How Do I Get My Ex To Leave Me Alone?

Dear Aunty Eya
                I dated my ex boyfriend for 3 yrs and during that time, we loved each other so much that it was so painful when he accused me of cheating on him just because a friend of his told him a rumour he heard about me.

 (This was the same guy that has once told him that he resents our relationship because he couldn't find that type of love). He didn't even let me defend myself and I was so heartbroken. By the time he reasoned with himself and did some investigation on the issue, I have already lost interest in the relationship. 

He begged and did everything possible to get me back, but I couldn't stand to look at him anymore and so it ended. Not more than 3 months after I left him, I met this wonderful man who I am now married to.
Everyday I look at
him is like the first time we met, I love him so much and he still treats me like a queen even though I know I'm not a very good person. I've never felt this type of love before and we've been married now for 3 yrs with a baby boy. 

The problem is that my ex won't stop calling me on the phone. He's platonic enough but it bugs me. I've told him severally that I really don't like keeping in contact but after a while he'll start calling again, telling me how he couldn't find a girl that could measure up to me. I've changed my number severally, but he just collects it again from my brother who he's friends with. 

Pls help me ask your audience how I can just kick him away for good, because my husband already hates him after I told him how he treated me and if he finds out that I keep in contact with him, he might hate me too.


  1. Anonymous10/23/2013

    U better tell ur brother never to give him ur number...

  2. Tel him if he disturbs u again u'l hv no choice but 2 report him 2 ur hubby.wot does he want u 2do?liv ur hubby 4him or wot?he shud realize is fightin a lost battle alredy

  3. Anonymous10/23/2013

    When next he calls give your fone 2ur hubby let him ans mayb dat will pass a message

  4. Anonymous10/23/2013

    Seconded tu al d above

  5. Anonymous10/23/2013

    pick the call and drop the phone, do this severally and he'll get the message. if he doesnt hear ur voice always, he will stop. also barr his line from calling, u can download the application from the internet

  6. Anonymous10/23/2013

    I think u shd change ur number again n seriously warn you brother not to give ur number to him, also report your brother to ur mum,dat way he knows u mean biz.

    Some men r wicked o, he may still cont to call u even if ur husband talks to him. I think its best u change your number n warn ur brother, also don't put your new number on facebook or any social media cos he cld trace u from there.

    Best of luck.

  7. Anonymous10/23/2013

    @poster tell your hubby about him that he his always calling ...ur hubby will help clear his doubt. lol.....except if u still like him buh and you re fighting it.

  8. Y wld ur broda b giving him ur num? Dats rubbish jor

  9. Anonymous10/23/2013

    This one na simple matter. No need to change numbers. Pick his calls snd drop your phone. Let him be listening to the environment snd waste his credit well. If people around you wants to talk to him, let them help him waste his credit. Never talk to him nor give your husband the phone to talk to him. NEVER give the phone to your husband cos he might start saying some things to him that might hurt your relationship with ur hubby. Infact, don't give him that joy that he can rattle you and your husband. He keeps on calling cos you are giving him audience.

  10. You had better better tell your husband cos that guy wants ti scatter you marriage.secondly warn your brother I meaning serious warning.But yousef get mind to hide such sensitive issue. Frm you husband?nah wah

  11. Tell ur husband please

  12. Anonymous10/23/2013

    Thanks guys for all the advice. I really appreciate them. I'll put my foot down this time. the reason this is still an issue is because he's friends with everyone in my family and we live in the same city, I don't want it to be awkward cos whether I like it or not I might run into him. But I value my marriage more than being civil, so I'm going to speak in the language that he will understand.

  13. Anonymous10/23/2013

    You still have soft spot for him. Just never agree to be friends with him again and don't answer his calls. He'll get the message and back off.

  14. Dear Poster,
    You need to set the matter straight! Whether he is friends with your family or not, you need to pass the message across to everyone esp. your brother with the knowledge of your family that you don't want to have any dealing with your ex and he should stop feeding him info about you and your marriage.

    Let them know he still pester you till date knowing fully well you are married. Though, I would have said you should tell your DH but I fear the outcome. Since he hates him already, imagine his aghast when he finds out.

    Block his call and never give him audience when you both meet. He's in your past and should be left there!

  15. Plz if u use blackberry simple download call blocker sefini! If not den go wit other advices.

  16. Mrs Anon3/31/2014

    He can always use another number to call so I think u she get another number. Btw what kind of rubbish is that from ur brother? U need to really spark for him and possibly in front of ur parents. Does he want the guy to break up ur home. Pls u know ur hubby better. If u think he can take it mention to him but don't give him the phone to talk to him o. Let him know the steps u have taken in warning ur brother and others + changing ur line so that there won't be room for suspicion.

  17. Mrs Anon3/31/2014

    Sorry, just read again that u had changed ur number already severally... which means the real problem is from ur brother. Sit him down and ask him what his problem is, and what exactly is his plan in continuously giving a married woman's no to an ex bf even when u kept changing the line. Is it that he doesn't want ur marriage to ur husband or what? Well whatever he says, if they insist on continuing, do what others have suggested, waste his credit, put d phone by a blasting tv every time he calls. Don't even listen to him speak. Let me see weda glo/mtn are giving him free credit to waste. Tell ur husband, above all put it in prayers too, this na devil in human form to steal the joy that God has given u. U better rise up in serious prayer and let that plan scatter and fail.


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