How To Cook Beans And Corn Meal With Fresh Corn, Help

A pot of corn and beans 
Beans and corn meal can be very filling. I posted one before, cooked with sweet corn. This time I wanted the real thing with fresh corn but .... I refused to take
pics of the cooked and served meal cos while beans was overcooked and all broken and soft, the corn was not very well cooked and I don't know what went wrong.

The fresh
corn was washed and boiled before adding my brown beans. Someone said black eye pea is preferable when cooking with corn, that brown beans cooks too fast. Would like to try this again cos my girl loves it but I need a few tips on how to do it right.

Abeg, who can cook corn and beans?


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  1. I don't know what went wrong with your meal, but I guess it's the specie of corn you cooked.
    However I remove my fresh corn from the cob, boil my corn separately till it is well cooked, then my beans is slightly done, both with salt. Then I add the corn and the almost cooked beans together, add my ingredients, stir and allow to simmer till beans is fully cooked. Somtimes I fry my oil, onion, Peper, crayfish together and add to the boiling beans & corn. This gives it a unique taste.
    Perhaps I should cook and send.

    1. Anonymous10/17/2013

      yes please, I want to learn too. Thank you LNC

  2. Replies
    1. Eya, Ʊ woulda sent the final picture to use....
      It makes us understand that you are human afterall and all our little mistakes are long as we r willing 2 make a chnage 4 d better.

  3. Anonymous10/17/2013

    I wuld want to learn it 2.

  4. Anonymous10/17/2013

    Wen I wnt 2 cook mine,I buy already cooked corn,remove,wash nd boil wit d beans.

  5. Anonymous10/18/2013

    OMG this is a very traditional meal eaten all over Kenya and east Africa in general it has several names from the different communities but the most common ones you will find are "githeri" and "nyoyo"

  6. Heiya! Sorri auntyy Eya, here is the step of how I cook mine.
    I usually parboil d freshcorn and beans seperately. I was my perboil beans just as it wants to get soft. Den mix it wit d perboil fresh corn and add my ingredients, cover and allow to boil. I usually add my cryfish last to spicen it up for me. Sometimes I fry my oil, cryfish and pepper and add as it boilsdats if I don't want to add it direct.

  7. Great... Don't like this kinda food sha!

  8. Anonymous4/28/2014

    Pls how do I Cook beans with crayfish or dry bong a fish ? Tried it the other but it was too salty. Hubby was disappointed and he went to bed without taking dinner.


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