Made In China By Aunty Flo

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A lot of us don't like
made in Chinko goods but have tried something made in China. How far?

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By Flo @ All Nigerian Recipes Blog



  1. Anonymous12/10/2013

    For the Thomases, this Chinese gender prediction always works if you do it well. It works for my neighbour wella

  2. Anonymous12/10/2013

    I didnt put so much trust in d gender calculation stuff but it worked for me.

  3. Immaculate12/10/2013

    Anyway I have not tried this gender stuff before, maybe after December 28 th 2013 when I will be done with my wedding, I will try it.

  4. Anonymous12/10/2013

    My elder sis tried it and it worked for her.

  5. Aunty Eya the post is not showing o; no story, no photos. Pls review and update. :)


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