Please Explain More About Business On Aliexpress

Hello Aunty Eya n all my wonderful, beautiful WC peeps, the things I have learnt a lot from this blog and everyone who has sent in an advice thank you and Anty Eya you are a God sent, God bless us all real good.. Amen.

It was on this blog I heard about aliexpress, I went online and checked it out, seriously it's

a nice business site but it will be best if  other WC peeps who have used their services to give the house like a Review of products, who they did business with (names),best mode of payment, how to go about delivery process n d works(good and bad)

Am interested in doing business with aliexpress, and I thought it would be great to send a mail about it so others will benefit.

Please help me/us out.

Thank you.
God bless.


  1. Anonymous12/11/2013

    i have a friend that orders with Ali Express, free delivery to a post office in festac. though it takes 60days for the item to arrive, i heard if you pay for shipping, items arrive faster. its legitimate. you can go ahead and order. i'll be starting in january too. all the best dear

    1. Anonymous12/11/2013

      Thank u dear.God bless u.



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