I Went To A Boarding House And Private University, Never Been Taught How To Cook, Help

Aunty Eya,
Good morning and trust your well.
Really want to appreciate your good works especially in the way it connects all women,single and married.
I am average cook, I went to  a boarding house and a private university.so have never really been taught how to cook.
Except occassional trial and errors.

That's why I am really in love with your  blog.
Now the challenge,anything jollof,just doesn't go right with me...pls smile
I made jollof spaghetti yesterday and

really tried my best..It turned out soggy..infact my dad tormented me  all through the  meal,am nicknamed....Iya Segilola...
Please,please please,I already promised a come back to my family and I want to.  "Wao" them...pls help  me with the tricks to cookin jollof spaghetti and jollof rice to make it really nice and of course not soggy.
Thank you ma,God bless you and other blog visitors.
As my identity...Iya Segilola will be fine.so I learn my lesson now before going to my  husbands house.


  1. Anonymous18:47

    U shld ve been practising during holidays naw.
    I also went to a boarding hse and private uni. I remeber the first time I boiled rice I put thyme in it. U can imagine lots of thyme in white rice.
    Jst try not to use too much water don't parboil for long or either rice or spag. Spag takes only 10 mins to cook, so boil ur water 1st nd parboil d spag for bout 3-4mins. Sieve immediately nd dnt soak in water.
    Same method for rice jst increase cooking and parboiling time to bout 10-15mins depending on the type of rice.
    If its basmati I dnt parboil I jst wash with vvery hot water.
    Ur sauce for the jollof shldnt ve too much oil. Put little water in the final mix a little at a time.
    Most imprtantly try to hang arnd in d kitchen wen mum is cooking.
    BTW ur dad is very funny, Iya segilola.
    All d best

  2. Anonymous19:58

    Mothers have a role to play in a child's life. Mothers shuld teach their children how to cook. At 13, a child ought to knw hw to mk simple dishes. By 15 plus. He or she shuld b makng soups. Stews. Dats by d way. Poster nt 2 late. U can learn it just follow wc blog.

  3. Ahhhh I went to boarding school and a private uni! However we were allowed to cook, but I never loved cooking at alll. During holidays staying in the kitchen was war, as I wanted to always watch movies. Can't even count how many times I burnt food, then one time my mum enrolled me in a cartering school for 3weeks. Frm den I became in charge of the kitchen and developed cooking skills. Now I can spend the whole day in the kitchen and not send the tv. So pls develop interest k. For the Jellof rice make sure the water is hot b4 u add the rice to parboil, then have a kettle of hot water in a corner, so that when the water cooking the jellof is dry you can add the hot water frm the kettle instead of cold water, keep adding till your jellof rice is soft and then taste it to make sure maggi n salt are okay and not watered down.

  4. Anonymous22:23

    When uv parboiled your rice and d sauce for d jollof is boling,just mak sure d sauce is boiling before u pour in d parboiled rice and d water should barely cover d rice den stir n leave it to boil until it dries up.I don't think the rice will get soggy again.cheers dear.

  5. Ebehi08:59

    Abeg dat is no excuse,pls humble urself and learn everything from the scratch now before u move out of ur parents house!

    1. Anonymous07:17

      Aunty Ebehi...why do u think I sent the memo..or how else do u define humble...pls type with courtesy...I just might be better.mrs know all

  6. Anonymous09:42

    My dear, keep trying its never too late. They say practise makes perfect..people learn at different times. Don't let anyone knock your confidence. You will get it right one day and you ll be surprised. As for soggy rice, reduce the amount of water you put while cooking, and cook at a medium to low temp...keep adding litt water as you go depending..you ll be fine hon don't sweat it.

  7. Anonymous10:55

    Don't stress yourself over it, you will definitely get it.
    Since you are not too good at cooking jollof rice yet. Skip the parboiling process. Add washed rice to already boiling tomato stew on fire & keep checking if it soft enough, if not, then add water till soft......

    1. Anonymous07:57

      Ha! Wat kind of teacher are u? Telling her to skip d parboiling process. Hmmmm....

  8. Anonymous11:20

    Thank God for food blogs, go tru them and practise. And try to engange in kitchen activities wen ur mum is cooking. My mum had d same issue, neva knew how too cook till she got married luckily my parternal grand ma had to cum from d villager to teach her. Today my mum is a badass cook!!! Lol As for spaghetti jollof, while parboiling it, don't let it get too soft I chew mine while boiling it to determine it's softness. Drain it into a sieve when it's done. it's good to prepare d sauce while parboiling d spagh if u have more than one burner. U can pour d sauce into d spag or pour d spag into d sauce then mix and allow to cook under low heat!!!

  9. Anonymous13:31

    Hmm, I have often wondered why so many people talk about parboiling rice. If you check the rice's sack, most of the rice have been factory parboiled already. When you wash your rice too many times or parboil, you're removing the added nutritents that they have been coated with after removing the bran and also getting rid of some of the carbohydrate content. I have never parboiled jollof rice and it tastes real great. Party jollof rice are not parboiled (who would try parboiling 2 to 3 sacks of rice lolz) and yet they taste great.

    1. Anonymous13:40

      Yes oo my dear, I do not parboil my already parboiled rice..dunno why peep do. I guess old habits die hard

    2. Abi o. This parboiling thingy doesn't go too well with me.

      I put my rice into the boiling pot of jollof sauce and leave to cook.

  10. Anonymous15:24

    My own challenge is cooking a tasty stew with long lasting aroma.I cook every other food very well bt hvnt really been able to get it right wt tomatoes stew.Pls I also need suggestions

    1. Do you fry your oil with onions(and tomatoes)?
      Also do you use stock(meat/chicken) to cook your stews?

    2. brooklyn09:04

      @Rubynnia God bless you.anon 3:24 mk sure ur tomato gets dried properly fry ur onion add dried tomato nd chicken stock with some crayfish benny chicken nd oda spices.

    3. brooklyn09:06

      @Rubynnia God bless you.anon 3:24 mk sure ur tomato gets dried properly fry ur onion add dried tomato nd chicken stock with some crayfish benny chicken nd oda spices.

  11. creampalace17:20

    To answer d question why parboil rice,since jollof rice is known to get burnt easily coz of d stew sauce made first,hence u parboil d rice so that it can get really soft,hereby spends little time on d fire as u steam cook till it's done. For large volume of rice mite not need parboiling first coz,d heat is distributed accordingly and d rice even breathe on themselves hence making it soft at once.

    Inshort non parboiled rice take longer time to cook,parboiling is just a short cut. Hope i dont
    Sound to much like a lecturer.

    Iya segilola,for ur cooking firstly,u have to develop interest and passions which in turn reflects in ur cooking trust me. While cooking imagine d pleasure on ur guest face which can also get u going

    I also went to a boarding and private university,but i joined food and nutrition class which helped me,at d university i go to diff kitchens jus to know what's up, anyways, u can as well get knowledge thru d internet,ask Google any question no matter how minut ,trust me we caterers do that all d time.

    Don't beat ur self up too hard,there are day students who can't even boil water to save a life

    Also u can learn to say a word of prayer before cooking ,which i do especially when 've not tried d dish before and it works

    Acquire accurate knowledge on dish to be prepared

    Don't worry u will soon be a professional and start offering teaching classes.cheers and God bless .

    1. Anonymous06:31

      A word of prayer b4 cooking? Oh chineke u answerth all things. Lol

    2. Anonymous07:21

      Thank you ma.God bless you

    3. Anonymous08:04

      Na true naa! I also say a little prayer before cooking.

  12. Why don't you concentrate in the kitchen. By practice you become perfect. You can read all the recipe books and blogs in this world, without practice, you won't go anywhere. You'll fail, but you must keep on trying.
    Jdy last posted...10 Things We Hate Admitting About Ourselves that We Should

  13. Like I said, I'm not okay with parboiling method of cooking; I'm all for add the rice/spaghetti to the boiling sauce and leave to cook, checking at intervals.

    I've cooked jollof spag before and all I did was to add everything at once with the spag, being mindful of the quantity of water and cover the pot to cook!

    I enjoy my spa being a bit hard and not that soft so I can chew it real good! You just have to gauge the water and keep checking to see if more is added while taking note of the seasoning quantity.

    Practice makes perfection! You'll be good!

    1. Anonymous07:23

      Thank you Ruby...God bless u

  14. I'm sure you are waiting for the day oyinbo will make "jollof rice" making machine, won't you be the 1st to buy one?

    Even if you attended "University Of Jupiter" and inside the NASA space station and corridor there's no cooking platform it shouldn't be this bad. Afterall you've been eating all your life.

    Anyway, go to shoprite, there's satchet jollof now, you can buy enuff to impress ur family in their oblivion.


    1. Anonymous07:26

      You are very very mean and stupid...will be time wasting ro give you a deserving reply.you will utterly disgraced soon.schmuck...nufn said too

  15. Anonymous06:27

    Ace. Na wa 4 u o. U get bad mouth. Hahahahahaha.

  16. Anonymous06:27

    Ace. Na wa 4 u o. U get bad mouth. Hahahahahaha.

  17. Anonymous11:27

    Hahaha, me too oh, but I was lucky 2 have married an understanding man, inshort I learnt how 2 cook few months after I got married, now I'm a pro all thanx 2 my sisters and wives connection blog, so my dear, start cooking now cos d man u will marry might not tolerate u not knowing how 2 cook, practice makes perfect.

    1. Anonymous07:29

      Thank you ma,will def keep practicing.and that's why I asked for advise.God bless. Your home

  18. Anonymous09:32

    @Poster, please try & have a little passion for cooking, you will get better at it. Nobody is a perfect cook, people learn everyday & add to what they already know, making them better....
    I cook well, but when I eat a meal that tastes different & good, at a place I know I can ask , I try to find out who cooked it... Become friends with the person, praise the person & jokingly ask how the meal was cooked.... So doing I gain more knowledge & add to mine.. You too can do same, if you like.
    Not need explaining any recipe, cos a lot has been explained above. Best of luck

  19. Anonymous13:25

    its baffles me o. Well kip praticing as they have said b4 u cook poty. Lol.

  20. Anonymous23:18

    I've noticed wen I don't parboil rice, I end up wiv sticky rice and it's not fun to eat @ aLl not once not twice severally. So even wen I'm famished and I want to eat rice I must parboil it first. Any food worth cooking is worth cooking well lol.

  21. Brooklyn08:54

    @Tokoni if u wash ur rice properly I mean veryy well 4d first tym u won't hv to parboil it dis is wot u shud do next tym wen u r extremely hungry:wash raw rice properly and cook pour d first starchy water nd add a fresh 1 with a lil vegetable oil.thank mi l8r

  22. Anonymous16:06

    Hello Ladies you do not need to parboil your rice, just wash you rice with salt atleast twice and rinse off, you can boil water and pour inside the rice washed with salt but not neccessary. Then when you fry your tomato do not put too much tomato and not too much oil. Then add water to it after frying but not much water you gage the quantity of rice add salt to taste etc. Then pour the washed rice use stick or plastic spoon to stair do not use iron spoon. Cover to boil..when its drying off check if its soft not compulsory very soft if still very hard put "little bit" of water then cover the rice very well reduce the heat..when the rice is dry you can then stair with stick yorubas call it omorogun...then leave it in the pot cover very tight there should be not air the heat steams the rice NB:Its beTter to use good pots if u want the party rice add little bit of ginger not too much tin tomato instead use tatase,rodo and shombo, a lot of people put plenty of tin tomato it makes it sticky the tatase and shombo will make the rice redish with little of tin tomato also u can buy does small local pot they use in cooking at parties I think it is called "adogan" they sell smaaller ones you can have it in your house, and don't stair the rice often only stair when its dry either you like it or not jollof rice must to burn that's the sweetest part, I hope I have been able to explain..

  23. Anonymous19:56

    Thank you for this


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