Nigerian Pancake Rolls RELOADED By Dinma

 Pancake roll by Dinma
 This is my first time posting a recipe on this blog. I'm sure you all have been enjoying the recipes by my sister,Omalicha• This is my own version of the popular pancake rolls. You won't believe how many neighbors came over for
this. Enjoy!

flour.                                »750g

sugar.                               »250g

Eggs.                                »10 eggs

milk.                                  »250g

mayo.                                »400ml jar

sausages.                          »2 packs

cabbage.                            »1 big head

carrot.                                »6

lemon zest.                    »Just 4rm 1 lemon

nutmeg.                        »1

freshly squeezed lemon juice.        »From 1

mixed fruits/raisins.                     »Half pack

pepper.                                   »Just enough

Onion.                         »2 medium bulbs

vegetable oil.              »Half cup

wash and everything. I grated the skin of the lemon to get the zest and squeezed out the juice.

pour your raisins in a bowl,add water and leave to rise.

In a clean pot,preheat your oil,add pepper nd onion,stir fry. Add 1 seasoning cube. when fried,add your sausages,and carrot. cook for 2 mins and set aside.

Mix your mayo with about 50g of sugar,till its completely smooth and looks like pap.

Mix your mayo with diced cabbage,put in the fridge to cool

Mix your flour,sugar,lemon zest,lemon juice,grated nutmeg,milk together.

Make a hole in the middle of this mixture and add your egg. gently fold together. add water,till you have a fairly thick liquid.

Add your raisins including the water you soaked it in. mix properly.

In a clean pan,put just enough oil to wet the pan. about one tablespoon,when hot pour half a cup of your pancake mix and fry away. we all know how to fry pancakes right?

To roll,put your cabbage,and sausage sauce,on one side of the pancake,carefully roll from that side,and hold with a toothpick. repeat this process,till you have rolled everything. I was able to make 30 rolls from what I had.

WARNING: you will be addicted!!

sugar, lemon zest and nutmeg

nutmeg and lemon zest

Chicken franks and raisins

Flour mixed with other ingredients
Yes, we love pepper! so what? wink

eggs and other ingredients for my pancakes
Eggs and flour
Carrots and cabbage

Yummy pancake with raisins
Cooked pancake toppings
pancake with toppings

enjoy yummy, nutritious pancakes, so filling

Pancakes held together with toothpick
 Now we know Omalicha's family is full of great cooks! 
Well done!
Enjoy your pancake rolls


  1. Yummy, great cooking sisters. Can I cook without the raisins?

    1. Definitely! You can just wanted to add dat wow factor so just in case I run out of the chicken francs and cabbageithe pancakes would be just as appetising!

  2. Anonymous11/17/2013

    I really dnt like chicken franks so wat can i use as subtitute? Aunty Eya pls post my email i want to go to d hospital tmrw.thanks

    1. If u don't like chicken francs, hotdogs,beef sausage,even mince meat will do d same job.

  3. Young Awesome Mum11/17/2013

    Yum yum! Nice one Dinma. Ehen! :D so i made ofe onugbu(bitterleaf soup) yesterday thanks to the onugbu recipe posted last week. Ogiri smells horrible!! I almost didn't want to use it, plz is there anything special abt adding ogiri?

    1. Well I think ogiri is to cocoyam based soups(oha,onigbu) what eggs are to cake. That's d real deal!

  4. Now, this is what we are talkin about... Correct african woman wey fit cook anything, not that chicken-fray that can't boil water cos she went to school in jupiter!

    Dinma, Nwayi Oma... Jis'ike!

    1. Anonymous11/17/2013

      You like trouble wella

    2. Ace be a man and stop being petty. You have left that post to come and Sub that lady again here? Is it bad that that she asked for help? Abeg take several seats and stop this petty nonsense ure doing. Its very unbecoming of a man!

  5. Anonymous11/17/2013

    This Ace ehn? Making mouth as if he can cook ordinary indomie sef. Hisssssss

  6. Wallai... Cooking is my no 1 hobby. No questions, I do it with ease. But it surprises me when an african woman can't!

    It baffles me when I come across young ladies saying they can't cook with a reason that seems rational to them.

    @anon 9:00... Lemme share some of my favorite soup I make effortlessly!

    Ogbono, Stew, Ewedu, Gbegiri, Ofe Nsala, Vegetable, Egusi, Black Soup (my native soup), Amoriri (also native), Okro.

    I also make fried and jollof rice, Gravy, salad, chicken and chips and many can't remember! No assumptions, these are stuff's I've don't time after time.

    If you need some more expose on my kitchen dexterity, holla me!


    1. Anonymous11/17/2013

      Na true, I laugh in Ishan. OK now share the black soup and Amoriri recipes here with us abi you wan die go with your hoarded knowledge? Pants on fire liar liar....

    2. Kk, make I go snap wetin I don shit since...

      If you need an invite I'll be glad to send you 1, I'll do the cooking while you watch, I blv in reality... Hehehehe!

      BTW, Amoriri and Black soup are not just anyhow r you preggies?

  7. Anonymous11/17/2013

    I also made pancake rolls yesterday but added tuna to my cabbage was really nice and my boyfriend loved it. While eating, we were already planning I will use shredded chicken next time.

    1. Omo gidi.... Ku ise!

      Don't be like madam covenant university!

    2. Tuna aint a bad idea I made the pancake for a church event, and some people don't really like fish and my cousin is allergic to fish so I put that into consideration! If I will have to use fish would use mackerel(titus).

    3. Ace,warn urself oh!she did not mention d name of her sch btw no b only covenant uni no dey allow cookin.
      Dinma,weldone-not a fan of pancakes but am tempted to try 1 more time...

  8. Anonymous11/18/2013

    COUSIN of life.......jisinu IKE......i don swallow spit taya .....start home delivery me CAN order...........

  9. Princessa's mum.11/18/2013

    Eya u said these are not all the pics,pls upload the complete pics,I need it step by step cos I'm making this tommorrow.biko nwanyi oma,upload ir.

  10. Nice and yummy.
    Bookmarked already.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  11. Fyn Ijebu Chic11/18/2013

    Hello everyone,
    It's been quite a while.
    I know nobody missed me.
    Niwez, jus wanna say I missed u all from aunty Eya down to Ace, deborah bala, ahdaisy, bonario, johnson.
    And dis pancake looks yummy. Will try it with less ingredients( supermarket far from my house)
    Love ya all. Muah(make una brush first oo)

    1. Aaaah! We missed you oooh! Where went you?

      Are I through with service now?, remember you were/are serving in ekiti

      Do av a great day!

    2. How can we not miss you? How was service?
      You are welcome back!

    3. Fyn Ijebu Chic11/18/2013

      *shining teeth*
      I am done with service, now job hunting.
      Them steal my phone ni ooo, I av another now sha (state allowance paid off)
      I forgot to mention that I missed Jay and the mischevious anonymous.
      Back now with a bang!

    4. Welcome back fyn Ijebu chic, I actually tot u r the same as mama ijebu oh! Nice to have u back. @dinma lovely pancakes, have never made anyb4 will try is this weekend. Without the filling 1st so incase its not good I can try again, when I get it right I can

    5. Fyn Ijebu Chic11/19/2013

      Mama Ijebu na married woman oo, probably with kids.
      Na pple wey don born be mama.
      Thanks niwez
      *feeling funky*

  12. Omg! absolutely delicious..

  13. Anonymous11/18/2013

    Soooo lovely!pls more info on d lemon zest.can one use lime if lemon isn't available.dnt tink we hav dat real yellow coloured lemon.

  14. Anonymous11/18/2013

    Your pancakes look good and inviting. However, try using raw egg white to stick them together, Instead of using a tooth pick. Its a better presentation I think.

    1. Anonymous11/18/2013

      you want her to serve raw egg white? Remember no frying after rolling the pancakes. I think what she did with d toothpick is great.

  15. Anonymous11/20/2013

    I just tire,which one b raw egg again naw?biko d lemon zest n d rest ingredient do,.....d toothpick worked well,cos na lil mistake sey cause running stomach........hor! Sheezy.

  16. Anonymous11/20/2013

    Understanding is the key thing here; you use raw egg white to stick dough together. I mean the same thing glue or water gum does to paper. U won't taste it in the food. Try it. Maybe I should ve explained better. I'm sorry

    1. Anonymous11/21/2013

      My dia, no be taste matter we talk o. Raw eggs could carry harmful germs and really shouldn't be used in food except it is to be cooked again. I understand your point about presentation, but hygiene and health trump presentation any day.

  17. Anonymous11/21/2013

    How many pancake rolls will these measured ingredients (in your recipe) make? It looks like you made a whole lot and I need to make just a fraction of this. If you tell me how many you made, I can approximate the quantity of ingredients that will be adequate for me.

  18. Anonymous1/27/2014

    Dis is gr8.

  19. Anonymous3/09/2014

    I made this for my family today and it was an instant bomb. Aunt Eya, thanks so much for this blog site. My kitchen has come alive ever since I stumbled upon this site. I'm a Yoruba lady married to same tribe but u've got us eating banga, ofe onugbu n so many others. Great job!

  20. Anonymous5/21/2014

    Good will try it this way.


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