Handy Tips For Every Marriage And Relationship

I'm a reader of this blog and I love what is goin on here. Below are some tips that will come in handy in every marriage/relationship. as you read through,you will even discover that you already practice some of them without even knowing it! The amazing things about love and all the wonderful things that are associated with it is that,we really want to
make things right and work for what we have. and when we do have it,we want to keep it and keep on keeping it.
   No two relationships/marriages are the same,just as we are all different individuals in this world. but let's all look at this,and see if there are any numbers we need to act on,ask questions on. pls do not forget that this is a two way thing. if you are not operating on the same frequency with your partner,things won't be easy for you. I know a family that has portable framed quotes of different love tips by famous authors/philosophers/bible verses,all around their house. it always serves as a reminder,a promise to one another,and a foundation for the future love life of their kids.
   I love to be happy,i spread happiness wherever I go,I do not fancy unhealthy relationships,I believe in the school of thought that you can transform nothing into something. 


0.FEAR AND OBEY GOD-follow his rules on marriage.

1.First and foremost, marry the person who is right in both your heart and your brain.

2.Look at things from their perspective.

3.Say "I love you" often and when they least expect it.

4.Send a cheeky text message at an unexpected time.

5.When you're angry,put a 15-second delay between your brain and your mouth.

6.Say "please" and "thank you".

7.Do things they like to do sometimes - even if its not your favorite.

8.Make the effort to remember special occasions.

9.Ask how their day was and really listen to the answer.

10.Make all big decisions together.

11.Don't allow anyone come between you.

12.Beware of falling into a rut. Shake things up a little.

13.Always keep dating (no matter how long you've been married)

14.Apologize to each other after a disagreement

15.Accept their apology and let it go,Don't keep running a list of misdeeds.

16.Treat them as your partner,not your boss or your child.

17.Put your relationship above all else.

18.Keep their secrets.

19.Show pride in their accomplishments.

20.Show compassion for their weaknesses.

21.Play their favorite music/movie.

22.Keep your expectations of yourself and your partner high but reasonable.

23.Be supportive of their career.

24.Don't even think about divorce.

25.Discuss problems outside the heat of the argument.

26.When times get tough,cling to each other.

27.Be worthy of trust.

28.Admit when you're wrong.

29.Be self-sufficient,unless there is a legitimate reason otherwise.

30.Don't let the kids play you against each other.

31.Do at least your share of the work.

32.Be considerate- small niceties matter.

33.Be patient.

34.Be respectful.

35.Be honest.

36.Communicate more.

37.Cook their favorite foods.

38.When you feel wronged,say so.

39.Wear something they love.

40.Try something new together.

41.Sacrifice without begrudging.

42.Let them take care of you. everyone needs to be needed.

43.Don't take yourself so seriously.

44.Know when to talk and when to hush.

45.Tell them what makes u happy.

46.Focus on romance as much now as you did in the beginning.

47.Be supportive of their hobbies even if you think they are silly.

48.Get out into nature together.

49.Anticipate what they want and do it before they ask.

50.Always give them the benefit of the doubt.

51.Get help if you need it.

52.Allow them their friendships away from you.

53.Make your home a haven for both of you.

54.Travel to new places together.

55.Never criticize in public.

56.Avoid "always" and "never" in an argument.

57.Plan surprises.

58.Become regulars at your favorite restaurant.

59.Take care of them when they are sick.

60.Remember the good times fondly and let the tough times fade.

61.Acknowledge out loud that your life is good thanks to them.

62.Golden rule- if you're both looking for each other's best interests,everyone wins.

63.Enjoy each other.


  1. Great will do well for everyone to put these ideas into practice,its not enough to read them,bcus we see and hear these things all the time.Be a Doer today!Bless

    1. Seconded, practise these lovely tips and you have a blissful relationship/marriage. But the key is that both parties must have almost/the same philosphy, mentality, vision about how a marriage works, must be willing to make it work equally and must be on the same frequency( that is the first foundation) on which to build on.

    2. Anonymous10/19/2013

      Testimony tym;made coconut rice nd gizzard dodo wit d receipe here,hmmmmm d combo was divine,thanks to dose dat posted dat reciepe,may God almighty bless y'all.#hugs#

  2. aunty chi-chi.10/18/2013

    No 18.hmmm,tht actually caused a lot of problems in a relatives marriage.the man got another girl preggy,and it was supposed to be a secret between the both of them.actually he was really sorry for his sins,the plan was to take 100% care of the baby,because the girl even resided in ghana,and the woman alredi had talks with the girl.the woman,now went ahead to make a big mistake by telling his family even before the girl put to bed,thinking they will favour her!
    Instead,her inlaws insisted that in their family they do not have "outcasts" children.they went ahead to use their own money to even sponsor the girl to come to Nigeria and have the baby,the went as far as letting the girl leave with them,now her husband "kinda" has two,if only she had kept her mouth shut,shebi they will just be sending money for the baby's upkeep and he will be coming for holidays when she is older?the man was pissed @ his wife for telling his parents,but all in all he has another free VJ to play with nytime he goes to his parents house in abj.the woman is now looking 4 ways to persuade her husband to tell them to send her back even to ghana,cos the baby has weaned.nd the inlaws dnt wnt to let her go,planning to even open a mothercare shop 4 her,LOL,pls keep ur partners secrets oooo!it might backfire.

  3. Anonymous10/18/2013

    NO 6 should read Please, sorry and thank you

  4. I read all and I must say "Yes, they're worthy".
    God help us to do these and much more.

    In other news, I finally went to Mrs Morgan's place today (infact we're still driving home). You can feel the peace in that home, my baby was so calm and relaxed and yes we had a good women gist time,lol.
    Infact God has answered a prayer of mine. Mrs Patsy and Mrs Morgan una doh oh. Please Warri WC members come and let's build up

    1. Anonymous10/18/2013

      You make me jealous

    2. Sorry Anon, not my fault. Mind being on our guest list?

    3. Hmmm... Good to hear this Debbie, keep it up. God will reward all those with a good heart...

      To the list above... It's most-def deal breaker for any relationship! How I wish every1 on planet earth get to read it.

      Obulu, omo aba me....


  5. Anonymous10/18/2013

    This is lovely. Its by Gods grace o. Sum spouse can be extremely difficult to handle.

  6. Replies
    1. Anonymous10/18/2013

      When are you getting married aunty?

    2. Anonymous10/18/2013

      @anon 5.59pm .Oshi like u , dnt u knw nkem is married.u jus run ur mouth like a faulty tap

  7. Anonymous10/18/2013

    Ode she's married

  8. Anonymous10/18/2013

    Ode she's married

  9. Anonymous10/18/2013

    Plz my fellow wc plz kindly advice me on what to do•i went tru my husband`s fone nd saw all d rubbish he hav bin doing with different girl including naked girls picz•he even slips with them without condom cus I read where he told a girl dat( he will only put his dick there nd latter use condom dat he wud pay her 6k for 2rounds) nd my wedding is not even up to a year,I am blessed with a baby boy•am so confuse I feel like killing myself coz am highly disaoppoined in him cus I never knew he was like dis b4 we got married•he drinks nd comes home very late nd doesn't even come home at times•am planing to leave him cus I don't want to contact hiv or std bt GOD forbid•plz I need ur advice cus hav not bin myself for d past 5dayz nw•he has bin begging. Me dat he wud change bt I no longer hav dat trust in him cus I caught abt some months back begging me •although he is very very caring nd nice to me bt am jus scared cus d luv nd d trust is no longer there•plz I really nid ur advice b4 I will do sometin stupid to myself

    1. My dear you have to be prayerful, you have to stand your ground and make sure you monitor him since he promised to stop ... May GOD bless ur marriage.

    2. The only line that caught me in ur post was "I Never knew he was like this b4 I married him"

      Nobody, No woman and most women don't ever know... It's crazy how we men get you thinking otherwise.

      There's no reliable explanation for cheating... Even if we men always try to hold on to few subliminal's it's still very wrong and despicable.

      Like I've always stated time past... 95% of we men cheat, have cheated, will cheat or will perpetually cheat.

      Take heart dear!


    3. Anonymous10/20/2013

      Very honest!

    4. Hello dear, u 've 2 be prayerful, dnt leave ur home cos it's 4 better or 4 worse, insist dt he shld get tested, give him a benefit of doubt since he said dt he wl change, marriage is nt where u go in and out just like dt, remember dt a child is involved, takia

  10. Anonymous10/18/2013

    such a very long list, i just copied and sent to my husband. following half of it alone sef will give us happiness and joy, following all of award is deserved, thanks hun

  11. Anonymous10/18/2013

    Tanks alot ufuoma I really appreciate his fone is still switched off at 9t dat is d mean really y I don't belive he has changed•

  12. Well my dear, you still have to be prayerful and try to understand him and make him know that what he is doing is unfair to you and the family at large.

    1. Anonymous10/19/2013

      Pray, pray, pray! Keep praying o. Its when you have contracted HIV that your eyes will clear. You both should go for test(all round test) ASAP and get him to go for counselling. All these begging will not stop him, infact he will be planning on how to go codedly. You better make your stand known and up your game already! Less than a year and his true colours are showing? I never see o #vexed much#

    2. Prayer is very very important my dear pkease pray
      I see it is a young marriage and this would be very stressful... My advice is that you have a frank talk with him and. And you could ask him stuff like what can you do to make him stop cheating, he may say one or two things, take note of them and work on them but trust me it is not because of you, hes cheating sha.... Since hes all apologetic about the cheating scandal you could telk him hiw the trust is broken and how. Yiu would like you guys to go for test, monthly,quarterly or yearly, which ever you want.
      Bride2mum blog coming soon! Please follow. @BRIDE2MUM

  13. Anonymous10/18/2013

    Tanks alot I will do exactly what u said nd I will try to check his fone whenever I hav d opportunity to no if he meant it by swearing with life dat what he did wunt repeat it self again

    1. Anonymous10/19/2013

      Go for a test pls. Sleeping with prostitutes without condom is deadly. Both of u should go for hiv test and other std tests.

  14. Anonymous10/19/2013

    This list ehn. U won't believe I don't say 'I love you' to my hubby. So it means a lot? Ok na, lemme start saying it o.

  15. Anonymous10/19/2013

    This list ehn. U won't believe I don't say 'I love you' to my hubby. So it means a lot? Ok na, lemme start saying it o.

  16. Really, pls do oooo, tel him how much u love him all d tym esp after phone calls.

  17. Anonymous10/20/2013

    Aunty Eya,haba,one post per week? When did we get to this point >:o

    1. Concerned Eya Fan10/20/2013

      Yes oooo! Eya - we know you can do better. U have rto wait for people to post items...
      This is school for some of us and when it seems our lecturer is getting weary, it calls for concern from concerned students. Abi u don join ASUU? We are ready to help...

    2. Anonymous10/20/2013

      Wonderful words,i guess any1 dat uses it will have a wonderful relationship or marriage

    3. Anonymous10/20/2013

      Wonderful words,i guess any1 dat uses it will have a wonderful relationship or marriage

    4. Anonymous10/20/2013

      Wonderful words,i guess any1 dat uses it will have a wonderful relationship or marriage

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  19. No Please, I have not joined ASUU. Posted more than one post last week o.


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