My Ex Wants To Ruin My Marriage, Please Help

Ma,I'd like for you to help post this story on your blog cos ı am out of options. Thanks.
P.s I'd like to remain anonymous

MY EX wants to ruin my home!
I am a 25 year old married with a kid, this problem started like 3 months ago when ı ran into my ex boyfriend in town, since then

he's been disturbing my life like hell. 

At first 'twas lewd messages on BBM, my dps give him a hard on..blah blah,then he started sending pics of his d**k to my BBM, ı warned him and deleted him, now he's on whatsapp doing the same. 

The funny thing is that each time my hubby takes my phone am always scared.ı don't know what to do again.I've called him, cursed him, threatened him all to no avail. Help a sis out please.


  1. block him on whats app and also on your phone so that he can no longer send you text msgs/call you and let your husband know whats going on

  2. Anonymous10:14

    Better let ur hubby know about dis b4 d fool puts u into trouble, if he dares call u, warn him seriously and dnt try 2 b lenient with him in anyway, block him frm ur life, dis kinda desperate ex can go 2 any extent 2 ruin ur life o! Be careful and dnt give him room for any trash.

    1. Anonymous11:06

      Correctly said. the only remedy is for you to tell your hubby! once dis dude knows your husband is aware, he will back off. He obviously wants to ruin your marraige!

  3. Fyn Ijebu Chic10:40

    Sister, tell ur husband oooo,
    So u can stop living in fear,
    He might decide to blackmail u so tell ur hubby ASAP.
    May God deliver us from awon oloribuu eda.

  4. Exactly... @Anon 10:14, what else could you do... Or you neva told ur hubby about this aprticular Ex?

    Just keep damning him, he'll get tired and sit up!


  5. Babe,

    Delete his number from your phone contact; once that's done, he won't be on your whatsapp list and if he tries to chat you, there's a BLOCK button there when his message comes in, use it!

    Also block and unfriend him on social networks. Try this and if all fails, then tell Oga sir!

    This is one of the reasons why I believe friendship/communication with an ex is a NO. Though not all but for peace of mind, it's a NO.

    Remember, married women are appealing to single men nowadays; so don't be surprised at his behaviour!

    1. mz bus11:54

      Thanks guys, ddnt know ı cud block whatsapp. This guy is so so relentless

    2. Go to settings, u'll c block option there. You can change ur number too; block him on all social networks. As for telling ur husband, well, its up to you. What if he reacts in a way you may not like?

    3. MAKZ21:32

      My thought exactly. I'm not comfortable wit telling ur hubby. Some men just don't get it when it comes to thinhs like this. Just block him. Left to me, I will sacrifice that number for a new phone number to save my marriage. An average Nigerian have more than one line, so 4 now ise d other line.

  6. Anonymous12:08

    But you should not have given him your pin or d 1st place he is ur ex n should remain in d past.try n block him

  7. Anonymous15:27

    Y I said u should tell ur hubby is because since he has ur number, he might decide to send u an sms and u might be unlucky ur phone will be with ur hubby then, and how will u start explaining? But if ur hubby is awre and he tries any shit, at least he will understand dat u have mentioned it to him, assuming its an ex dat meant no harm, its of no use telling ur hubby, but with d way dis guy is going, trust me if u dnt handle it well he will put u in wise

  8. Anonymous17:02


  9. Simply block him on whatsapp too and tel ur hubby so as to warn him

  10. MRS IJ19:41

    Everyone said u shd tell ur hubby,n u shd tell him immediately,don't tink u can do dis alone oh,ur hubby owns u now n ever,y must u grant access to ur ex in d ist place?he is ur ex n expired.U shd explain to ur hubby calmly n respectfuly.Ur ex is a stranger n will break ur home if u slack.Rembr to attack him with prayers,tell ur husband,......if dis gets outta hand u will b accused wrongly!TELL UR HUSBAND!

    1. Anonymous09:27

      Her husband owns her?? Toh, I am hearing a new one today.

  11. Lady Evagreen19:54

    Pls madam, let ur husband know, ok?

  12. Anonymous20:05

    This is what premarital sex / relationshp can cause! I believe poster must have learnt her lesson. I suggest u block him. Mk ur hubby knw abt it. He is a liar,God pass am.

    1. Anonymous09:29

      How does a relationship turn marital if it was not pre marital? She has a psycho ex who she is handling with kid gloves. It can happen to just about anyone. She needs to send him a stern warning and block him on all fronts. That is all.

  13. you can download phone warrior from blackberry appworld this will block his sms and cut his call immediately. we all have past pls tell your husband.

  14. mz bus21:26

    Thanks guys, ı aprc8.

  15. Anonymous15:36

    u are welcum.

  16. Anonymous18:04

    Hear yourself! If u dint want issues in ur marriage you shouldnt v given ur ex ur BBM contact (yh I know sm ppl have a problem with using "NO I cant giv u my contact" cs deir parents dint teach dem hw 2 say NO OR probably u want to keep d friendship). Honey uv gt d sense 2 knw that an "EX" can never be ur "friend". Wake up!

    Now.. Lets assume its ur old no n ur ex knws u r still usn it, I bliv derz a feature called block dt is handy. All dese sh** is common sense.

    Ps: if ur husband isnt aware u dated such a person cs I bliv u might never hv disclosed ds to ur hussy. Do urself gd n come open with ur hussy.


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