My Sister Just Moved In With My Family, Her Dressing Is My Fear

Hi Aunty Eya, my name is...... I am a regular on your blog. I comment
as 28 year old mother of four or sometimes anonymously. Please I would
like to remain anonymous. I need urgent advise before I mistakenly do
something stupid.

My sister who I am very close to moved to my house. To look for a job
and help me out with the kids while at it cos finally after years of
searching I am

about to start my first real job.

Now the thing is that she is very relaxed I'm my house(I wouldn't want
it any other way) that she dresses half naked most of the time. She
has these massive boobs then she will cover them with these almost
transparent tube top. then drape a jacket (not zipped) on it. she also
wears this short shorts and just lies freely in d sitting room floor,
chairs everywhere and all I see are boobs spilling out and legs. Did I
mention that I don't have any myself. And my hubby is around.

I don't really know what to say cos I am normally the jealous type so
I don't know if I am over reacting or something. But I would never
dress like that in someone else's house. I tried mentioning to her
that her boob top was transparent but she kinda brushed it off. I
dunno whether to leave her alone cos I know she doesnt mean any harm.
Even if I want to talk to her I really don't know how to go about it
cos I don't want any friction. And then I am a bad pretender. If I
don't say anything, I may start acting out and it may culminate into
something terrible.

I really don't know what to do. Any words anyone.


  1. Anonymous15:44


    1. Anonymous16:26

      oh boy i dey vex for u! Can't u talk to ur younger sis? After all its ur house. Just tell her ur mind and for the sake of ur little children around.But do it politely

  2. hehehehehehehehe women sha,am sure ur hubby thinks otherwise.
    I'm sorry for painting a mental picture of the girl.
    Btw talk to her about it,asin sit her down and lay down conditions for her. u need to be fast this one u pointedout she's massively endowed where u are lacking.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  3. Anonymous15:46

    Please do something and do it very fast. That's temptation hoo haaa! If she no get sense, give am small from your own. Caution her seriously and be serious about it. Soon she will say that your hubby is making passes, when she has obviously given him the green light.

  4. Anonymous15:59

    What if after cautioning her she begins 2 think ur husband mentioned it and starts feeling all sexy in from of him?


    You know ur husband, has he made any eye as 2 dat? Plus do Ʊ feel she would snatch ur husband?

  5. Anonymous16:00

    Men are moved by what they see ooo....

  6. Anonymous16:13

    I hope she's not interested in your husband? Young girls these days are so corrupted by home videos and it' terrible. Be firm and stop being naive.

  7. Blog Presidoo16:20

    Please do not take any chances o, she is not a baby. Some younger sisters actually do get jealous of their elder's marriages and secretly wishes for some private cash from him. They're all interested in fashion. Lay down dressing rules cos it's your house and truth be told, she won't tolerate that in HER HOME.

  8. Anonymous16:22

    Is she a baby? How old is your sister?

    1. Anonymous16:28

      i tire oh!

  9. Caution her..i am a man and God said flee from temptation.

  10. Anonymous18:56

    Pls tell her again sternly, before u explode, men reason wiv their prick wen they see things like dat Oo°˚˚˚°! To avoid stories that touch, do it!

  11. Anonymous19:46

    Thank God i am an only child cuz if dis na my sister i go give am one warning then send ha out of my house if she breaks the rule again. Kilo fa oshi YOU BETTER TALK TO HER ASAP BEFORE YOUR NEXT EMAIL TO WC BECOMES......

  12. Anonymous19:48

    Just tell her to be modest for the sake of the kids and visitors,pls dnt mention your husband as part of the reason oh,you know sisters nau,before she starts to think you are questioning her motives or you don't trust her.I know pple will tell you to caution openly cos she wants your husband,I still believe she realy dosnt have that in mind,she's your sister correct her in love.

    1. Anonymous22:44

      Thanx dear Anonymous 7:48.u Said it all .just remember she is ur sis n know how to tell her dat.

  13. maya20:54

    Massive boobs hehehehe d earlier u tell ur sis d beta.if u like pet her nd say deres nufin wrong.ogeh ma ge vuum na'ya.u don't need any reply common sense will tell u what to do.

  14. maya20:56

    Massive boobs hehehehe d earlier u tell ur sis d beta.if u like pet her nd say deres nufin wrong.ogeh ma ge vuum na'ya.u don't need any reply common sense will tell u what to do.

    1. Anonymous06:44

      Emehelu na u be this? He he he. Ichotago my blog? Vuum gini? Na so? Ya buzi nu na nwoke nine by Nikita. DI gi aka noru? Mtsheeew.

  15. Anonymous21:13

    That your sister sef na wa oo.. I don't know why any matured lady will not have the common sense to knw wats appropriate or not? So is she sayin. She can't tell DAT it is Wrong to be walking arnd somebody's. Matrimonial home that way? Na wa oo.. Now I'm beginin to question if your sister is not doin this on purpose. its common sense to knw that it is wrong to do so.

  16. Anonymous21:14

    Ur man will touch it one day. I am nt swearing, milk and honey boobs flown almost open. U think say ur man has nt tot of suckn those boobs. Dnt trust ur man wit any one o. U knw men like boobs. They suck it all their life. Common talk to her!dnt be a mumu. Gudluck.

  17. Pretty21:25

    Caution her jor, before your hubby makes her madam. Be blunt or else your marriage will be on the line, becos men are moved by what they see.

  18. Just tell her that you don't like the way she dresses in your house. Or if you can't say dat directly, they say that your husband finds it offensive and has told you to warn her. Is she stupid? She should know better than to do that. Whether she means any harm or not doesn't matter.

  19. Fisayo Aransiola22:49

    You have to tactfully tell her that wearing indecent clothes in the house is not allowed. She came to your house to stay and that's a favour you are doing her. You should be able to tell her the dos and don'ts in the house. You have kids and a marriage to protect. She is a negative influence on your kids. There is no point in pretending to her. It's not a matter of she not meaning any harm. The stark reality is she is sending the wrong signals and having some negative impacts on people. Any considerate younger sister will respect her sister and her husband and dress decently. For me, that's a red flag and you have to be cautious. Come out clear to her that you are uncomfortable with her mode of dressing and will not have any of that in your house. All the best.

  20. POSTER07:28

    Hmmmmmmm. To all those saying she will become d madam bla bla bla. Abegi that one ain't happening. It would take a whole lot more than big boobs to replace me. I don't have such fears but I do feel really concerned about the images he might be carrying in his head. The worst is when your hubby is making love to you and thinking of someone else.

    Now I am really in trouble o. I have told her like indirectly about this thing but she just doesn't listen. Like when she dressed decently I applauded her and praised d lord but in d evening she was back again. The very worst part is that she sleeps in d sitting room. And my hubby usually comes out in the middle of the night to smoke. The other night I came out and she was in her tiny shorts. With a top draped loosely on her massive boobs. Lol. And I was like 'you are naked now' and she goes 'how now' but she later wore her top. Sometimes the zippers will be pulled really low. Or just wear a jacked over a transparent spag and hold it together whenever I give her the look. She knows I am uncomfortable with this so seriously what da...

    I am avoiding a sit down let's talk scenario cos it may alter things between us besides my hubby makes me feel like a control freak so I have been working on that. I am like is this how others dress? Maybe I am being controlling.

    I will work up d courage to talk to her later so that I don't burst out of control over a totally minor issue.

    Thanks all.

    1. Did you say your hubby wakes up in the night to smoke? Hhhhmmmmnnn that's another issue to be tackled. Back to ur sister, talking to her must not be in a sit down we need to talk mood, it may be in the kitchen or while watching tv! Tell her u r not comfortable with d dreSsing as u have kids and ur hubsand friends come to d house. Take her to market and buy nice cotton night gown, PJ the type that is button down. After all these the next time she wears any of those old clothes simply tell her to go and change! If she doesn't obey u then let her know she will have to leave as you take dressing serious.

    2. Anonymous08:31

      You don't have any fears then you should have no concerns, who are you kidding?

    3. poster09:33

      I have told her. It actually got awkward this morning when d boobs were all over the place and I noticed hubby deliberately avoiding looking her way. I was barely one minute into the 'talk' when she said she understands. We will see what happens. Thanks.

      Anon 8:31am, like I said, it would take much much more than big boobs to push me out of my house. Finish.

  21. Anonymous08:37

    Pls ma dear be really careful on wat u say to her,u ve said dat ur hubby sees u as a control freak,anyways jes do it politely wit love and whereby she stil dresses dat way then u really ve to ask her to leave forget sister n brother matter and save ur marriage befr u get ur self outside or 1st wife, e no dey hard oo

  22. Anonymous08:56

    buy her bigger tops to replace the old ones and if she insists, BURN them. you have to be firm, she is your sister. husband apart, u still need to train her and put some sense into her to prepare her for the outside world of rape and sexual violence...what if she starts going to the gate to buy recharge cards dressed that way, the boys in d area starts eying her and planning a faake robbery so they can enter your house to rape her and stuff. relationship can be rebuilt later, be her Elder sister now and her friend later

    1. Anonymous17:01

      Gbam. A word is enough for the wise.

  23. Every one has said it all, try n talk some sense into her thick skull, as old as she is, she doesn't knw wat is nyt or wrong, some ppl can be funny sha, I 've had a case like ds but d girl in ist is nt ma sis, I didn't find it funny @ all.Make hay while d sun shine.

  24. Anonymous22:34

    Poster! Poster!!!Poste!!! Pls wake up frm ur slumber. D fact dat she is ur blood doesnt mean nothng wuld happen. A decent girl wil never expose her boobs dat way. Never! Except u are jokng sha o.

  25. Anonymous23:06

    As for me, it took a long time to teach my little sis how to dress decently in the house... Though she's as flat as I am and there was no treat or whatsoever, but smtimes I just catch her almost naked and her room is all open.. Even when hubby is not around, I scream on top of my voice.. Like WHAT IS THIS!(Funny enouf I walk around half naked a lot in the house, and she will be wandering, why can't I do same) but later she grasped the whole thing shall b4 she left... It's up to you shall, it might not be a sudden change oo, but u ve to persist if u must get result... As for the boobs thing enh, abeg act fast... Shuuoooo! Massive boobs ke! Hubby is human oo, tempt not him oo


  26. Anonymous23:37


  27. Many thanks to everyone that has contributed. @ Poster biko don't be deceived ooo and also time is going. For your husband to avoid looking towards her direction, that should be a green light. See,we all want the best in OUR Marriage(s) so we have to work towards achieving that. Sister or no sister, she should abide by your rules.SHE HAS TO. Its your home remember. Indirectly, she is teaching your children how to dress shabily. Then your hubby is HUMAN oooo. HE IS HUMAN ooooo. Ild say it for the last time HE IS HUMAN ooooo. He comes out @ night to smoke and he sees a cute chic lying on the chair half naked please!!!!!!!!!! #imageFlashing# Anyways,in all this the upholding of your home is up to you. Something just came to my mind. If you have someone older in your family.someone you can report her to like your mum they should talk to her about decency. Above everything do not forget to pray. Ask for Direction and Wisdom. GOD bless ur home and ur marriage AMEN.

  28. Anonymous10:40

    I remember when i went 2see my sister long b4 i got married. I refused 2attend her church bcos i didnt Quite accept the doctrines. My sis sternly said my if u so hate my church go home n attend urs. We r very close so it didnt affect our relationship. The point is she guards her home n everything she likes that way and put sentiments aside. Moreover, i dont know how she gets comfy dressing that way, bcos wen i used 2visit my sis i would always wear maxi gowns indoors and wen i go out i still dress decently. Pls speak to your sis about indecent dressing, shes not the wife that needs 2dress that way 2create spark in the eyes of her husb. Than God iam the last girl of my parents so i dont have all those nudity around me

  29. Anonymous18:28

    Heyyyyy! Madam poster ur taking a huge huge risk here. No reasonable and responsible sister uld do dat in her sister's home. Give her a condition. Either she stops dressing dat way or u send her home. Haba now! Report her 2 ur parents or elder. Siblings or relations and u uld also gt d same response as has bn given on d blog. Pls and pls. Look @ it now ur hubby evn avoids looking @ her direction. He comes out @ nite 2 smoke only 2 meet her dressed dat way. OMG! Plus 4 ur hubby not 2 hv mentioned anyting abt her mode of dressing den he is obviously interested. Is dis d way she dresses infront of ur parents? Pls poster act now b4 it turns 2 anoda story. She changes her dressing or u send. Her packing. Period! Iphy

  30. this is not a good habit to show of your body this can make a bad impression on children's minds so say to her live in manner otherwise go from my house without hesitation .


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