonderful cushioning system for your growing baby. The amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby allows your baby to move its arms and legs, flip around and practice “breathing” movements. Additionally the fluid allows your baby’s umbilical cord to float. It also allows the baby to accommodate as you move around and change positions.

      If you can bend over and not feel breathless or lightheaded, there is no reason to believe your baby’s health is being compromised. As your baby grows, it may become harder to bend over. Use common sense: If moving in a certain way causes discomfort, pain, lightheadedness or breathlessness, avoid it.

      Bending over may be physically possible at 23 weeks. However, as your baby grows it may become more difficult. Furthermore, bending from the waist can strain your back. It is wise to learn to bend with your knees rather than bend from your waist. This will protect your back and strengthen your legs, and will allow you continue to do many activities as your baby grows. #copied


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