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First Wives Connection Recipes Giveaway

Yes! We have been waiting for the month when my kitchen diary recipes (food blog) were merged with wives connection and November it is. I have been worried about how to include our recipe contributors who live outside Nigeria. When we did the blog anniversary giveaway, it was restricted to readers in Nigeria reason being that I wasn't sure how to get the award to winners outside this country.

Right from November 1, I have been thinking and resisting the urge to make it another "Nigeria only giveaway" because we have received recipes from readers in other continents too. Now with the success

Wives Connection Menu Timetable Still Available

Until yesterday, I didn't know that we still needed that menu timetable. I took it off the blog because I felt like we all have seen it and do not need it anymore ( I did not hide it please o). It has always been available Online at Slideshare where I published it first. Once you Google 'wives connection menu timetable" it appears.

We had three menu timetables on this blog and they are all still very much available Online:

The First menu timetable (one week menu plan)The second menu timetable (two week menu plan)The lunch box ideas timetable
Many new recipes got published after the second timetable and my plan was to create a third one that covers these new recipes but sorry, TIME :(After I read that

Please Help With Breast Milk Booster

Good day WC.
Thank you for this wonderful medium we use to learn everyday.
 I'm a nursing mother, just had my first baby a month ago.
I need advice on how 2 increase my breast milk flow because my baby isn't getting enough. 

Most times, whenever he's done sucking he still cries until I feed him with an infant formula. I've been asked to take large quantities of tea, morning $ night, $ also hot watery pap like mid day which I always do yet, I don't produce enough for my son.

I would also

Thanks WC For Changing My Marriage, I still Need Help For My Son

Is My Child Too Dull At 2 Years 9 Months?Aunty Eya,may God bless u and ur hand work IJN, I want to use this medium to thank all the WC peeps that are giving people good advise here.

I once told you people how my king (hubby) has been threatening me with divorce and the advice I got here made me be the one to do so to him now (is not that bad oh i.e. he treats me like a queen now that's why I called him my king).

 Though I

OMALICHA, I Need Your Help Before I Lose My Husband

Hello Aunty Eya,please is there any way I can contact the lady who puts up foods and their recipes in your blog? I think her name is OMALICHA, I want to learn how to prepare some delicacies esp for dinner and even what to prepare, am losing ma hubby in terms of meals. 

He likes having light meals at night and each time he gets back and is not satisfied with the meal in the house he keeps complaining and threatening to bring in someone that will be cooking for

Fish With Vegetable Salad Dinner For Weight Watchers

I decided to post this simple dinner when some of us asked about the Atkins diet. Yes, I lost 10kgs in 2 weeks with the help of this diet and I will never forget that. There is nothing too special about Atkins, you just remember to eliminate carbohydrates from your meals and like magic you see your weight dropping fast. That should tell us that carbohydrate is the major major that makes people gain weight.

Not eating carbs for two weeks is not beanz at all. I couldn't wait to resume swallowing my ebawith draw soup. It takes serious discipline. Our bodies actually

Any Shaving Cream For Private Area? Please Help

Hi, good evening. Please, can you post this on WC blog for me?

I use shaving stick to shave my private area and it gives me bumps. I want to

Hubby Has Asked Me To Abort This Pregnancy, He Wants A Male Child

Good morning  plus WC, my story is long but I pray your readers will really understand me. Please edit this part don't want my name to show I beg you.

 Am in my late twenties married with two daughters and expecting one soon,but am tired of this life, from a poor home, am the only graduate and my hubby refused that I should work, maybe afraid of controlling me according to him, even any little business, anytime I raise the issue he'll say I should go to my father's house and work, 

 I noticed he uses his money to threaten me in the sense that any little misunderstanding , if i beg for even 1k he won't give me, so he sees himself as a God.
 He earns a good and reasonable salary but I cry cos I lack many things, can't even send money to my parents that managed to train me. I studied mass communication but he warned me

Kim Kardashian Denies Getting Plastic Surgery, I Believe Her

Life must be very tough for celebrities atimes, having to read all sorts of lies about their private lives. Life&Style claim that Kim Kardashian lost her baby weight with the help of surgery and this makes her mad. When people work hard, they deserve some commendations.
See her tweet below:

Kim says she lost her weight with the help of the Atkins diet and I believe because in  2010, Atkins diet helped me lose 10kgs in just two

My Husband Has Low Sperm Count Yet Impregnates Another Girl

Good day aunty eya, I need serious advice asap. My hubby and I have been married for 5yrs now , nov 1st was our anniversary but I found nothing to rejoice about. We have done everything medically but the result came out that my hubby had low sperm count which we treated all to no avail which led us to doing IVF.

The last one we did was negative & they gave us drugs to prepare us for the next round that was when my hubby got another girl pregnant, when I got to know he said it was a mistake, so along the line to the glory of God I got pregnant & that was how

Pregnant At 40 After Eight Years Of Child Birth, I Need Advice

Pregnancy comparison. 26 weeks and 40 weeksHello Aunty Eya, please we need advice from WC blog, hide my identity. My sister just got pregnant at 40 years, her last child is 8. She didn't plan to get pregnant again, it was a mistake. 

Please the pregnancy is still early and we are

Ordering Food In Nigeria Has Become Even Bigger And Better

Image now covers more than just Lagos, for those of us who can't find the time to cook our meals, you don't have to stress anymore. Wherever your location, in Lagos or Abuja, just indicate your

A Relationship, Marriage Meant To Be Will Be

As I walked home one freezing day, I stumbled on a wallet someone had lost in the street. I picked it up and looked inside to find some identification so
I could call the owner. But the wallet contained only three dollars and a
crumpled letter that looked as if it had been in there for years.

The envelope was worn and the only thing that was legible on it was the
return address. I started to open

How Do I get My husband Interested In My Education After 3 Kids?

Hello Aunty Eya and WC! I have a problem, I just need some advice on what to do about that, I dropped out of school becos my hubby asked me due to my pregnancy.

 now I have

Debate: Christians, For Or Against Wearing Leggings

Hello Eya, please share this argument in support and against wearing leggings...

St. Josemaria Escriva...
Leggings make it look like you aren’t wearing anything to a guy. This is the most fundamental reason you should not wear leggings as pants. Men are visual creatures, you see. They are as attuned to their eyes and images as women are to emotions and feelings. When they see an image, their brains are simply wired to react to them, most of the time in a lustful or harmful way if the image is provocative. 
I don’t have

My Ex Wants To Ruin My Marriage, Please Help

Ma,I'd like for you to help post this story on your blog cos ı am out of options. Thanks.
P.s I'd like to remain anonymous

MY EX wants to ruin my home!
I am a 25 year old married with a kid, this problem started like 3 months ago when ı ran into my ex boyfriend in town, since then

Zinny Needs Our Help For The DSTV Fashion Challenge

Hey Aunty Eya, How has your day been? I need all WC members on this one o. Please let all drop our votes. My sister just signed up for the DSTV fashion challenge, however she needs to get the highest votes on Facebook to win.
The steps are easy, like a DSTV NIGERIA page on Facebook, click on the fashion protege link and

When To Stop Forgiving A Man, With People Begging On His Behalf, What Should I Do?

Hello, I am the same blog reader married to an Urhobo man who says his tradition doesn't permit a wife sleeping over at her parents. In case of domestic violence, when do you know enough is enough, when do you know it's time to pack up and leave?? 

The 1st time was when I was pregnant, 3 slaps.. He started reading the Bible n apologized that it wouldn't happen again. 2nd time was some weeks ago, he held my neck the way someone would try to choke another, then left it.. After a while.

 I was

INTRODUCING…NIGERIA’S BIGGEST ONLINE SUPERMARKET, GLOO.NG. has been blazing the trail of relieving we busy women folk the stress of balancing our wifely and motherly duties with the hectic pace of coping with modern-day living in the metropolitan areas of Nigeria, starting with Lagos. They have indicated that their reason for being is for our happiness. Feedback that can be clearly gleaned from the many posts of their numerous satisfied users on social media suggests that they seem to be succeeding very well at selling the happiness they claim they are spreading to us. is a pure-play electronic retailing service dedicated to delivering direct to the doorsteps of her clients, on a same-day basis and at very affordable prices, a wide variety of high quality brands of grocery and living essential items. provides her clients very convenient, very efficient and very affordable means of shopping for their living essentials, saving them irreplaceable time, needless stress and valuable money, thereby enriching their lives with t…

Married To An Urhobo Man, How True Is This Please?

Good day. . I'm an ardent reader of this blog. . Good advice and cooking tips.. Please to the Warri chapter of wives connection, I'm married to an Urhobo man, my parents asked me to visit them and I informed  my husband.
 He said that in their

Requirements For Court Wedding In Nigeria, Please Help

AnonymousNov19, 2013 at 5:22 PM Hello Aunty, I would be glad if you can make this a post for me please. I am currently not in Nigeria but coming to Nigeria for my Court wedding. I have not attended any before and i know absolutely nothing about it and likewise my beau too but we both know its gonna be 19th of December and we should be in the Country say 7th of December.
Please Aunties and Mommies, how is it done? how much do they pay at the court, when is

With This Amount As My Monthly Income, How Much Should I Put Into Savings? Please Advise

Hello WC, what to spend or save at the end of each month has always been a challenge for me since I started working. My income is #60, 000. After receiving this money, I know that 10% is for tithe and that's all. 

For every other thing, I just remove and spend without knowing how to apportion specific percentages to different expenditures like offering, feeding, entertainment, transportation to school,  etc., before the month ends, I have spent all without a dime left to put into savings. I still

Blame It On ASUU Strike, Photo

I saw this on my Timeline and believed.  See what ASUU has caused! If

cocotte oeuf - Egg Casserole By Omalicha AKA Chizzy

"Cocotteoeuf" is the french translation for "egg casserole" . This particular dish is a figment of my very active imagination. It's one of the tastiest and easiest things I made this year, you better bookmark it *wink*.feel free to alter this recipe,you can

Tears Of Nigerian Children

I see the tears of Nigerian children. I hear their wailings. I feel the agony of their childhood. Have they not been maltreated, abandoned, abused, neglected and sexually exploited long enough? Are their wailings not

Pictures Of My Husband With Another Family, Should I Leave Him?

Hello Aunty Eya and Wives connection blog readers. I need replies urgently cos I'm really worried. I'm bothered. I have been living with my husband for 7 years and we are still believing God for the fruit of the womb.

For the past two years, he's been misbehaving. He leaves home, tells me he is travelling but people tell me they see him around, which is confusing and embarrassing. When confronted, he denies everything. Just last night, he claimed to have travelled then I decided to search his bags. I saw his camera in there and decided to go through the pictures.
What I saw shocked me:
Pics of him in

I Have Breast Lumps, Which Abuja Hospital Is The Best For The Operation?

Good evening Aunty Eya. Hope ur ok and enjoying the weekend. My name is Hillary and I'm a reader of your blog.I have a problem which ill love you to share on your blog.

 I recently

Nigerian Pancake Rolls RELOADED By Dinma

This is my first time posting a recipe on this blog. I'm sure you all have been enjoying the recipes by my sister,•Omalicha• This is my own version of the popular pancake rolls. You won't believe how many neighbors came over for

So Anxious To See My Baby, Please I Need Help

Pls aunty Eya, i need u to post dis 4 me and i need an urgent reply cos am really worried. Plsdntinclude my name. 
Dis is my first pregnancy and am 10 months gone have passed my EDD, have done sweeping last week and am asked to come 4 inducing, hubby has gone out to start asking questions from other mothers and was told so many tins.  now he's so scared of inducing and has ask me not to go that it is risky to the health of d child and painful.

 Now he's thinking of C-section which

Storing Beans, I Tried All Methods Yet Nothing Works, Any Suggestions?

Good day Eya and all WC Visitors. Ill be glad to get better suggestions on this issue.

My family doesn't eat much beans, but to balance their diet I cook it at least once every week. We used to buy a quarter bag of beans (7.5kg) but due to weevil attack and to curtail waste, I resorted to buying just a custard bucket.

Recently, I've

My Husband Enjoys Chatting With Women On Social Networking Sites :(

Good day aunty Eya,am the lady that called you two days ago around 8pm.
I asked you to advice me coz my husband is giving me serious headache.I don't  have anyone to talk to about this hussy likes chatting with women so much on Bb,facebook,whatsApp,Badoo ,,,,,,the worst is that he will always tell them how

I Went To A Boarding House And Private University, Never Been Taught How To Cook, Help

Aunty Eya,
Good morning and trust your well.
Really want to appreciate your good works especially in the way it connects all women,single and married.
I am average cook, I went to  a boarding house and a private have never really been taught how to cook.
Except occassional trial and errors.

That's why I am really in love with your  blog.
Now the challenge,anything jollof,just doesn't go right with me...pls smile
I made jollof spaghetti yesterday and

Importance Of And How To Care For Cloth Diapers

Hello Eya, thanks to you and everyone that leaves comments on wives connection, I have learnt so much since I discovered the blog.
I am a mother of two who is expecting my third child and there is something I would like to learn from other women out there.

Is it unhygienic to use cloth diapers on babies? Why I ask this question is because I do not see mothers hanging out cloth nappies to dry like it used to be in the past. For my other babies, I used all kinds of baby diapers,both baby pampers, Huggies, ETC,  and made use of cloth nappies when we are home. Disposable diapers were used only at night and when we go for outing. Because of my method of washing them, all my baby nappies remained immaculate white until they are torn, none changed color at all.

Wrapping nappies on

Peppered Variety Rice And Mutton By Omalicha

It was a warm Saturday afternoon,we were done with the house chores and the general cleanup,this was not the average Saturday,our taste buds were itching for something exciting. 
After a little dilly-dallying I came up with this recipe. It was awesome and everyone loved it. As usual,it's subject to alterations and you can always add and subtract as you wish. Enjoy!

How Do I Investigate My Long Travelled Husband?

Hello Eya and Wives connection readers,
I am a reader of this blog who has kept my problems to myself until I saw the post from the Nigerian lady whosehusband has got a baby with a British woman cos of papers. That post increased my worries, I could not sleep the whole night, the helpful hints, tips and advice from readers also made me confident enough to send in my problem.

My husband


It's our Marriage Anniversary and my hubby's birthday.
I've been all so emotional since last night and it's just like yesterday we said "I DO".
When I think of

The British Woman Wants Me Back In Nigeria, What Can I Do?

Hi eya..pls I need advice cause I really dn,t knw what to do now.i,m 27, married with a hubby left nigeria 2010 to d uk for greener pastures..i was still a student when he left..he said I was too young to stay all by myself n so I had to stay with his was,nt so easy stayin there but I survived it.

He tried bringin my child and I to the uk 5 times but our applications were refused.miraculously we were granted our visa this year and joined him.After some months here,i found out he had a baby with someone that has a British passport.

The lady in question wanted me to go back to nigeria while she moves into his home and takes care of my child n her own child.i bluntly refused the offer and even though my main plan was to see my hubby n come back to nigeria because of school(was in 300level) I was scared to loose my husband to this lady...i made

We Are Not Members Of The Same Church, My Family Is Not In support

Pls Aunty Eya,I need u to post dis 4 me n I need urgent reply.Pls dnt Include my name.I just met a man I truly love n care deeply about.Before we started,He begged me not to tink of leaving him nor breaking his heart cos his heart had been broken by his previous relationships. 

But d problem here is we r not members of d same church. My church does not believe in getting married to a non- member n I do not want to go toanoda 1( Pls dnt judge me on dis) I lost my father @ a young age n my Pastor was d 1 who helped me get to where I am today.I've come to take him as my father n seek his consent in all I do.

My late father has no relatives n we only associate with members of my Mum's family who also attend d same church as mine.I'v had two suitors 4rm my church,1 is uneducated n works 4 an individual,d oda has a nine year old son outside marriage. Both do not appeal to me in anyway.I indirectly mentioned d person I love to my Pastor n immediately he knew he's not our member…

What Should A Mom Do If Her Baby Is slow In Physical Development?

Aunt Eya,
I just stumbled on this blog a couple of days ago, and i am hooked already! I love the way men and women open up to each other and share their pain and joys and worries and tears and.... Recipes. I wish I will get responses that will also help me. 

I am a first time mum with an adorable son. The thing is; from the time i took in to the day i delivered my baby, i was sick. 

For that reason, I didn't take my routine drugs as I was supposed to (with being nauseous and all). And I didn't feed well too. A few days after my EDD (Expected Delivery Date), my Doctor said I needed a Caesarean Section cos the amniotic fluid was decreasing, my baby was too small for his Gestational Age etc and he didn't want the baby to be distressed in the womb. 


Am South African, I Want To Know If This Is How All Nigerian Men Behave

Dear Eya and Wives Connection Readers,

My name is Tuti and l am frequent and read your blog. Please hide my details. I have learnt a lot from the comments and stories of other ladies. Please help me with my situation.

I have been in a relationship with a Nigerian man for nearly three years now. I am from South Africa originally and we met at the University. He is 9 years my senior and when we met fire works erupted in my world. He was the perfect gentleman and a Christian.

As it stands now he is ready to

Is My Fiance Saying The Truth?

My name is ********* and am 26yrs old. I came across your website about AS genotype marriages and I saw your Gmail and decided

My Huaband Hates Both Silence And Talking Back, Please Help

Hello Eya and WC, I am a regular reader of the blog who gets angry every time a poster in a troubled marriage is advised to control her tongue when her husband is angry. My case is just so different and I need sincere advice from experienced marriages please.

My marriage is only

Pain On My Left Breast With No Lumps

Aunty Eya,good day to you. Please i want you to help me publish this on your blog. I am 33 years old, and i live in Lagos. I have been having pains on my left breast since 2008. The pain comes and disappears  once in a while. I have tried to check for lumps in my breast  and any other signs,but have found none. 
It has no regular pattern of

African Coconut Rice With Lime Shrimp

This coconut rice was so good. It tasted yummilicious though the rush for the shrimps was more but the pot of rice got cleared even before I could say Jack. The plan was to cook with four coconuts but some were bad so I had to substitute with one sachet of Emma coconut powder.


Re: Wash All Undergarments Before Wearing, UPDATE

When I saw this comment on the blog yesterday, I had to go read up on Myasis and would like those of us who doubted that post, those who said it's fake to please take our personal hygiene more seriously cos we have only one life and Health we all know is wealth. Not only the washing pleases ladies, let us ensure that they are dry and not damp before taking them in cos you never know what might be hiding in the damp corner of that dress or under garment. 

The free online Dictionary defines myasis as: Myiasis is an infestation of human tissue by the larval stage of flies of the order Diptera.

Here is the

Tasty Moi moi With Egg And Corned Beef By Ama

Good day Aunty Eya,

So as promised, I tried yourcorned beef moi moi recipe today. I couldn't bring myself to cook anything on Saturday  but I did it today. I added eggs to mine. It was YUMMY! 

Hubby was so impatient while it was on the fire and the minute it was ready, he pounced on it. I didn't hear his voice till he had downed two bowls with cold garri oh, next thing he said :"babes, gimme one more. Shey it is plenty remaining oh cos I will eat it again this night and tomorrow". That was all the "thank you" I needed. LOL!!!

I don't

Should I Give My Husband The Wine Or Report Him? Please Advise

Dear Eya, I am a regular visitor of your blog and will like to remain anonymous.  I have been married for 13 years and have never known my husband to be alcoholic. Some months ago, I discovered that my husband took alcoholic wine as  I am very sensitive to the odour.  When I challenged him, he said his colleague in the office was celebrating his promotion, so he had to take a little but he vomited which really got me irritated and angry. He apologized that it will never happen again.  The other time he went for a burial, when he came back his body was smelling of alcohol and he brought 2 bottles of alcoholic wine with 35% spirit vol.  when I complained to him he said, I do not have the moral justification to correct him since he cannot stop me from putting on trousers , which I have stopped. I later hid the wine. About three weeks ago, when he came back from the office smelling alcohol,  I confronted him, he said he took the wine when he went to meet the manager that will approve his…